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  1. Motivation still leaving me bald after my 50th view :shook::shook: 

  2. Ronda Rousey books recurring role on Ryan Murphy show

    She is always booked, can’t hate on a hustler 
  3. OOp ty for the link.  IO vs Candice was vintage NXT when the TO matches were the best of the best.  Shayna is ok, I like her but they she has to go. IO is the champ they need tbh, she can bring the best out of the girls.  Shayna being champ has killed NXT....but this is one instance where she should have won. Mia is not ready, idk what happened to ha. 
  4. Impact Wrestling August 9, 2019: Results

    Taya actually did a good job in this match.  Madison's new submission was cute. Another good week for the ladies 
  5. Former WWE Women’s Champion Signs with AEW?

    Interested in seeing all three of these new AEW divas tbh. Excited to see who the last person in the BR is 
  6. The ICE story in the new season of OITNB is tearing me up :sasha::sasha:Make it stop :sasha:

  7. Tenille Dashwood signs with IMPACT Wrestling

    I'm excited for her.  Every single woman in Impact has a story and character with a sense of cohesive booking that she will benefit from. We've never seen her consistently given anything so this will be nice.
  8. Impact Wrestling July 19 and 26, 2019: Results

    Kiera vs Jordynne was so hot, their matches are so good. Kiera is so underrated, she hits all of the marks.  Tessa is where she needs to be right now, she should lose to Brian Cage but the opportunity to put on a match is what she needs to elevate the women even more. Impact really has the strongest women's division rn 
  9. A tiger don’t lose no sleep

    Don’t need opinions from a shellfish or a sheep

    :shook: :boostfox:

    1. Gavin


      eva marie is such a brilliant lyricist

    2. Layout


      Peak Total Devas :shook: 

  10. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    Omg not Renee Michelle  A bad bitch sign her 
  11. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    Why is the Hurricane fat 
  12. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    Idk what I’m expecting but I’m underwhelmed already if that’s what we are getting from the girls 
  13. I’m excited for Melina 
  14. Is Charlotte WWE’s next crossover star in Hollywood?

    We are never getting a crossover star, they should hang it up at this point.   
  15. Slammiversary 2019: Results

    This slayed  Taya winning was best for storyline reasons at this point.  Tessa did what she had to do