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  1. Hello Everyone

    OOP HEY SIS! About time you made your way to the winning team!
  2. I can taste the cigarette ash reading this bullshit.
  3. Naomi’s glowing crown
  4. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    https://twitter.com/tonytrbl/status/1056664659821056003?s=21 not Maria getting an actual tron while our faves just get tacky nameplates. Who’s dick did you suck to get this? @Vinaro
  5. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    Y’all couldn’t have just left the voice chat active or is that not possible? 
  6. This bitch really thinks Saudis are going to be demanding to see women wrestle when they just now are being given the right to drive and be in public without a male chaperone, I—
  7. "I think that sports is where we really find that common ground with each other, and I think that pulling out of the Crown Jewel would be the wrong move -- because I think that this is an opportunity to be able to share our cultures and define what we have in common.” Like misogyny and racism?
  8.   Right the girlies getting merch when they otherwise probably wouldn't have (at least in the near future.) I'm happy for them regardless  
  9. I'm just happy most of the women are getting merch. Wasn't expecting this! Especially for the legends. Michelle's shirt slays too  Whew all the gays buying their flawless shirts  
  10. The mole is on the wrong side sis
  11. Whew Legend Vaine being at the top of the list. Her impact