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  1. First Ever Tag Team Champions!!

    As I've said before it seems quite obvious that Sasha/Bayley will win. Despite the sole reason being that it will be only to make up for the fact that they wont put the women's title on either of them and they can call all the 4HW an inaugural champion. The Bellas literally represent everything that a womens tag team should be. Their longevity together tied in with the fact that they are one of very few women to have been a team from the get go makes it clear to me that they should be frontrunners to become inaugural champions. Their legacy and dominance both as singles competitors and as a team has been consistently about both of them working as a unit. Even through Nikkis title run and feud with Ronda, Brie was just as much a part of the feuds as Nikki. They both helped each other win/retain championships and get to where they needed. If the opportunity is there then it should be taken because a lot of these newer girls would benefit from a rub off The Bellas in comparison to some of the other teams. If not The IIconics SHOULD win but they wont. The Riott Squad have built themselves up well as a unit but they don't have legitimate credibility which is something they need if this faction is going to be long term. 
  2. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    When I tell you I YELLED  
  3. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    Yeah because that worked out with Neville  They're their own worst enemy.
  4. Smackdown January 15, 2019: Live Chat

    Sis, Mandy probably did that in her job interview.  
  5. Smackdown January 15, 2019: Live Chat

    On an unrelated note Impact better make Scarlett their top bitch or send her to WWE  
  6. Smackdown January 15, 2019: Live Chat

    I know right? AND it's still better than Raw woo lordT  
  7. Raw January 14, 2019: Live Chat

    Hmm the announcement for the titles seems like they have a plan in place. They're not going to bring them in just before WM and not have them defended. Maybe this was the big match they were talking about Trish and Lita coming back for in time for WM?  The Battle Royal will happen again on the preshow so I could see us getting 3 title matches on the main show. 
  8. AsDfg!)3€6 I don't know how this happened I meant to quote @WWFoverWWE  
  9. Have you seen much of her work though? Not insulting genuinely curious. I didn't watch a lot of her work at the start and from what I saw I wasn't impressed but I started to watch her Impact stuff frequently and she really has been killing it this year. She's definitely risen as one of the top girls outside of WWE both in character and skills.  She's definitely a standout tbh and would do well if utilised correctly in WWE somewhere in the future.
  10. Girl this aint news, you get annoyed when the wind blows!   
  11. Ok i'm open to hearing an actual constructed argument without biased hate on why you feel this way. So feel free to provide receipts and genuine points/reasons on why she is undeserving.   OT: Very much deserved tbh. She's become one of the biggest stars in the entire company and has killed every opportunity they've given her.  She's also one of very few women who can strive, evolve her character and connect with an audience both as a heel and as a face. Since adopting her 'The Man' persona she has developed into one of the most controversial, enticing and entertaining characters in all of WWE. Not to mention the fact that some of her recent work has been among the best material we have seen in 2018. Her vs Charlotte at Evolution(their feud as a whole tbh), tlc match vs Asuka and Charlotte, her invasion of raw bloody face and all and her going face to face with John Cena are among some of the top moments in the women's division last year and that's just to name a few. She'll only continue to prove why she is among the best in the division and I hope to see her main eventing Wrestlemania, that of which is currently rumoured. She turned her entire career around within a short space of time and makes the most of every opportunity that is awarded to her so for that I don't think anybody can dispute her success. Compare her from this time last year to now and her growth and impact is undeniable. Congrats Legend  
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Preferably mine!  
  13. Who’d you rather?

    Roman Reigns. Jason Jordan is a butterface. EC3 or Ricochet?
  14. Reason the Women's Tag Titles were Delayed

    Just forward them to The Bellas address