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  1. She had money for an attorney, but she didnt have money to pay Kong's aunt
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    FUck me daddy Dreamer
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

  4. Yesterday my doctor diagnosed with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder.) I broke down in tears when I started talking about my depression and anxiety and how this shit had me by the necK since my early teen years. So much of my emotions started resurfacing and it felt so GOOD letting that shit out. She prescribed me with some genetic Zoloft, so I hope it will help lift me from this hole I've been in for awhile. I'm shopping around for therapists atm since meds are only a temporary fix. I'm so proud of myself for taking these steps to address my mental health. I urge any of y'all who feel miserable and depressed to talk to a professional and get the help that you need. Let's cheer tf up together  
  5. Favorite Divas photoshoot

    I loved Undressed the most  They were all so good, It's so hard to choose!  They seriously need to bring these back, but do them in tasteful ways just like they're doing with the current gurls: I remember Gail saying how she missed going to different locations doing these shoots every year for the DVD and how fun they were  Make this a Network special after RAW and they'll make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ These videos are getting tons of views, so capitalize on it WWE! I want to see our girlies S L A Y  
  6.  I loved queen Wilde! I'm sad this never happened ughfhjlsdfg
  7. WWE HB17 | Online

    WHERE'S WINTA? The Heartbreaking Princess took the past few weeks off to whip up a surprise for the HBW Universe. Not only is Winta pleasant to look at, her voice is equally pleasant to listen to! Check out the music video to Winta's debut single,"I Want U."  
  8. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    Naomi coming out for Serena's match  This is so fucking cute omg im gonna crY
  9. Allegedly Paige details what happened at Airport

    Can someone just run up on Alberto and slit his throat to end this?
  10. WWE needs to call her up to TV asap and have her sit backstage with Summer, just to keep her away from him. I'm tired of this shit. Prevent the next Sunny.
  11. Reminds me of when my friend had a swollen black eye and claimed a kid threw a ball at her face, then months later admitted it was her boyfriend who knocked her tf out! She's covering up his bullshit and I'm not here for it! I smell LIES.
  12. @Natalie so what are you gonna do about this son of a bitch? What sort of supernatural methods of torture and agony do you wanna inflict on Bert? I'm all in to aid you, sis. I'll bring my supplies to Discord tonight.
  13. Breaking: WWE Superstar RELEASED

    I love a surprise release
  14. Title Change at Houseshow

    I want you banned from this forum if you speak this into existence