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  1. Random Thoughts

    @Josh.ย and @Travis Rouckaย cutting a promo. I'm bald. ย 
  2. Random Thoughts

    BibleGirl666 posted a shitty piece of fan art i madeย jzjHsjdj, i love my drag mother. ย 
  3. Reby Calls Lita a HEAUX!

    Did Kia grabbing her by the throatย not humble this messy wive?, because she's nothing on her own, if Lita didn't care about her friendship with the Hardys she wouldn'tย hesitate to beat her up, if she didn't have a problem dragging Melina out of the locker room, Rebyย wouldn't ย be much of an opponent. ย 
  4. Naomi Gets a Glowing Women's Title

    A gay icon ย 
  5. This is bittersweet because there's nothing left for her in TNA and the last time i checked they were still messy, but the fact that she's retiring makes me sad, she has such a great legacy, she's one of the best ever, one of my few faves who could actually WRESTLE. Gonna watch her most iconic matches which is 90% of them.ย 
  6. Daniel Bryan training for a comeback

    As longย as the royalties go to Brie..
  7. NXT June 21, 2017: Results

    Peyton jobbing
  8. RuPaul's Drag Race

    I'm so glad my fave won and as she removed her wig, my hair started falling off. I got CHILLS. ย 
  9. How would you book Paige's return?

    I would call the airline of her preference and book her flight back to Norwich.
  10. Update on Maria Kanellis to WWE

    "Vince McMahon, your loss." ย 
  11. Beyonce WON | Heartbreakers' 50 Favorite Artists

    Vote for Courtney Love tooย 
  12. Let me delete their songsย which i illegally downloaded anyway.
  13. Huffington Post Melina Interview highlights

    Self hate isn't cute.
  14. Huffington Post Melina Interview highlights

    Queen of gays, HB should be the last forum dragging her.