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  1. WWE showed it's true colors today

    EH!? Fucking spoilers alert. Im mad   
  2. Na not anymore they tape more frequently nowadays similar to how they did at the start. As far as I'm aware they only tape 2-4 weeks in advance currently.
  3. DEBUNKED: Drama amongst former BFFS?

    Yeah because even if this was the case we are all who we were in high school?!  
  4. NXT UK Brand Officially Announced

    Becky isn't from the uk.  
  5. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    I'm sick of this company and how they treat poor Becky. 2 years in a row they had her get screwed.  
  6. NXT TakeOver: Chicago II: Live Chat

    Y'all know the NXT womens champion sucks when nobody even comments on her match   
  7. Who is WWE's poster girl?

    Its 14 altogether though throughout the last 3 years. Charlotte x6 and Alexa/Sasha x4.   
  8. SmackDown May 29, 2018: Live Chat

    Smackdown has been fucking killing it recently omg.  
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Maryse hosted NXT in 2011. 13 months after Maria was released tho.  
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I fucking knew Vinny was gonna pull that up lol. 
  11. Ranks the MITB Cash-Ins

    Lol Edge is and always will be #1  /end thread.
  12. Return, Release, Repackage

    None of them girls are more successful than her though. Trish is definitely still the standard. Charlotte might overtake her eventually but she's not there yet.