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  1. Happy Birthday, Dawit!

    Late, but happy birthday!
  2. Asuka to reach milestones

  3. Happy Birthday, KiKi!

    Happy birthday, boo!
  4. Can Charlotte Be A Successful Babyface?

    It could go either way, tbh. Her last run was dull, but she's also drastically improved since then in terms of promo and character work (even if it's as a heel), so maybe now she could pull it off. Or at least pull it off better. That said, I could totally see her as an eternal heel, which I'd probably prefer.
  5. Reason For Emmalina Repackage: Flopped In Rehearsals

    I'm not understanding why it took them this long to realize that it wasn't going to work out, but better late than never, I guess?
  6. Rosa Mendes Announces Her Retirement From WWE

  7. Elimination Chamber 2017: Results.

    Mickie vs. Becky was underwhelming, and definitely wouldn't have been my choice to open the show, but it was tolerable. The weakest of the three matches by far.  Nikki/Natalya was fun. Nattie got under my skin a bit with taunting after every fucking move, but the match was fantastic. The finish...idk. If this is actually leading to the mixed tag with Nikki and Maryse, I would've liked something else for the only PPV match they're gonna get. So glad Naomi finally got her moment, and especially the "you deserve it" chants at the end. It's overdue, and it was a good time to take the belt off of Alexa. I'm sure she'll get another reign somewhere down the line, but there wasn't much else for her to do as champion right now. Interested to see where they go from here.
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  9. K-pop

  10. NXT February 1, 2017: Results

    The match was fun. I liked that Aliyah was allowed to get plenty of offense in. I'd love to see another match between the two once Aliyah's gotten a bit better (the transition into that headscissor takedown was still a biT rough) and Ember's gotten past her unbeatable era. There was definitely a bit of chemistry there.
  11. K-pop

    This blatant lie.
  12. Happy Birthday Michael!!!

    Thanks you guys.
  13. NXT February: Spoilers

    Okay, I see you, Barely Survived. That's a cute concept.
  14. NXT February: Spoilers