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  1. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

  2. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    I never watched Glee (don't drag me) but can I just say that I LOVED him in the Assassination of Gianni Versace? Like how can anyone make a psychotic serial killer THAT sexy?  
  3. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    I will. It's just a shame that the spin off from Girlfriends.. The Game didn't have the success it should have.  Did you watch?
  4. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    I didn't watch Girlfriends until I was older either and I still haven't seen all the episodes. Interesting that you mentioned it though because I just purchased the complete series on eBay for really cheap so I can't wait to binge watch. The writers of the show went on Wendy Williams recently and discussed the possibility of a movie if they could get the right amount of coins for it. Someone needs to set up the Go Fund Me page.   
  5. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    Omg, I shaded tf out of that show because it didn't have all the originals and I felt like i was being given the bootleg version. KEEP IT. I remember when that used to come on UPN also. Moesha, Sister,Sister & Clueless. I'm a Tia & Tamera stan.
  6. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    Tbh, I didn't get into The Parkers until I was an adult but that was because I never gave it a chance. The reason being, Moesha ended on a cliffhanger and The Parkers was a spin off. So I was so pissed that my favorite show ended yet the damn spin off was thriving. I was not having it and was done with UPN.  
  7. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    I could never get into Buffy. The whole dark/vampire thing just wasn't my scene. I remember it being so popular though growing up.
  8. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    @MOSCHINO hit the nail right on the head for me. Something that stands out for me personally though was Moesha. Doubt anyone can relate.     
  9. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    My cousins and I would watch it before Nap Time and be shook Funny because back then I was never really scared of the show Goosebumps (except the nightmare of the living dummy episode)  but Are You Afraid of the Dark was on a level of it's own.    
  10. Was Maria in the top 10 a running joke that I wasn't in on?
  11. Yerrrrrr

    The only name that matters truthfully. Sounds like you'll fit right in, welcome!
  12. *mad and it's not about me being mad. I'm good. The fact of the matter is you're always trolling, constantly hitting my quote button with some slick shit that I typically ignore. I don't check for you AT ALL yet you stay trying to get a reaction out of me. Now you got it. Now you're all of a sudden bewildered? Lol bitch bye.
  13. Obviously I know how to like a post and carry on. Too bad you don't.
  14. Desperate? Lol. Funny this is coming from the most attention seeking bitch on the forum. Sorry I wasn't giving you the attention that you needed sweetheart. Do me a favor tho and quench your thirst with someone who doesn't mind going back and forth with your ass. Oh and for the last time stay off my quote button.