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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The only thing they can offer them is some exposure, consistent booking, and a character tbh. Both KK and Scarlett are getting those things
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    They tape like twice a month and they can take as many bookings as they want to so I don't know what he was expecting. 
  3. They are severely out of touch.  It's not tanking fast enough for me tbh. This is the only company I can think of that can get away with so much shit and not have to face any consequences for it. 
  4. Impact Wrestling June 7, 2019: Results

    The KO's are really holding this together. The way they all have a character  Jordynne vs Kiera was so hard hitting  They went in. I don't care for Havok at all.  Tessa and Scarlett continue to show why they are top stars. 
  5. Pro Wrestling Eve holding Super She Down today

    Y’all are so weird and regressive. 
  6. Michelle Mccool on Chasing Glory

    This is sad from a career perspective.  Seems like she never really got the chance to enjoy what she was doing due to outside sources. Hopefully she knows how good she was in the ring. Her looking at Evolution and the RR and basically not seeing anything different is telling to me about what is going on backstage. 
  7. Sasha Banks Reportedly Met With Vince McMahon Recently

    What exactly did Sasha do wrong according to this report?  Y’all whine over nothing 
  8. Jon Moxley Driggity Drags WWE Creative

    The irony of Vince being both the birth and the death of this company. I-
  9. The Biggest Big Bad

    That was bc she cut her hair. A wig would have saved her  
  10. The Biggest Big Bad

    Characters with the human power of manipulation. Like The Joker or Cersei.  The way they wouldn't have anything if it wasn't for their ability to make people believe that they have to do something. 
  11. I can’t lie, I got teary eyed as soon as Mickie started talking. Love them for this, I will be donating.
  12. Money in the Bank 2019: Results

    Brock winning really cemented my exit from this show.  Me looking for the men’s mitb results hoping to see Andrade only to see THAT 
  13. Scarlett has improved her wrestling skills enough to where she could make it elsewhere, but the truth is that she wouldn't have the leverage to quit and go if it wasn't for them building her. I understand them declining this since they invested time into making her a name that could be a star elsewhere.  She should oblige by ha 2 year contract and continue to make a name for haself bc the WWE will have her sitting backstage.