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  1. Confirmed divas that will show up next week

    When Chloe pisses on Sasha’s red kickpad thinking it’s a fire hydrant
  2. Confirmed divas that will show up next week

    Chloe coming back to STUNT  the horses are shaking at the K-9 Queen of RAW
  3. Paige allegedly done as in-ring performer.

    This tea better be FALSE  
  4. WWE Looking to Bring Back Serena Deeb

    I doubt she’s getting a wrestling contract, but I always had a hunch they’d bring her back for the rumble. She’s fresh off the MYC and can easily take a spot as a Former Superstar returning for one night if they’re having a difficult time recruiting people.
  5. How long is call me by your name? I might jump in if you end up watching that
  6. It’s not like he was doing anything recently considering CFO$ pretty much took his spot these last few years. Best of luck to him tho  talented man tbh
  7.  y’all don’t underestimate Lovelyti and her receipts. She’s been reading frauds in Hollywood since 2008 and has never failed once @Kara Zor-El read the post above sis!
  9. HBW '18 | Roster

  10.  Wafgssd this being an actual thing. Mess. He deserved the LASHING
  11. In addition to having Brie next week, Lilian is having the Bellas' mom Kathy on the show the week after for some reason BITCH, if Kathy gets an interview, we better see one from SANDRA
  12. Tf is a KY Jelly match? Sounds like a way of him saying “let’s fuck”
  13. https://twitter.com/naomiwwe/status/932714434925072384
  14. https://youtu.be/fsaU4VEafbg   yall watch this video. Lovelyti got receipts and shit on this entire relationship  
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.