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  1. DIdn't Sheamus and Cesaro win the tag titles, yet Seth and Dean are still on the poster? 
  2. Would you guys actually try to do pro wrestling?

    I wouldn't try for the WWE because I couldn't imagine doing the travelling they do each and every day. However I've always considered trying to learn the craft at a wrestling school but I would want to bulk up first. 
  3. Foxy better be on SD and lead an attack on the women!!
  4. Raw October 23, 2017: Live Chat

    OMG I ONLY JUST WATCHED THE TRIPLE THREAT BUT OMFG QUEEN FOXY WITH THAT WIN!   Who knew that being an Alicia Fox stan in 2017 would actually get you excited???
  5. Alicia Fox gets merch!

    I actually like the design! I don't think I'll ever really wear it out in the public though.   But regardless, I just pre-ordered the shirt. My first ever purchase from WWE shop. $60 later, better support the queen.  
  6. WWE Superstar hinting at retirement?

    WWE issued a survey out yesterday asking for people's opinions on certain superstars and Summer Rae was among the list, so I'm not sure if she is gone yet.  
  7. Random Thoughts

    Random question; but what match is your sig from?
  8. Who is the queen of FCW?

    I'll go with Rosa. I remember her character being obsessed with winning the crown for years and she finally won it. She also was having some good matches with Aksana.
  9. Random Thoughts

    OMG what has happened to bae? :o
  10. Main Event September 1, 2017: Results

    Poor Foxy losing. I'm shocked to see Dana back in the ring so quick after what happened.  Not a bad match, but yikes the crowd was not there for Dana at all.
  11. Dawn Marie Starts Her New Career

    Yes. I played with it too much one of the arms came off   
  12. Two RAW Superstars Join Total Divas Cast

    I'm sure there will be more announcements about people coming into the cast. Alicia has been tagged in a lot of photos throughout the past weeks with #TotalDivas appearing in the photos. 
  13. Main Event May 19, 2017: Spoilers

    I read that Nia was cheered and Dana was booed.  Though this should be a fresh match considering it's the first time they've faced off.