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  1. aww she seems so humble but also very aware, if she manages to keep her total Divas self separated from her in-ring self she could be one of the most interesting women in the show to look for.
  2. Raw and SD womens divisions are both really bad atm

    Well, I think the real problem here is that your opinion is too indy, so you may just want to stick to NXT. WWE is both sports AND entertainment, it's literally their definition. Alexa is at the top of her division because she her acting is arguably the most creative, captivating and quick-witted woman in the roster, keeping her at lower steps of the division would be a waste because her storytelling completes very well the creative team's lack of effort in the storylines. And Sasha is another woman who is regularly featured on RAW so idk what you're talking about. I can agree about Naomi tho, but the closest solution to this problem would be resuming that rivalry with Lana, who apparently you don't fancy either.
  3. SmackDown July 25, 2017: Live Chat

    You know I feel so bad for Lana, between those extra censor tights, the fans who have been cheering for her until a couple nights ago are now chating "You can't wrestle!!!", and her looking so helpless she's really starting to feel like a shade of her original self. Still, I hope it's Tamina who turns face. Natalya and Naomi's segment was good, I hope next week we'll have an in-ring segment, also because it's been  a while since an SD women's segment in ring didn't feature all of the women.
  4. NXT Presentation Skills throwback

    Oh back when Sasha and Bayley had characters were fun, someone should try send these to them. and oh my god Alexa's Southern American accent, I think I want to see more of that lmao
  5. Raw July 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Match was good, although it was probably the only time I wished Nia would have interferred. I don't know what makes WWE think Bayley can do anymore under the title conterdership in itself so I suppose they're saving Sasha's heel turn for Summerslam. Oh and pretty senton by Nia.
  6. Battleground 2017: Live Chat

    Soo the match good, but that's rarely not the problem with Smackdown's women except for those three rushed eliminations. I think I'm returning to like Lana, she was much more confident and self-aware and I'll look forward to see where this thing she has woth Tamina, who should have won by the way, will go. I'm not a fan of Natalya but at least her win shows that Smackdown still has some opportunities for the former Divas. If she wins tho she better get Jillian'd by Carmella.
  7. Dana Calls out Lana's Ability

    lmao is there a virus or something in RAW's catering? And it's not even Mickie or Alicia.
  8. Another Superstar Shake Up

    I really hope this stays a rumor, I'm not really looking forward to their reunion..
  9. HA HA HA, oh poor thing.
  10. Ivory Comes Out of Hiding!

    She still got it!!  She's always so bold and to the point, but not offensive nor disrespectful. She also has a refreshingly nice perspective, it'd be nice if WWE invited her over sometimes.
  11. Bayley has her own gummy bears

    the character build-up she needed
  12. What would you think about a seperate show for the women?

    No, the storytelling is still lacks too much development, consistency and effort from whoever's in charge of that.
  13. Ryback Caught Scamming on Amazon

    Pitiful, makes it easier to dislike him at least..
  14. Brie Bella Return Update

    As long as her storylines won't be exclusively about her, her family and her social media it will be okay I guess 
  15. WWE Barbies releasing soon

    She's been immortalized in her tacky Eddie Guerrero cosplay, she'll be good for at least a couple years