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  1. Mixed Tag Match Added to Summerslam

    I’m glad these girls are getting a chance. In their first match, I was actually very disappointed w Lana’s performance. But this week, her and Zel really killed it, v impressed with Lanas offensive moveset. Hope they kill it
  2. Ronda Comes for the Horsewomen

    Pretty sure the whole point of Sashas comment was for her to make another low key comment shading Bliss. Even as a joke she couldn’t not include the lengthy hahahahahaha 🙄.  And Bayley is just...there. 
  3. Carmella’s Reign

    Just been reflecting a bit as I’ve been watching the past few weeks on Mella w the rumors surrounding her (and Bliss) “haven’t been impressive enough in-ring to main event Evolution” talk.  I think Carmella has actually been doing a good job w what she’s been given mostly. I think her “better than everyone” gimmick was a good idea, based on how she won the title. But definitely got repetitive and went too long. Also correct me if I’m wrong, but she’s the first one on WWE TV to have to carry a 1-1 feud w Asuka (whose been struggling to connect w the audience a bit after NXT hype died down). So having to carry on the mic and also In-ring it’s harder for someone w Mellas ability to work w Asuka and can see how that feud made it hard to break out of that same gimmick (and Ellsworth may have seemed like a passable idea to help w that in the moment..idk.) Now I’ve always been NEUTRAL on Carmella, but has anyone else noticed there seems to be a bit of a FIRE lit under her since the evolution announcement. I think her match with Becky last week was possibly her best singles match I’ve seen on TV (was NOT surprised at all to see the fat lip afterward, you can tell she really worked) and her match w Charlotte this week was prob her 2nd best match as champ next to last week imo. (Also, her promo hit home this week and gave me some Bliss after EC vibes) It’s like she’s watered down her in-ring performance to enhance her gimmick, ( basicall for me, since she started wearing the singlets LOL .) And after all this time, NOW Im seeing “I can still do this character and put everything I have in-ring as well”   Trying to put personal Stan/Dislike aside, curious if y’all agree, disagree, and your general  thoughts are on her reign/the above mentioned points??  
  4. Are Alexa and Nia's antics counterproductive?

    Wel it got/still has people talking. Maybe Monday will answer some questions, maybe it won’t. Even if the feud sucks and is just a typical filler feud overall (as ppl are expecting it to) they’re gonna pull viewers to it (at least this week). I know I’m gonna want to watch their segment tomorrow. So can’t call them completely “stupid” yet.
  5. DEBUNKED: Drama amongst former BFFS?

    If Bliss isn’t on TD and all these girls not on the show are unfollowing + all the Lexi and Nia posts Btwn twitter and instagram, there seems to be SOMETHING other than a kayfabe/TD storyline. I could be wrong, but I def think there’s some major some drama going around following MITB 
  6. DEBUNKED: Drama amongst former BFFS?

    Omg what is the actual tea. I need more details. But Nias gonna be told to cut the shit on social media soon, if she hasn’t already. Like she’s really going extra 
  7. DEBUNKED: Drama amongst former BFFS?

    Idkk. This is tea though. I trust the HB community to confirm, elaborate or debunk this with evidence within the next week 😬
  8. MITB predictions?

    Leaning toward Nia and Carmella both unclean. They both tapped last week. And they’re being SO careful w Ronda to get crowd behind her since the boos at her debut, they’ve been making her as likable as creative can possibly work with. Amazing what they can do when they’re pressured to do everything and anything to get Rousey over. And her beating Nia rn, would turn that vibe. She ain’t ready. If they’re continually booking her smart, she’ll lose and be in her first true feud w Nattie, whose the safest worker before having her fully integrated in the division.  I’m shocked at the tops being Lana and Alexa in this poll?! Agree w others about Lanas right place on roster, and combo of TD prob sealed it. They didn’t even start pushing them as a trio until she had the spot. It’s honestly one of the toughest calls because it can go in so many directions. Don’t fuck it up WWE 
  9. Agree Melina was one of the best on the mic and in the ring for a long time. I’d stan to hear that screech entrance again, but she doesn’t fit into the modern eras roster.  Just go on the memories. 
  10. Worst reign of terror?

    Honestly I’m not sure how Alexa’s RAW reign is really a detriment to anyone. As I watched EC, I thought STILL who the hell in this match would do the title any justice? None of the above. Sasha was the only possibility during her feud and brief win, (which I’m still confused about the significance of that 8 day reign) but who was honestly here for a face Sasha Banks title reign at that time anyway? Asuka and her stupid streak is by far the scariest thing to happen to NXT. You want to talk about detrimental and making for predictable outcomes? At Mania vs Charlotte is the FIRST match that has had me even slightly thinking it’s a possibility, but i obviously still doubt it. If they’re not ending it, I’d love to see a Charlotte heel turn with a DQ loss at least. 
  11. Should Bliss retain at Wrestlemania?

