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  1. Main Roster Stars Being Sent Down to NXT

    Out of the girls the only ones that would make sense tbh is Dana, Summer and Lana. Alicia would be used in the same role in NXT as she would be on the MR so I don't see any point in sending her down tbh. Unless they decide to do a revival of her career starting from NXT and working her way up again which I'd be here for. I think this applys mostly for the girls that aren't being used aka Raw girls.  
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    They're clearly stalling. She'll pick up steam again when she's heel and feuding with Bayley. 
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Exactly. That's why both Sasha and Bayley keep re-entering the title picture because they're continuously planting the seeds for a future feud between them both. The funny thing is it's so god damn obvious that they have no idea when they're planning on doing this so they'll probably just decide 'fuck it' when one of them is champion Nn   
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Y'all are too much. I'm not getting involved because there's a lot coming from either side I can either understand or know it's biased. But the one thing I will comment on is the fact that they've kept Sasha relevant and in/out of the title picture all year. She had a feud with Nia on two ppvs, she was in and out of the Charlotte/Bayley program and ultimately helped Bayley win the title. She then once again re-entered the title picture and was involved in the fatal 4 way women's title match at Wrestlemania. She then had a side feud with Alicia and Noam Dar before winning the women's gauntlet match in the main event of raw and went on to challenge for the title at the next ppv. Bayley just defeated her in what was a glorified upset and she's been consistently featured/used as one of Raws main stars on both the weekly shows and ppvs. Yes she's definitely taken a backseat but she's still in the top 3 Raw girls and always has been. Nia has been #4 since the brand split and remains so.
  5. Happy Birthday, Cooksie!

    Thanks y'all aren't a bad bunch @trishallday I hate you acbegD?:(2)/'  
  6. Happy Birthday, Cooksie!

    Happy birthday Cooksie.  
  7. Sasha Hinting at Leaving WWE in 2 More Years?

    She did an interview recently saying that people need to shut up about her turning heel because she plans on being there for a long time so this makes no sense Nn. She still hasn't had a legit title run, a proper heel run etc. Out of all the horse women she and Becky still have the most left to achieve/prove IMO. 3 title reigns scraping 90 days is nothing when she hasn't had a successful title defence or notable match apart from Charlotte. She definitely needs to chase for a while. Before turning heel and having a long title reign. Sasha vs Bayley/Mickie would slay tbh.  Shes probably just voicing her unhappiness because she knows they're currently favouring Alexa.
  8. Worst Womens Finisher?!

    If she slightly angled the arm it would look better tbh.
  9. Worst Womens Finisher?!

    I'd argue for most of the submissions bar somethings dumb like abdominal stretches and the such that you can literally walk out of. She has different variations and the armbar is a legit match ending mma move. Ronda Rousey broke an opponents arm with a variation of it so I don't see how it's ineffective imo. Shes sitting on the opponent bringing all of her weight down on the arm as she's yanking it upright. I think it's actually a good finisher it's just that submissions tend to be boring.  
  10. Worst Womens Finisher?!

    They did a few that looked good but to me the original always relied on the person taking it/selling rather than the execution itself. Bries running version looked FAR better. As did the second and top rope bella busters. I've been saying for years that she should've dropped it and stuck with the upgrades like many other superstars have done.
  11. Worst Womens Finisher?!

    Charlottes natural selection. It looks very ineffective and she rarely executes it properly.  Nias leg drop. It was dumb when Hogan did it and still is now. Bayleys belly to belly should've never been a finisher.  
  12. Worst Womens Finisher?!

    Your name is ironic tbh. A signature? Fine. A finisher? Embarrassing.  
  13. Kurt Angle Storyline: Who is she?

    It's rumoured to be Stephanie. 
  14. SmackDown July 11, 2017: Live Chat

    And a homophobe.