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  1. SmackDown November 20, 2018: Live Chat

    Honestly I think 2018 has been such a monumental year for the girls in terms of history and evolving etc but I personally find the division to be at its UGLIEST in years. The mishandling of talent, the burying of almost any and all newcomers, the most talented being pushed to the side in favour of those less talented, the booking, the lack of continuity etc. The rosters and talent are probably the best it's ever been and the girls get so much more segments and matches etc but I have not been as disinterested in the women as a whole probably EVER.  
  2. Lynch/Rousey WM 35 Plans And NXT Call Ups?

    Take it to twitter then   
  3. Should Nia Jax be sent back to the performance center?

    I was so confused. It's not even green it is yellow like when I tell u I was STUMPED  
  4. Lynch/Rousey WM 35 Plans And NXT Call Ups?

    Girl who shat in your corn flakes this morning?  Keep Becky out of your mouth   
  5. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    She's part robot at this point already.  
  6. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    Hope 911 is on standby because somebody is going to die.  
  7. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    Honestly it's clear that they make raw win every year just because it's the flagship show. AND they know the talent on SD are better established and utilised so they make the talent from Raw look superior in a bid to cover up and compensate for the shitty booking and mishandling of talent. SD still and ALWAYS will win though so joke is on them tbh. There's a reason why they always steal superstars that SD have built up from the ground and switch them out for talent that they have buried into obscurity.    
  8. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    Becky is Bryan. Charlotte is serving Orton   
  9. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    WAIT not Enzo sitting near the hard camera wearing a goofy wig  then him taking off his disguise and shouting trying to get the crowd pumped  and him being EJECTED and kicked out of the arena  y'all he is a dumbass   
  10. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    These rosters are way too overstacked tbh.  Especially with women they don't need/utilise.
  11. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    Tbh she is THAT good when she wants to be. She flew out after SD on Tuesday and they've been rehearsing the match together.
  12. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    I swear to god...  
  13. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    Becky is the most demand woman on the roster though so if they want to D-Bryan her then it's their STUPID loss. 
  14. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    And also EW at then rewarding Nia for iniuring Becky. Regardless of how she got the heat it will just make them push her further.