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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Imagine her in the ring bragging about bringing "prestige back" to the title while wearing this
  2. Nikki Bella Credits Total Divas for Women's Revolution

    It did help put the attention on the women but I think that's really just it. But I also think it ""helped"" turning wrestling storylines into hybrid, forced dirtsheet messes which ironically is turning into something that is keeping the women down yes?
  3. Raw August 28, 2017: Live Chat

    Oh this is just great, only Alexa could make the best out of RAW's messy booking while obliterating the RAW hw out of the title picture. I won't even mind if Nia wins it from her honestly, at least it's going to be something new. Emma's theme is bad but honestly it fits her blandness, then if she actually turns into a hysterical social media person it might actually turn into something fun, depends how well she'll play with it.
  4. Asuka Interview with Newsweek

    Cool, she seems like a fairly concrete person which is good in a business where most people say the same things. Makes me look forward to see her debut on the main roster although she may to look forward to deal with people who can help her on the mic and so to make her personality come out better, rather than more wrestlers
  5. Rumored plans for Eva Marie before Departure

    It's always nice to read about avoided dangers, but yeah, WWE will definetely leave the door open for her, tho then again it'd be nice if she would train to deserve it if that will ever happen
  6. Raw August 7, 2017: Live Chat

    The results were obvious, but it also feels just as absurd how WWE went with those nonetheless. The first triple threat at least was more balanced and fast-paced which made it better than another episode of Nia pointless and overdone squashes. And ew @ Bayley talking, I don't know why WWE tried with her all this time when tonight she proved once more she has the acting skills of a jobber, and it's been like this for a while so I wouldn't be too positive to think she'll work on it in these months. I will try to be positive about next week tho and hope for a cliche interference by the 4 women who lost today, in hopes that it will lead to not a singles match at Summerslam.
  7. Sara Lee Returns to Wrestling

    Good for her, she won't have to have a personality if she sticks to the indies.
  8. At least it's different..
  9. Nia Jax Interview with Chris Jericho

    Nia does seem like a nice person, her problem is that she has a lot of stale moments, all she needs is a more entertaining wrestling offense and solid promo scripts, because I remember a couple times she sounded noticeably convincing but clearly that was when she knew what she was talking about. However, Also this might explain her downfall on the mic.
  10. Alexa vs Sasha Reportedly Happening At Summerslam!

    I don't even feel like pretending it could have been anything else,but I will hope this is the last time Alexa will have to share her spotilight with her or Bayley
  11. yaaasss, NXT is about to become fun again 
  12. Bayley to be out for three months?

    wasn't her injury scripted.........?  
  13. Have we seen the last of our Summer crush?

    It sucks because she really has so much potential, she's a good actress and a potentially good wrestler but she never really had that "It" chance that the likes of Carmella and Naomi got. I feel her struggle as wasted potential but as far as I can deduce WWE doesn't seem in a hurry to remember her so. It'd be hot tho if she could go back to NXT and have a go as NXT women's champion  
  14. At this point it's whatever, if she thinks she can both get her life on track and have a feel of those "latin daddy issues" then so be it but I just feel so uninterested at her.
  15. Eva Marie OFFICIALLY gone from WWE

    byee, i'll admit tho that i'm impressed at how she followed the ICW's definition of "model" at its rawest state.