    Interesting! Most people seem to think Bliss should drop now, but I would also agree with those who said she deserves a WM win, as she lost the SD title at last year’s WM. Personally,  I would like to see her retain (not clean) at Mania in one of her most manipulative moments to date, like having Nia inches away, and her pulling something maniacal.  the crowd in turn will start to boo her more than cheer as well as boost Nias character, and have her hold it until everyone’s really fed up w her by the next PPV, where Nia wins clean. This all depends on callups/shakeup/Carmella and of course... creative pulling it off 🙄  Not even a Bliss or Nia stan, but yall see where I’m coming from with this?
  12. Honestly found this to be an interesting read, with logic that’s hard to argue with...At first, I thought a long-standing feud between the two for the title would be a bit cringe...and I honestly think you should read it and give it thought before posting, but to summarize:  Bliss continues to prove she is at the top of her game, still being extremely (if not the most) over with the crowd and Nia is improving to the point  where she can pretty much work a solid match with anyone and is potentially finding her true footing as the crowd starts to get behind her as a babyface. So WM should be the start of a feud, rather than an end to Bliss’ reign and she should continue to wear the strap until there is a face that is over enough to truly leave the WWE Universe with a champion that has as much momentum with the crowd as Alexa does...and that COULD be Nia, but they should wait to see how this feud goes and Mania is too soon for a face Nia title win. TBH, I know many people on here have been ready for a different champion as well as don’t have that much faith in Nia. But with the unexpected shakeup that left Bliss without Rousey or Auska to face at WM,  Nia and Alexa are two women that have  earned my respect as a long-term women’s wrestling fan, and I think they deserve a chance to show what they can do. And I agree having Nia take the belt at WM could be potentially harmful to both girls, as the crowd needs more time to get behind Nia as a face, and if Bliss holds the belt until say, SS time, I think the fans will be more ready for a fresh face as champion, but in the meantime I’m starting to agree that ”If Bliss ain’t broke, dont fix it.” Thoughts??   
  13. How do you predict the women are going to be pushed/used up to WM and even Btwn WM and Summerslam, if you really think you have WWE creative pegged.  Up to WM seems obvious. If I had to say whos getting the biggest storylines/title pushes I’d say....well, it’s actually almost easier to rank them by relevancy. 1)Asuka -don’t see anyone defeating her clean or even clean-ish anytime soon 2/3)Charlotte/Rousey Tie- Through WM AT LEAST 4) Bliss- Shes clearly fading out of champion role by Mania if not sooner.  5/6) Nia/Ruby Riott- 2 girls who are taken mostly seriously and could deserve title pushes or even reigns if they improve in their mic skills and solidify their “WWE style” 7)Becky- Getting really even more over it seems w the crowd and maybe WWE will take notice post- WM 8)Carmella- Because she has MITB, and even though they’re teasing more and more, I’m not entirely convinced she’s not going to win.... I don’t see anything going on for the rest of the roster rn. I wouldn’t even put  Absolution anywhere relevant...unless Paige makes a miracle return to ring. But even if she does, the hype will be gone by then and Mandy/Sonya will have been deflated since they aren’t ready on their own...they could turn into the next Dana Brooke tbh.  What’s your opinions???  
  14. Now that tonight’s the night though...and based on most recent rumors/news your professional opinion as a HB, who do you guys think are shoe-ins to be a part of the surprise 12? I think Bellas for sure...but do you think WWE got desperate to scrape up enough girls they deemed “fit”? You really think they’ll have K2, Trish, Torrie, Michelle etc. or will that be too anticlimactic based on Monday? I really am not sure what to expect... Also does anyone NOT think Asukas winning? I guess they can always still sort of keep her undefeated streak alive in saying she’s never been pinned or submitted, but idk. Won’t be as pure as it is now.  I really just hope they don’t F this up major ?‍♀️
  15. Bellas and Maryse Squash Beef?

    We'll see how this season of TD depicts things with them, but I feel like at least her and Nikki squashed the beef as soon as they were both on SD together a long time ago. They may not be besties, but I feel like theyve been long over this nonsense. Especially once they did the Mania storyline about it. But the fact that Maryse is signed to WWE with a little one on the way, that def. could of brought them a little closer to talking terms.