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  1. Hornswoggle - Which Divas Were Hoes? (Ho Bag)

    This was already posted in ER, it can be discussed over there.
  2. Female WWE Hall of Fame Inductee REVEALED?

    Edge went in a few years back. And I'm gonna need more than a Reddit post before I buy that she's getting inducted THAT soon.
  3. Breaking: Nia Jax Attacks Sasha Banks Before Raw

    Already posted
  4. Hello friends!

    Welcome boo! Hope you enjoy it here.
  5. TNA One Night Only Live: Results

  6. TNA One Night Only Live: Results

    Sienna wearing that outfit again. That's...unfortunate. The match was better than I expected, so that was nice. Madison's a snooze on commentary, but she's still better than the other two, so meh.  
  7. NXT January 11 - 25, 2017: Spoilers

    Okay, let's not get carried away.
  8. NXT January 11 - 25, 2017: Spoilers

    I feel bad for how hard I laughed at this.
  9. NXT January 11 - 25, 2017: Spoilers

    gfhghj The "Do YOU Know Sienna" flashbacks.
  10. Heartbreakers Royal Rumble 2017 | Alicia Fox wins!

    She actually would've gotten a cute score from me if you hadn't played games with Rosa in last year's Rumble (and this year's prelims). Karma, bitch.
  11. WWE.com: Four women reporting to training.

    I like what I've seen from Andrea (if I pretend her TNA stint wasn't a thing). Julia has a good look, and her having an MMA background could be promising. No comment on the other two.
  12. Heartbreakers Royal Rumble 2017 | Alicia Fox wins!

    Bookmarking this so I can hit you with points for vote tampering next year. We'll call it trolling, perch for those 2-pointers.
  13. HB Council

    Yeah, I just checked and I don't see an option to ignore statuses, just messages, signatures, and posts. Sorry @Travis Mendes.