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  1. Your Fave's Best Album?

      I’ll start. It’s “Afrodisiac” for me. “Full Moon” is the fan favorite album. However outside of about 5 songs I never saw it. I will say that Full Moon is without a doubt Brandy at her absolute best vocally. Full Moon is the bible of contemporary R&B and is the template of how to arrange vocals for a wide array of singers. With that all that being said, Afrodisiac is the precursor to the “Alternative R&B” music genre. Brandy is the foundation for the majority of the innovative and progressive experimental R&B that we hear today. Influencing so many artists from Solange, Rihanna, Miguel, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and countless others. Afrodisiac is so raw and organic. Infusing hip hop beats, indie rock, and film scores so perfectly. To this day nothing sounds like the songs produced on this album. It’s so rare to enjoy an entire body of work and Brandy not only reinvented her own sound with this album but the entire industry! This album is timeless and peak artistry. I’d recommend it to any non casual listener. Afrodisiac IS Brandy’s best album and it’s a hill i’m willing to depart this life on.           
  2. Your Fave's Best Album?

    BEST ALBUM Is there a studio album by your fave that you believe to be their greatest overall work to date that may be an unpopular opinion based on general consensus (fanbase/critics)?  If so why? Would you recommend said album to a new listener whose never heard that particular artists work before? Let’s get a discussion going..  
  3. Not for Sasha to lose. I'm ready for a Women's "Armageddon" Hell in a Cell. That would be fresh and entertaining to watch.  
  4. Back back back again ^^

  5. Neve Campbell Confirmed for "Scream 5"

    !!! Yes like dig deeper into the back story and the origination of why the franchise started in the first place. I feel like there's just more there they could have explored.. How Billy got Stu to go along with murdering Sidney's mother and then ultimately terrorizing Woodsboro, how Roman tracked down Billy and gave him the tea about Maureen whoring around with Billy's dad, or how they went about framing Cotton.. like we could go on! Also remember how it was emphasized that Sidney actually saw the person who left her house with a bloody coat? Did Maureen get murdered in their house and how did Sidney not hear? Like I have so many questions.
  6. Neve Campbell Confirmed for "Scream 5"

    Finally! I just binge watched all the movies this past Monday. As excited as I am I don't really know what to expect.. the most recent installment was mediocre at best to me? Also am I the only one who would have liked a prequel about Maureen Prescott? I always found that part of the story the most interesting. 
  7. It's the match we should of had tbh. I can't ever be content with Charlotte being Trish's last match because everything about it was so rushed. A match up of that caliber deserved so much more. A marquee match that received two weeks of build up... As great as the match at Summerslam was I know Sasha and Trish would have eclipsed that. The fact that it's never gonna happen is a tragedy. 
  8. Verzuz Presents: Brandy vs. Monica

    Ya'll I don't think you understand how happy last night made me. This year has been turbulent and tumultuous for me to say the least and it felt so good to have something to look forward to and be excited about again. Aside from the obvious fact that they still DO NOT fuck with each other.  This was indeed a moment. Going over 1 mil+ views is just .. WOW. I mean fucking Joe Biden pulling up... THANK YOU! Oh and Brandy won period.
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Too bad it's not true. Poor me. 
  10. Mulan Available for Disney+ Subscribers in December

    I said the same. I don't spend $30 when I go to the actual theater. Why in the hell would I want to spend it in the comfort of my own home? What's not clicking? The self sabotage of this film.   
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    It's upsetting me and my homegirls ..
  12. I really am curious to know who "green lights" so much of the shit we get. Like WHY????   
  13. Brie & Nikki's Sons' Names Revealed...

    The name Matteo is cute. Congrats to them both.