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  1. Why couldn't they have put my bitch on TV tonight? This segment wasn't even a full two minutes. The bullshit.
  2. Raw September 18, 2017: Live Chat

    The way I fucking rolled my eyes when I seen this bitch storming to the ring.  That segment was awkard as fuck and what for? BYE.    
  3. Wow how did I forget about Nia's awkward ass? Add her to the list too.
  4. Tea. However with that being said, since Smackdown doesn't have enough women that's really all the more reason why they should have been doing more with Carmella and really pushing her hard. Also this is the first ever Miss Money in the Bank the company has ever had. Like damn be extra and treat it more like a big fucking deal because it is.   
  5. I would say the obvious answer is Dana. As far as some of ya'll mentioning Carmella. I feel as though they didn't strike while the iron was hot right after Carmella won the MITB briefcase for the second time. Carmella cut a bomb ass promo the night after the first win but all the segments that followed she either wasn't featured or would appear backstage in a two minute segment.They should of had her cutting more promo's, doing fake cash in's, and interfering in matches to really pick up that extra heat. As controversial as both of her wins were it could have been capitalized on much better than it was.  

    I rewatched this after 12 years and DIED and came back to life.  I miss Trish so much :crying:

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x26er0 (Trish @ 11:00)

    "look at you on YOUR ASS!....you are PATHETIC!"

    ain't NONE of these girls EVER touching ha on the mic :cry: 


    1. Qwan™


      "For the record, sweetie... I would have never lowered myself to sleep with a big,fat,greasy, chicken eating looser like YOU!" :shook: 

      The fucking GOAT. :crying: 

    2. Dana Brooke

      Dana Brooke

      oh my god :ahh: 

      trish looking like a ragdoll in that bearhug :gaycry: she truly was so good on the mic :clap:


    3. Dana Brooke
  7. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    I'm not feeling Sasha and Alexa's model in motion. The attire they chose for Sasha the color scheme almost looks exactly like the one from last year which I hated. Of all the cute colorful attires she rocks 2K picks that?  
  8. Today in History

    Taking those bumps like a professional WOMEN'S WRESTLER. 
  9. Today in History

    I was getting so hooked and I couldn't wait to see what was next. It was an interesting dynamic to see Dawn and Torrie putting their hatred aside to stop Shaniqua.  
  10. Today in History

    When your favorite has a perfect career and storybook ending that even the male superstars don't receive. A Living LEGEND. Your fave's fave. I Love You Trish Stratus.   
  11. Nicole giving me J.Lo  
  12. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan passes away

    I had no idea. That's a shame. RIP Bobby. 
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