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  1. sdbbdakbakjn Ms. Mariah. is not having iT    They're a mess tho, it's what they deserve
  2. This x 1000 . I knew it was going to end this way tbh. These two have never had a common ground on a lot of things (going by TD episodes), he said he didn't want to marry and he actually proposed her in the end (at WM too), what kind of game were you trying to play boi?  
  3. "Oh, Nikki, do you not know what happen to not happen to Alexa?"
  4. Mae Young Classic | Official Chat Thread

    Can the Kairidashians get a stanbase thread already? It has one more stan than Miss Kanellis' Kairi really shines, she's a wrestling idol, truly THE Japanese Excellence, AKB48 is shook.  
  5. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    snnfsanfsnalknslnfslsnlsn I came back to witness a WOMAN not from The Horse Farms main eventing, winning and being the first ever Miss Money in The Bank The match is AWESOME. Everyone plays the part right, and I can't beliEVE Tamina did THAT. This match is a mind opening and converting moment. I don't think the finish will hurt Carmella's character tbh. Bear in mind, that she used a weapon to win, which is known for one of the last resort of cheating, and she actually used it to prove that there really is NO rule in MITB. It's not like she served Tamina and pushed Becky off the ladder, now that would've been a character killer. At least this is not Bayley nailed N/A with an almost botched Belly to Bayley weak ass slam level. Also, there's only so much "Carmella can do nothing without Ellsworth" sexist replies I want to see from these lousy haters in her IG  
  6. lmao, this forum is still active as ever ddksmdksl The best kii I ever got was from Vinaro's post when she intended to defend Maria with a gif of her dancing with the Hardys but it backfired instead  
  7. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Who booked this match?  
  8. SmackDown December 20, 2016: Results

    Carmella stirring the pot   Carmella getting TOSSED into that giant ass christmas tree   "I did it, you bitch."   Alexa pretended to be injured, then dropped the antics when Bryan claimed that she actually was cleared to compete   So many good things happened last night tbh. The momentum of both feuds are so good, I'm HOPING that they wouldn't drop the balls for either feud.
  9. Their nerve to just put "someone else" option in order to cover three names they don't want to mention is just  
  10. Are you excited for Bayley's push?

    This poll's result being a complete landslide   I'm actually fine with any of these girls being pushed, but hers is built really bad. I can not understand their logic of letting underdog stays winning (even to the level of squashing local talent lmao), not to mention her skill being regressed too and she can not do promo at all. I will forever hate this girl, if she still pulls that Belly to Belly finisher when she finally wins that title, because the one who holds it is that girl who survived tables, HIAC and Ironman matches.   
  11. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Her going back from "next week" to "soon" (an ambiguous time mark  ) again.  
  12. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    nnn, at least it was because they wore similar outfits, there's no excuse in this case  
  13. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    omg   I love being straight  
  14. TLC 2016: Live Chat

    Funny when the women wrestlers were toned down, the women valet were upped and now it's the other way around. They just don't want to let all women win huh  #womenequality
  15. Charlotte vs Sasha Banks Rematch at Roadblock?

    They need to make this another "first ever" too, immediately. We've been waiting for this.