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  1. I don’t believe this solely for the fact that the WWE doesn’t plan that far ahead.  This is serving Lana and Eva being the new faces reports that came out every week based on predictions. 
  2. Paige: “It Was Never WWE Holding The Women Back”

    I don’t see what she’s saying nor do I see any excuse for ha ignorance. There’s plenty of other ways  she could have answered  this while still kissing ass.
  3. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    The match was kind of a mess at times with the missed spots and botches. They didn't bring the aggression they should tbh. Mickie would have gave this match something it needed. Sonya slayed though   Nia gave the match a highlight that can be used for years to come and Sasha/Bayley actually look great with the titles. They should have some cute defenses before they drop it to someone else. 
  4. Carmella Is Innocent

    Idk, I just wanted revenge
  5. Carmella Is Innocent

    Carmellon PLUGGING the documentary dedicated to him showing his family and the support his wife gave him while he was the poor man's CM Punk. This is truly coming around full circle 
  6. Carmella Is Innocent

  7. Carmella Is Innocent

    Her MAGA leanings are SHOWING, she is one of the GERLS. Michelle's voodoo, she can hunt HOGS in peace while Corey and Carmella behave like one. 
  8. Carmella Is Innocent

    Corey has been cracking for a while, he truly ain’t shit.  I hope that Carmellon gets her karma if she knew about the wife. Out of all of the men she had to choose the most ignorant and married one 
  9. Uncaged 2019: Results

    That match was lit  I wish that Taya was a bit faster at times to go along with the Lucha Royalty name but  i guess she is more of a powerhouse.  Perched for Scarlett 
  10. Charlotte vs Sasha due to it molding Char into the legend she is today. Without Char vs Sasha, Char vs Becky would not be as intense. The gerls crediting Sasha's MIND def means that they took some of what she gave them to use in their current feuds. 
  11. Katy remains the queen of music videos. :frecklefox:


  12. Wrong-way Glow: Naomi and Jimmy vs The Police

    Idk where she was but it is pretty easy to get confused by one-way streets. Jimmy's drunk ass making the situation worse than what it had to be 
  13. Lana calls out Ronda Rousey

    I feel bad for her but... Idk why I feel bad for her since I don't know where they were going with Lana or why she is mad tbh. Maybe she is trying to get a match with someone by cutting twitter promos. She can't be seriously mad at Ronda bc Lana was never coming for a spot like Ronda's.   
  14. I said that I don’t see a problem with it. If you see an issue that is fine with me, I don’t really care that much. 
  15. Didn’t see a problem with this tbh  If Sonya responded with a drag equal to hers I would be here for it, speak your mind girlies.