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  1. Girl idk if you're being shady because of the models but it is quite clear that they're DLC for the game. 
  2. Random Thoughts

    Celeb nudes being leaked is honestly becoming more common than ever before. I've heard of more happening these last few months than ever before.  I do feel so bad for them yet I still can't stop myself from looking at the pics especially if it's someone I've always fancied.  
  3. Raw February 20, 2017: Live Chat

    I miss Paige tbh. Hopefully they start using Emma, Alicia and Summer soon. At least then Raw may become a bit more tolerable in terms of variety.
  4. Raw February 20, 2017: Live Chat

    Meaningless premature title reigns, bad booking, pulling the trigger to early, un-warranted main events and lack of continuity.  Having good matches is fine but my GOD they're lacking in every other area. They get handed random stip matches and main events just because. SD should really be getting this treatment because at least they deliver in more areas than one. And they're actually a DIVISION. Unlike Raw who pushes the same few women on a loop.
  5. Raw February 20, 2017: Live Chat

    Lmao Raw is so shit.
  6. Never really saw it for her anyway. She's a decent worker but i find her so extra and not really convincing in portraying her sanity character. Also her voice is horrible and she looks like the back end of a truck. If this gets publicized I can see her being done.
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    What a dumb bitch. My God.  
  8.     Despite Nikki being injured for most of last year, failing to hold championship gold and Bries retirement both girls still stay winning outside of the ring. Congratulations my legends.
  9. SmackDown February 14, 2017: Live Chat

    She was stuttering and tripping over her words so bad on Talking Smack after EC. She's capable of far better.  
  10. SmackDown February 14, 2017: Live Chat

    I hope Naomi gets a championship celebration that Alexa crashes leading to a brawl. Hopefully Nattie and Nikki do more than brawl tonight, a mixed tag or a post match promo/run in or something.  Nikki/Naomi vs Alexa and Nattie would be cute.
  11. SmackDown February 14, 2017: Live Chat

    The op made me realise all the girls om SD who are active competitors (former in Maryse' case) that feature frequently have all been champion bar Carmella.   
  12. Reason For Emmalina Repackage: Flopped In Rehearsals

    Girl you know what I meant. She was never a model diva, she always wanted to be a wrestler. So it is very unlikely she was ever going to pull off a character like that.
  13. Reason For Emmalina Repackage: Flopped In Rehearsals

    Wasn't Emma your avi for months?   
  14. Reason For Emmalina Repackage: Flopped In Rehearsals

    Well what did they expect. That character is suited to the likes of Eva, Carmella etc. Emma has always prided herself as being a serious competitor so it was destined to flop considering she already possesses the ability to be a good wrestler.  The character change wasn't needed for her anyway because she was actually doing well as evil Emma before she got injured. Management just treat her as a joke yet they have Bayley as their champ.  
  15. Draft/Post Wrestlemania Roster predictions