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  1. Happy fifth, HB! Even though I've been a ghost for a minute now (read: like, a year), I still make it a point to check this place whenever I can to see what you messy whores are up to. It's weird to think that it's been 3 1/2 years since @Shoaib. told me to sign up here. In some ways it feels like it's been longer, in other ways shorter, but regardless it's been a fun time. From Survivor (season 1, idk a season 2) to WWEHS to becoming part of the podcast crew solely out of pity and all the messy, entertaining threads/moments in between, I have tons of great memories of this place. Thanks to everyone who's kept this place going throughout the years. Here's to plenty more.
  2. нєу нєαятвяєαкєяѕ! (^_^)/

    Welcome to the site, boo.
  3. NXT July 19, 2017: Results

    The match was fantastic. It probably would've come off even better if I was invested in either of them. I desperately need these NXT writers to step up, because these girls need stronger, clearer characters. Thea was great, but that's not surprising. I'm still just so happy that she snatched a contract.
  4. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    dhtfjgkyh Mess, I didn't even notice that.  
  5. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    Oh yikes, Xia's against Mercedes? Well she's fucked.  
  6. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    YES bitch.  
  7. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    esdfhgjh They really did fuck with her, I thought she'd make it at least a few rounds.  
  8. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    Okay, what kind of alternate universe are we living in where Santana is a first round elimination? I'm confused.  
  9. Mae Young Classic | Official Chat Thread

    Idk why I expected that to be longer, but I did.  The girls looked good though, ready for this to actually air.
  10. A Ravishing Introduction

    Welcome to the site, boo! Looks like you've got pretty good taste.
  11. SmackDown June 20, 2017: Results

    I already regret posting that.
  12. SmackDown June 20, 2017: Results

    I'm a biT bitter that they're going the rematch route, but all the MitB segments were fine. Carmella and Becky both did really well, and the other three were tolerable. I hope they really bring it next week. Sunday's match was good, but there was plenty they could improve on. Carmella better win again though. If this is just a way to hand it off to Char, they can fuck right off.  Not really interested in a Naomi/Lana rematch after what they gave us Sunday, and I don't care about Maria or her man, so I'm really only watching for Carmella's story at this point. Words I never thought I'd be saying.
  13. Maria debuts a new look (BLACK HAIR)

    I don't hate it. Dark hair kind of works for her.
  14. NXT June 7, 2017: Results

    The match was fun. Wish it was a bit longer, but they did great with the time they had. I think I'm finally all in on Peyton instead of just being like, "okay, well, she's with Billie, so I guess I have to tolerate her by association." She's really improved since she first showed up, and while I still prefer Billie, she's not much farther down on my list. Sarah seems like she has potential, but the character is a mess. Hopefully they sort that out. Skipped the Nikki segment because fuck Nikki Cross. I...kind of liked Ember's interview? It wasn't great, and the content was nothing to write home about, but there's something I like about her that I can't put my finger on. I am SO happy to see Thea. I've been a fan since her TNA days, so I'm glad to see her finally getting a chance in WWE. The segment was cute, and I'm so ready to see more of this character.
  15. Happy Birthday, Mehriah!

    Happy birthday, boo! I might not be in your PM's as much as I used to, but you're still one of my faves on this site. Hope your day's a good one.