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  1. @Mariah. @Jake No Halloween movie night this year?  
  2. The "TO FREEDOM" really just... 
  3. That Smackdown show was disgusting. The fact that we didn't even get a match or just general promo for the PPV was ugly as hell. Like there's no excuse for that. Then to advertise Torrie & Michelle only to cancel them last minute? I would have been pissed If I purchased a ticket for that show. 
  4. It's really unfortunate how over this PPV I am. If It was possible to get a refund I would have. It's nice that more Golden Era girls will be making appearances though. I'm hoping the event will be better than what most of us anticipate it to be.    
  5. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    I've only been able to get through 4 movesets so far. It's so draining    
  6. Super Show-Down 2018: Live Chat

    The IIconics? They're still heels.
  7. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    I always give Nattie her Spinning Powerbomb.
  8. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    So I peeped on Twitter Liv has the MaTrish in the game and it looks cute af. I can't get 2K to confirm if Trish has it though. I've been waiting for Trish to have that move in a video game since two thousand fucking three and you're telling me they only gave it to Liv when Trish is the one that brought it to the table? BASTARDS.  
  9. Super Show-Down 2018: Live Chat

    So they teased dissension between Nikki and Ronda, but delay pulling the trigger. Come on this PPV is in a few weeks. The fake smiles and hugging has been overkill.  
  10. Right. He was Smackdown's top guy for three years. Personally I think those times were Smackdown at it's peak.
  11. Btw I really feel as though Lesnar should be on this list too. When I think of Smackdown! he instantly comes to mind.
  12. I mean they named the show after his catchphrase and the show was primarily created because of he and Austin's popularity. 
  13. Charly Caruso Joins ESPN

    WOW. I'm always looking for more time in the day and this girl goes and gets job #2 with an already demanding schedule. Chase a check then Charly.