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  1. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

     Wow, so sorry to hear I wish him and the family the best. 
  2. Trish Stratus

  3. Maryse Excited for WM Tag Match: Nikki Should Be Scared

    I can't wait, let me see the French TKO again Queen.  
  4. Dana Brooke to replace Nia Jax at Wrestlemania?

    I mean they already missed the opportunity months ago so I don't think it's going to hurt to extend it a couple weeks after Wrestlemania is over. It also could lead to Dana reintroducing Emma. 
  5. Dana Brooke to replace Nia Jax at Wrestlemania?

    Ugh, I really didn't want there to be two multi women's matches at Wrestlemania but it is what is is I guess.. Don't get me wrong I'd prefer Dana to be in the Fatal 4 Way over Nia but I'd also rather Dana interfere in the match and cost Charlotte the win somehow to further the story between the two rather then actually have her compete for the championship. It gives Charlotte time away from the title picture as well which she desperately needs. The RAW women's division really needs to be shaken up.   
  6. I don't know her.
  7. WWE Not Happy With Alexa?

    Ya'll are really irritating tbh. First of all there was nothing wrong with Alexa and Mickie's match this past Tuesday. I actually enjoyed the match tbh. This era has become so spoiled with the expectation of 5 star matches all the time. It's really ridiculous especially when you think about where the division was before. Alexa is basic in the ring and sticks to a generic heel moveset yes.. but to say that she can't wrestle is really reaching and doing a biT too much.  
  8. SmackDown March 14, 2017: Results

    Talking Smack was comical.  My girl Carmella was the star of Smackdown! tonight and everything comes across so effortlessly when she has the mic.  
  9. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

  10. Favorite Michelle pairing

    Michelle and Alicia were cute, but they weren't given very much to work with. Layla and Michelle played well off of each other it showed in their interactions and even their ring work. LayCool was iconic. There's never been a female duo as prominent as those two.  
  11. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    You're not slick.  
  12. Everything. I need them to put some respect on Sable's name as well.  
  13. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    Omg + Joy vs. Amy.  
  14. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    The climax to Layla vs. Michelle was a flop also tbh. They had so much history together and it's a shame that the ending felt so rushed.
  15. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    Such a missed opportunity. Summerslam that year was lit, they really let me down with that storyline.