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  1. The guy just seems like a dick, and tbh giving your colleagues water is hardly in the same league as the shit JBL and Holly used to do back in the day. He needs to humble himself especially after the Emma situation. And blowing off Queen FINN?! When the beautiful one offered him advice?! Entitled TRASH. 
  2. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    1. Smarks. Fans in general. ESPECIALLY the post-Mania Raw lot. Beyond sick of fans thinking its their right to hijack the show and make it all about them. Listen you neckbearded dude bros, some people pay for travel and tickets to see the athletes in the ring, not listen to you twats. Ugh. Also, this'll get my account yanked, but the way *some* diva stans love to tear down any woman who in their eyes doesnt slay in that outfit enough/isnt pretty enough for them. okay sis, you dont have to like everyone but dont discount someones wrestling ability etc because you think she's "ugly" (yes im talking about the Bayley and Nattie haters. Fight me.)   2. Wrestlers who believe their own hype,(usually because of smarks) and then become insufferable. yes Sasha, I'm looking at you. 3. Hot potato title feuds.  4. A thing of the past now thankfully, but JBL on commentary was horrendous.  
  3. Ember Moon whoops Becky Lynch on Twitter

    I really hope this does lead to something, points have been made in this thread. This would be good for Ember as much as I stan Bex, she is acting more and more like the idiotic fans on Twitter, and not the babyface she's being presented as on TV.
  4. Is Charlotte a Career Heel Now?

    Charlotte herself said she doesn’t like being a face and it shows; she’s much more suited to being a heel, and I’m here for it. Always quite liked her but now I stan.
  5. James Ellsworth allegedly sent nudes to 16 year old

    Curiosity killed that cat. that tongue thing though. Gurl.
  6. Post Your Social Media

    http://twitter.com/Elstro1988 http://instagram.com/elstro1988  
  7. Post Your Pictures

    I may have forgotten to mention that bit  Anyway, here’s me for those who don’t want to check my gram 😘     
  8. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I am definitely making the most of my free month on the network. ajways stanned Becky and I’m still finding the bits of my wig that she SNATCHED. 
  9. Post Your Pictures

    https://instagram.com/p/BqNjHsbljRz/   my gram. I’m a mess tbh 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Finn out here being the messy bottom he is and I’m living. Tbh
  11. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG. your faves left rotting. sorry gurls i dont make the rules.
  12. THIS TEA. I can't really say what's already been said in this thread. I am beyond SICK of the blind Bella hate. I occasionally go back on Wrestling Forum but usually have to leave before I end up wanting to put out a hit on the misogynists that frequent it. I can't say it's just men who love to pour hate as I'm an LSA font (yeah, me, a white English boy but they don';t know that) and even on there  they can be just as smarky and nasty as your stereotypical fat neckbeard fans.  I get into Twitter spats sometimes still with Bella haters who just flatly refuse to given Nikki and Brie any credit whatsoever. You can't correct a hater. Take for example the Liv Morgan incident. Liv herself was unbothered and just carried on, people from all across the wrestling business leapt to defend Brie, including DB himself (you know, defending his wife and using examples from his own illustrious career), Corey Graves (who used to always hate on the Diva-era women), as well as the likes of Jessicka Havok who is the biggest antithesis to the Bellas as it's possible to get, and STILL the smarks were like 'NOPE WE'RE RIGHT, THE BELLAS ARE SHIT AND DON'T BELONG ON WRESTLING' etc etc etc. Paige summed it up best as Brie only got the levels of hate she did "because she's a Bella". Had it been anyone else, especially a male wrestler, they would have gotten the 'oh accidents happen, no worries' treatment. I think way too many took the Pipebombshell as literal.  I'm proud to be a Bella stan more than ever, knowing that it will piss off smarks. I'd wear a Brie Mode tee to the smarkiest indie show I could get to if I could. Just to annoy them.
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Zack looks better with dark hair tbh.  I see him though as the clingy whiny sort.
  14. Beth Phoenix

      YAAASSS. SLAY.   Cooksie might be my new friend...Lay and Beth stan. Cooksie knows what's up.
  15. Summer Rae

    Queen Summer and Lay feud. I could happily get behind that :D BTW someone tell the newbie to stop trolling the fan threads to drag.