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  1. I had to watch it high to be able to laugh, then i tried it sober and crickets. 
  2. Nikki & Brie are BOTH Pregnant!

    Waiting for Brie to reveal her baby's name is Grass.
  3. Do they want it to be as successful or as unfunny?
  4. Current plans for WrestleMania

    This is why much like your crippled faves i could never come back full time, too much bullying. 
  5. Current plans for WrestleMania

    Carmella can sit this one out, she can sit the rest of her career out actually.
  6. Current plans for WrestleMania

    Give us Charlotte vs Bianca, not titles involved idc, the championship haven't meant shit since Naomi lost the SD title.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Gays are so annoying, i don't owe you my phone number nor do i owe you an explanation as to why i decline just because you're trying the "nice guy" act and then try to shame me or talk shit when i'm not interested, i'm gonna snap on a bitch if he keeps messaging me acting like a victim.
  8. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    Whew that was a QUICK way to make me cancel the WWE Network subscription.
  9. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

     wouldn't be mad at Charlotte vs Lacey
  10. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    She's gonna challenge the fiend
  11. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    This is so ugly
  12. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    I fucking hate wwe i was so excited omg
  13. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    Closing my stream byex
  14. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    I predicted this bullshit
  15. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    Serving Cher