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  1. Queen knowing her 2nd amendment right  
  2. Are you READY for MA?

    A Black woman hunting down and killing racists and their kids  WHEW im READY
  3. Ashley Massaro passes away

  4. Ashley Massaro passes away

    !!!!!!!!!!! From her winning the Diva Search to competing for the Women’s Championship at WM  she was apart of our childhoods and I’ll always cherish those memories she was apart of 
  5. Ashley Massaro passes away

    Holy fucking shit, RIP
  6. @Iconick your man is available now 
  7. He misses her and knows he lost a GEM  It’s his turn to feel the pain
  8. Queen of helping children  
  9. Imagine working your whole life for your dreams and finally making it to WWE's main roster, and expected to stand in gorilla, waiting for people to come back from their match to hand them a bottled water and a towel
  10. Beth Phoenix wrestling on WWE European tour

    Them not acknowledging it like they did AJ Lee and Eve’s 5 Divas Title reigns  But I’d still be here for it
  11. Beth Phoenix wrestling on WWE European tour

    *looks at BT, Prince & Katy*  
  12. WrestleMania 35: Live Chat

    Them making poor Miles and Naomi wait to watch their dad perform when it’s way past their bedtime. Them kids probably KOd in the crowd rn