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  1. Little Miss AEW has been renewed for 4 more years :shook: I am so proud of them :sasha:

  2. That goes both ways in an instance like this. Gail being right or wrong is up for debate.    If we were talking Tessa then there is a clear side that should be taken. 
  3. It does seem hypocritical of Gail but it’s also not a situation she has a first hand account of. This happened prior to her getting close or working with Tessa. If she’s closer to the other person in the incident/ heard their side and has been told that they both resolved the issue w one another why would she speak about it now?     She doesn’t owe anybody anything but it would be nice to hear her thoughts 
  4. Gail Kim might have known about them hashing it out. 
  5. Hard to Kill 2020: Results

    That was a great match. The pacing, storytelling, and selling was damn near perfect.    It’s time for Tenille to snatch the title  like the KO title is one should be able to get at least. 
  6. I’m glad that Sienna found her voice but she did not keep this same energy when her BFF Havok was exposed and kicked out of the PC. 
  7. Ty bby.   Tessa is truly canceled, it’s truly a shame even if all of it isn’t true obviously there is some truth to her attitude not being what she put off. 
  8. I’ll join the dragging if you get me a birthday gift 
  9. You don’t have to care bby girl    Wait hold up bitch don’t quote me. We have beef 
  10. No woman has won the main championship on a televised wrestling show that’s a fact and it would be huge. Like drag ha for ha actions if true but let’s not delude ourselves.  
  11. A Regina George tea when everybody gangs up on her at the end.  I get the strategy but she’s still going to be the first female to win a World Title. 
  12. A bop. This kinda seems like Normani’s song since she’s all over it. The choreo and budget of the video  they snapped I love these rising African American music stars
  13. Mercedes Martinez Signs with WWE?

    I’m happy for her but no matter where she signed I don’t see much long term stuff for her as a wrestler.  She is def talented so she can have great matches but they waited a bit too long for her to make a dent fan-wise.
  14. 2020 Hopes and Predictions (Bonus: Decade Predictions!)

    I hope that Emmaline will win her first title  I predict that Kris Statlander will be AEW Champ, Kylie Ray will return, and Vanessa Borne will get a match.