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  1. WWE Hall of Fame 2019: Live Chat

    I came here to read about the attack because those Twitter clips look a mess. Was that a work or was it real?   Could anyone be a sweetheart and tell me which page should i check to read about it?  
  2. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    Io fucking did that, Lita's neck got shivers by watching that moonsault.
  3. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    Who is this furry?
  4. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

  5. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    Not this four, Tamina better win.
  6. IIconic Goddess drags King of the Smarks

    She was so kind to him with this response.  
  7. Will AJ appear at ''Evolution''?

    Hopefully  no, i only want legendary women returning.
  8. How Popular Are YOUR Faves?

    Rosa is 6k apart from 1 million too. Latinas stay winning.
  9. Vinny is PISSED nfneh Hope her arthritis gets better.    
  10. Dream matches/moments for Evolution

    Jazz vs Everyone
  11. Girls who were gone too soon

    Maxine tho, she could’ve been big. They clearly liked her, but did she even last two months in the main roster?, it felt to me like she quit the moment they didn’t give her the NXT treatment, what a pussy.
  12. Girls who were gone too soon

    Rosa Mendes, she had so many 5 star matches against Naomi in her.
  13. Team Bestie vs The Bella Twins at Evolution?

    The match would be so ugly, i really don't see them having chemestry in the ring, Trish and Lita were never the kind of team that the bellas were, and they never even interacted in the first place for it to even have a decent storytelling. Laycool vs The IIconics would be more interesting. The Bellas could still compete in singles action, some kind of mini tournament. I'd rather see Trish and Lita in a segment, they've already had huge moments during their careers.
  14. Who will Join Charlotte/Alexa and Hold Both Titles?

    For some reason i don't see Naomi being drafted, so i'll say Carmella.
  15. Dream matches/moments for Evolution

    Molly vs Beth or Molly and Ivory vs Beth and Natalya. Micke vs Beth (their chemestry was amazing tbh. ) Torrie vs Candice I'd love to see a Team Superstars vs Team Alumni