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  1. Gail Kim No Longer Signed to TNA

    Now that the E treats the women better she might aswell get a Mickie kind of comeback.
  2. Rosa Mendes launches workout app

    Not her forcing me to come out as trans  
  3. Rosa Mendes launches workout app

    She keeps on winning  
  4. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    Talent recognizing talent. i thot JR said Chyna left by haself.
  5. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    Lita vs Chyna would've been cute if Chyna hadn't left or refused to lose to women.
  6. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    Any feud during Layla's Divas Title reign, even when she feuded with Eve it was more about Kaitlyn vs Eve.
  7. Women's Tournament To Start Taping This Spring

    Excited for Peyton and K2  
  8. Tinashe performing at Wrestlemania.

    Can she have a dance battle with Naomi?   Imagine Nay twerking to All Hands On Deck  
  9. Tinashe performing at Wrestlemania.

    Idk if i should feel happy for her, has WM been benefitial to past performers? Or is it where careers go die a la Kid Rock?  
  10. Tom Phillips' Nudes Leak?

    Not a sad face and then a picture of his flacid dick.   He's really attractive tho..
  11. NXT March 1, 2017: Results

    I knew it wasn't going to happen, but i still hoped to see Peyton snatch, she's so good, i hope she gets a title reign in the near future.    
  12.   Hope she get's the ownership. Fuck PJ, what a dick.
  13. The Female Edge getting inducted ASAP tho. Like husband like wife.