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  1. Nikki Bella Announces Retirement

    Girl shut up.  
  2. Nikki Bella Announces Retirement

    Edit: I meant to quote @Eric Seen this earlier. They weren't given as much time or opportunities in comparison to the current crop of girls, but they made the most of what they had and kickstarted the revolution. They laid the ground-work and built the division back up from scratch so that future women could prosper.  MY Four Horsewomen. Paige and Nattie were the only girls to post about them so far.  
  3. Nikki Bella Announces Retirement

      The small highlight package of their careers in the second video.
  4. Nikki Bella Announces Retirement

    They both deserved so much more tbh and with the women finally having tag titles the timing just feels wrong. If they're happy and content then that's the main thing. I suppose Nikki is happy ending her career with her last match against Ronda but it feels anticlimactic. Her standing on the ramp saying it's not over and competing live events but now it is, over. They're all time favs of mine and it's definitely getting me right in the fucking heart. These girls did so much more for the women of WWE than people give them credit for and realise. They were huge catalysts in the women being given a bigger platform and they were a huge part of helping to build the division we see today. Icons. Pioneers. Legends. Enjoy retirement ladies you have both earned it and I'll impatiently await your HOF induction.  
  5. Nikki Bella Announces Retirement

    Omg they're both officially done I don't know how to feel. Is this definitely true? 
  6. Nikki Bella Announces Retirement

  7. Smackdown March 19, 2019: Live Chat

    She got the boobs and now she followed up with the hair she's THRIVING  
  8. Smackdown March 19, 2019: Live Chat

    Tamina, Beth and Nattie competing at a WM? Someone call the Bellas NOW.  
  9. Smackdown March 19, 2019: Live Chat

    I'll bleach his ass if she likes!  
  10. TJP Released

    Hideo Itami was released as well.
  11. Paige: “It Was Never WWE Holding The Women Back”

    Exactly. The Golden era is a prime example /endthread.
  12. Paige: “It Was Never WWE Holding The Women Back”

    I know she doesn't actually believe this.  
  13. Raw February 11, 2019: Live Chat

    Because these attention whores needed to attach themselves to it as the women surely can't do it on their own. I hate them 
  14. Raw February 11, 2019: Live Chat

    The gag at them using an SD woman to draw interest in their show while they continue to disregard their own female talent.
  15. Lana & Rusev Removed from Total Divas Cast

    The show was a big part in the women finally getting screentime/exposure and pushes in the early days but whatever  I do feel it's running it's course but at this point if they're still getting the opportunity then why not use it as a platform to elevate yourself.