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  1. I just knew the first post would be you with a Buffy comment gethyukighryj. It sounds interesting though, I'll give it the three episode test. Hopefully it hooks me.
  2. Oop, she has a really good look. WWE likely wouldn't have done much with her, so hopefully this turns out to be for the better. Doubtful, I don't trust AEW (especially with women), but I hope for the best.
  3. Guess this was a good time for me to come back
  4. Not it happening in her debut. A mess.
  5. I was held up by a sudden family visit, so this is delayed, but welcome to the winner's circle @Leigh! Congrats to all of the finalists really, I was very happy with who was still around. All three of you did great, I'm glad we FINALLY got a final 3 without any obvious filler. Good job to Sho for keeping this going in spite of all the setbacks and doing it so well, and a big thank you to the players. Most of you did great and helped create some really fun, memorable moments.
  6. Sis. There weren't even 7 people on the tribe to start.
  7. Flareon's been my fave since childhood, so I kind of have to choose him, but I also really love Leafeon and Vaporeon. Tbh the only hard no is Jolteon.
  8. Oop, this might be interesting. I don't follow too many shows right now, maybe I'll give this a try when it starts.
  9. Oh it's about time someone got taken out like that. We're three seasons in, it was overdue.
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