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  1. Deonna Purrazzo Regrets Pulling Out of All In For WWE

    Sucks that they sold her a pipe dream to keep her away from the competition and apparently she learned her lesson from jumping the gun when she committed to something else first.  She is talented in the ring and is coachable character wise so she can succeed elsewhere. 
  2. Dark Side of the Ring

    It’s heartbreaking and jaw dropping at the same time with how negligent they were with his life. Honestly somebody needs to pay, I don’t understand how Vince and everybody he enlisted got away with it. 
  3. Honestly praying for his family. He seemed like a sweet guy like I can’t imagine how they are going to carry on 
  4. Michelle McCool Instagram Interview

    One interview where she was asked is not taking interviews. I get not liking a person but wrong is wrong and right is right. I haven’t really had to create narratives where Michelle is wrong in this instance bc there is no need to whereas some of you have. That speaks for itself so idk what else to say really. 
  5. Michelle McCool Instagram Interview

  6. Michelle McCool Instagram Interview

    How many times has she mentioned it? Isn’t Beth the one that even brought it to the public in her WWE magazine interview? 
  7. Michelle McCool Instagram Interview

    In the interview she stated why she wants to know about it. Idk if it was a choice to ignore her saying that she wanted to know bc of Beth’s response or just a general lack of listening to the full clip yourselves. 
  8. Michelle McCool Instagram Interview

    Did y’all not listen or what? Beth responded first to the fans bringing it up by saying that there’s another side to it. 
  9. Michelle McCool Instagram Interview

    Since it’s so old I don’t see why Bath refuses to answer why.  If she doesn’t want to speak to the fans about it she can at least talk one on one granted that concussions can literally alter someone’s life completely. She could have ended Michelle’s career with that 
  10. WWE Announces Cutbacks & Releases Talent

    This is sad to me mostly bc they were let go during a time where it’s impossible for them to find work within their profession. To make matters worse Linda just donated nearly 20 million to Trump’s advertising in Florida...that could have went to keeping these people if they really cared. There is no way to justify the cuts unless you really choose to be blind for a TV show. 
  11. WrestleMania 36: Live Chat

    WrestleMania in that small arena without a crowd felt like rehearsals tbh. Couldn’t watch it past a few mins
  12. “WE Where Are They Now” trailer feat Eva Marie

    Ugh I Hate her! 
  13. Amlex - 15 Captain Fox - 10 (+1) Don Draper - 13  Jake - 13 Leigh -  8 (+1) Pablo - 7 Shoaib. - 12
  14. They hate women bew
  15. Amlex - 17  Captain Fox - 12  Don Draper - 13  Jake - 11 Leigh -  14  Pablo - 7 Rainbow Heart - 0 (-2) Shoaib. - 14