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  1. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    IIconics back as a more serious team, Peyton showing off, Ruby finally being used, Charlotte out for a while, Io as NXT Champ.   I'm interested in the current product.
  2. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    Yes!, and his part and dancing on Burning Down the House  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO8yPminSlc
  3. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    Uma taking Lucys scalp and Flower Carnage playing in the back.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYrKqg2TqUo Also the ending of Vol.1 with the lines and music hitting as we get the credits, it always gives me chills!
  4. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    It got deleted from youtube but here it is. Trick r Treat werewolves scene https://dai.ly/xxwaw4
  5. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    If you're talking about the Dynasty episode i can't tell you i didn't cringe but i'd be lying if i said it didn't turn me into an Adam fan.
  6. She won't last two months getting sent to the back burner while watching the horsewomen in the spotlight. Not worried.
  7. Random Thoughts

    My 10 year old twitter account got suspended RIP If you'd like to see the process of my second one getting suspended too follow me @xoxoscruffy 
  8. She honestly would do Becky's character  twice as good. The horses would be shook.
  9. Me. I Am Mariah...

    You know a bitch is always late...  I'm so happy you feel comfortable being yourself, in your private life and publicly. You know i love you, like an old old older sister.
  10. I predict Xia Li to get the boot out of the NXT girls
  11. I had to watch it high to be able to laugh, then i tried it sober and crickets. 
  12. Nikki & Brie are BOTH Pregnant!

    Waiting for Brie to reveal her baby's name is Grass.
  13. Do they want it to be as successful or as unfunny?