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  1. Well that's according to a fan that met her. I know the person that met her and she is literally one of the biggest Foxy fans out there and said that her cleared date should be May 21st the earliest. If you ever met Foxy you would know she is an open book, so I doubt she lied.  However I did personally find it odd that she brought her mum and a friend to WM weekend. And I'm pretty sure she was giving sneak peaks a few weeks back of gear for the battle royal. Maybe she found out recently she wasn't cleared idk.
  2. Foxy is actually not cleared hence why she wasn't in the battle royal. Alicia confirmed her not being cleared at Axxess over the weekend. 
  3. She'll survive i hope, she's been there for 11 years. 
  4. Main Event January 12, 2018: Results

    Cute little match. Alicia getting some good crowd reactions. Her paying homage to Melina was a nice shock. Dana seems to be improving in the ring. She needs some more time I reckon.

    I followed you all. Mine is I've been scrobbling since 2009 and my account is linked to my spotify so I have a lot of scrobbles haha.
  6. Sasha & Alexa Make History

    I guess WWE tested the reception that Alicia and Nattie got last year to see if the crowd would be willing to accept two women to wrestle. The gear's are a mess, but it's to be expected I guess.
  7. Maryse - 21 Paige - 26 Becky Lynch - 16 Carmella - 18 Charlotte Flair - 15 Lana - 22 Liv Morgan - 11 (-2) Naomi - 15 Natalya - 18  Nikki Bella - 17 Ruby Riot -  8  Tamina - 18 Bianca Belair - 14 Billie Kay - 19  Ember Moon - 15 Kairi Sane - 15 Peyton Royce - 15 Zelina Vega - 22
  8. Alexa Bliss - 4 (-2) Maryse - 21 Paige - 26 Sonya Deville - 11 Becky Lynch - 18 Carmella - 18 Charlotte Flair - 15 Lana - 21 Liv Morgan - 15 Naomi - 15 Natalya - 18  Nikki Bella - 19 Ruby Riot - 11  Tamina - 16 Bianca Belair - 14 Billie Kay - 19  Ember Moon - 15 Kairi Sane - 15 Lacey Evans - 9 Peyton Royce - 19 Zelina Vega - 24
  9. Raw November 20, 2017: Live Chat

    Omg I somehow completely avoided spoilers and just finished the fatal four way match. Paige is back and Mandy Rose and Sonya debuted???? OMG 
  10. DIdn't Sheamus and Cesaro win the tag titles, yet Seth and Dean are still on the poster? 
  11. Would you guys actually try to do pro wrestling?

    I wouldn't try for the WWE because I couldn't imagine doing the travelling they do each and every day. However I've always considered trying to learn the craft at a wrestling school but I would want to bulk up first. 
  12. Foxy better be on SD and lead an attack on the women!!
  13. Raw October 23, 2017: Live Chat

    OMG I ONLY JUST WATCHED THE TRIPLE THREAT BUT OMFG QUEEN FOXY WITH THAT WIN!   Who knew that being an Alicia Fox stan in 2017 would actually get you excited???
  14. Alicia Fox gets merch!

    I actually like the design! I don't think I'll ever really wear it out in the public though.   But regardless, I just pre-ordered the shirt. My first ever purchase from WWE shop. $60 later, better support the queen.