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  1. Bound for Glory 2020: Results

    Wait Deonna’s entrance really serves top tier attitude. Guess she just needed confidence to step out of that bland stage in her career. She is a great ring general as well, she is just what they needed after the loss of Tessa tbh. 
  2. Impact and NXT are truly head and shoulders above Raw,SD,and AEW. Idk why notes aren’t being taken but it needs to happen. 
  3. Deserved. Based on the stats I don’t see anybody else but her being #1.
  4. Possible Spoiler: Former Total Divas Star Set for WWE Return

    Not an investigation. She is def in a hotel tho. 
  5. The character development for her has been so good so I see where she is coming from but she is really the only one. Her segment last night was one of the highlights of the night but they can’t only develop her. 
  6. Ex-WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Charged with Kidnapping, Sexual Assault

    He really went off the deep end and has been going that way for a while. Praying for his kids 
  7. The fact that she was that close to retiring before NXT. Happy for her, mawma has really been working at it for so long. 
  8. Clash of Champions 2020: Live Chat

    Asuka is a workhorse like how tf did she pull off two good matches back to back.  Zelina better snatch the MITB briefcase next year it would be perfect for her. 
  9. She should start her own school or something. They gave her their ass to kiss idky she’s so desperate for them when they don’t value her. The money isn’t worth your integrity mawma 
  10. I get why the girls are frustrated w people acting like Honda did it on her own. But they can’t deny that the effort in booking went down a lot once she left, they prob just don’t want to offend anyone in the WWE right now. 
  11. SPOILER: Former Diva Re-Signs With WWE

    This is unexpected.Pair  her with Mickie and give them a tag reign. Glad that they are bring diva legends back but they need to treat them the same way as the male legends. Mickie is still being treated like an undeveloped  NXT project. 
  12. Honestly so excited for Zelina. She’s underrated in the ring like most people really don’t know how long she has been at this.  She is the total package like hopefully it’s a lengthy match so she can showcase more. 
  13. Another Round of Releases Coming Today?

    Nia’s likes I can’t help but like her a lil bit
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    They should have ended the match but still..,fuck Reby. Sorry I will never give that bitch any kind of anything after what she said about Ashley after she passed away. AEW better learn from this PR disaster like some of these spots just aren’t worth it.