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  1. Everyone help me congratulate my fave!       
  2. I kept reading it, thinking "what did I miss?" lmao
  3. I still haven't seen Pulp Fiction yet. Idk why I like Quentin Tarantino. Never cared to watch Easy A, that's more up my sister's alley. 
  4. I'm just hoping to see a drop of melanin.
  5. Mystique deserves her own movie.  
  6. The artwork font matching the GIFS. I'm so proud.  
  7. bjhbjhbjhb I really cannot stand your ass.   
  8. @Mariah. the graphics are so aesthetically pleasing. You made them? 
  9. The HB's taste never jumps out during these countdowns so i'm not even surprised. Legend Garland deserved so much higher.
  10. Mariah's teaser cancelling my entire list, but we been knew.
  11. OH. Maybe points were made. Maybe I gave you your next countdown topic as well. 
  12. She does look like a throwback video vixen high key lol. It's cute for her tho.