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  1. Happy 6th Birthday, Heartbreakers! | Make a Wish

    Well, it's been awhile and I'm late to the party, but happy birthday nonetheless.
  2. Natalya

    THIS! This is the reason body shaming should not happen! Not to anyone, not to any size. It takes a strong woman to admit her inner demons but she's inspiring many. I hope this allows people to feel confident. To seek assistance in the daily things that plague their lives and to overcome adversities. Not just women, but men too. Everyone should be inspired. Everyone. <3
  3. Natalya

  4. Natalya

  5. Natalya

  6. Natalya

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  8. Natalya

  9. Natalya

  10. Natalya

  11. Natalya

  12. Naomi Gets a Glowing Women's Title

    Awesome! Thanks for the vid! I does look super cute and fits her so much!
  13. Maria Menounos Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

    Terrible news for her. I hope she recovers. Praying for good health.
  14. Naomi Gets a Glowing Women's Title

    Has anyone looked at it either on video or in person? It's hard to tell if the lights are glued on.