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  1. WWE HB17 | Smack Talk

    I hate you brandon
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I thought @Dante. stans?
  3. How did you become a wrestling fan?

    I think my first time watching wrestling was Ivory vs The Kat in a mud wrestling match when I was 5 and Ivory's bra got ripped off  after that I used to watch Smackdown from time to time with my big sis, mainly because she loved the Rock. I used to wrestle my dad all the time during that time and would always win  I stopped watching for a couple years until early 2005. I would always play the video games with my cousins, so I thought I'd give it a shot again. I saw Torrie vs Hiroko on Smackdown and that bitch but me in a trance  I remember everyone was a wrestling stan in my 5th grade class. I wanted to join them all in the discussion, so I started watching religiously every week from that point on. Melina, Torrie, Dawn & Michelle were everything to me
  4. Which Heartbreaker is Gonna Do It?

    @Mariah. do you know who it was?  
  5. Let's hope she botches it and they ban her from using it, Alicia's sunset legdrop teas. Then it won't be Bugly's move anymore! 
  6. Let her be DB and Shane's assistant and fuck shit up on SD. Stacy 02 teas 
  7. She deserves to shine
  8. Lingerie

    H&M I guess is my fave place to shop. Tbh I don't really shop anywhere else
  9. Former WWE Diva Doesn't Date Black Men

    She still has stans?
  10. Kaitlyn

    ^ Or merge it with the Kaitlyn fanbase thread  she was cute tho
  11. "Tf you say?"  someone please gif Kong  
  12. Former WWE Diva Doesn't Date Black Men

    The way she turned around and thought it was cute to let the world know that she doesn't date Black men is so insulting to me as a black man. Like *turns around* "Hey! Fun fact, I actually don't date black men!" Ok ugly, are you proud of that? Should I give you a cookie for that comment? Kiii if she has a baby with a white man and it ends up looking like Chuckie. 
  13. The (NSFW) Blog

    That's it? Better than nothing I guess