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  1. Impact Wrestling and GFW have officially merged.

    Sounds about right, tbh.
  2. Impact Wrestling and GFW have officially merged.

    GFW was still a thing?
  3. Sunny claims Seth Rollins gave her an STD

    I'm just saying, like, you could do better.
  4. Sunny claims Seth Rollins gave her an STD

    Idk why you'd be fighting for this man, sis. He's known trash, move on.
  5. Sunny claims Seth Rollins gave her an STD

    Steph really ain't shit.
  6. RuPaul's Drag Race

  7. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Still not sold on Trinity, but I'll admit that I'm hating her less than I anticipated. She still annoys me, but she at least seems to have some talent, so I can respect that. Valentina's definitely going all the way, Shea seems likely too, Sasha...TBD. I like her, but she was getting a ghost edit for episodes 1-3, so that's a bit concerning. Screaming at the stuff in the spoiler tag. I can't see it atm, so these editors are gonna have to put in WORK.
  8. IMPACT ONO: Knockouts Knockdown 5

    Angelina vs. Kayci was...a match that happened. Kayci isn't great, but she's new so it's to be expected. Skipped Allie's match because I still can't fucking stand Leva Bates. Diamante vs. ACR...ugh. I'm so bothered by them giving Sarita's old theme to that talentless flop. She looked a mess, wrestled a mess, and poor Diamante had to try to salvage it. Bless her for making an attempt, but the match was garbage. Diamante does seem interesting though. Loved seeing her end the match with the Code Red (even if the other bitch couldn't handle it), and she did pretty well in the tag match at the end of the show. Rosemary vs. MJ was pretty good. MJ definitely had the most charisma out of the potential KO's, but she's not quite there in the ring. Kudos for going for more interesting/difficult moves than the other girls, but the execution needs work. Sienna vs. Alicia was fun, even though it felt like it was 90% restholds and stalling nnn. I'm not sure when it happened, but I kind of love Sienna? She was a kii throughout the match and kept it interesting while her opponent was serving bargain bin K2. Alicia's gear was cute tho, so good on her for that. I was expecting Santana/Brandi to be a dumpster fire since Brandi's been complete ass in every match up to this point and I've never bought into Santana's hype. Color me surprised when they actually delivered a bit. The match was solid, and the good sis Santana made Brandi look competent for the first time in her life. Skipped the next match because I still can't fucking stand ODB and Rebel. Laurel and Rachael did pretty well. Rachael is boring af, but she had a couple moves in her arsenal that made me pay attention to her. Laurel was competent, but not spectacular. I need her to stop using the curb stomp as a finisher, because 1. it never looks that impactful, and 2. she never actually catches their head. Maybe the second part is intentional, but it just doesn't look great. Still, they had a decent match with a couple fun moments and a solid story to it, so good on them for that. I blocked out every moment of the tag match that included Leva or ODB, so I only remember, like, three minutes of it, but it was fine. Santana/Diamante had some fun chemistry and probably should've worked more of the match together, but whatever. Maybe they'll bring Santana in for a few more one-offs and they'll really get to go. The finisher train at the end was going well enough until they got to Alicia. What the actual fuck was she doing? And she was the one to get a contract out of this too?
  9. NXT April 5, 2017: Results

    Aliyah's new theme and gear...yikes.
  10. Most Dangerous Woman

    Those are some...interesting choices.
  11. Pay Per View Milestone for Natalya

    Wait, it was. That 12 diva tag match.
  12. I'm gonna go ahead and lock since this proved to be a false alarm.
  13. WrestleMania 33: Results

    The start of the Raw match was fun. I liked the dynamic of the other three girls just trying whatever to get Nia gone, and Nia worked this a lot better than I expected her to. The eliminations bugged though. Nia going down to the triple powerbomb was good, but Sasha getting pinned after hitting an exposed turnbuckle (which she sold the hell out of, bless her) and Char going down to an elbow drop rubbed me the wrong way. It's Wrestlemania, it feels like it should take a biT more to take these girls down. The mixed tag match was a thing that happened, I guess. Glad Nikki got her own entrance, glad she got the win, and I guess I'm glad she got a ring even if the proposal didn't exactly move me. Maryse... *sigh* The six pack was fine. It got a little sloppy at some points, but given the time they had, that's to be expected. Alexa's floatover DDT was pretty great, and I liked the little touch of Naomi looking Alexa dead in the face while she was making her tap. Nothing else really stuck with me, unfortunately. Happy for Naomi though, and excited to see what they do with her title run. Fingers crossed it lasts longer than 9 days this time!