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  1. Diva of the Decade screams Bella Twins. I’m ready. 
  2. that’s it. that’s the tweet.
  3. Alexa Bliss out with injury?

    Like injured doing what? Surely not DDT 3.   It’s not even news anymore at this point. I’m tired. 
  4. I vote for GOAT #2 Mickie James.  
  5. djskbkacsjckjsnkj you didn't lie, but I wasn't checking for his teeth.
  6. This was a popular opinion back in the day but i never really saw it tbh. Now Test >>
  7. I'm going with Kelly the only icon to defend the World title. We all know K² and Beth are advancing. Next case. 
  8. Good Evening girls and geighs 
  9.  The acting in this segment. 
  10. No, ya'll are just delusional per usual.
  11. He's been pouring tea since he stepped foot in this thread. Leave him.