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  1. Happy Birthday, JhonMarco

    happy birthday, marco!! 
  2. HB Rants and Struggles - A Venting Thread

      Stay strong, Jodes  So sorry for what you and your family's going through 
  3. Cooksiana Grande

      Not quite  
  4. Happy Birthday Tickle! (Shoaib)

    hb bae    miss all the xat seshes and can't wait til we get the chance to catch up more.   ((recycledpic.jpg))
  5. Layla Retires

    I suppose its better to go out when she's good and ready after an iconic run than wait around for the walking papers since they clearly weren't prepared to give her a workable opportunity. Enjoy life, queen 
  6. Layla Retires

  7. Happy Birthday, Mariah!

    happy birthday bb 
  8. Diva to make her return on Main Event!

    queen of returning on Main Event
  9. Caption the Photo

  10. Honestly...Did you find AJ Overrated?

    I think her breakout year set her up with expectations that she wasn't able to meet in a sustained way. I think quite a few of her matches are overrated too.
  11. Did Alex Riley just shade AJ? and if so why?

    He's so bitchy
  12. I've always been kinda curious about K2s off screen personality.but n if this is true. Sorry, Eve.
  13. Stan cause I probably won't when you actually need the vote
  14. n why was I in this? Shoaib.