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  1. Nxt talent injured?

    Not his only injury.
  2. I think it's probably true, they've been building to it, but Naomi was always set to win at Mania, fake injury and all. Theirs a lot of stuff missing from this story about Carmella and plans that were originally for her, but yeah.
  3. Sportskeeda makes a lot of stuff up and will delete a story if it doesn't come true so I guess we'll see.
  4. Will Lana Debut W/ Her Bodyguard?

    Hopefully. She has the russian accent down well and introduced herself as Maria Katja at the latest show.
  7. Meet NXT's Bianca Blair

    Really excited for her. She's athletic, she just needs to be fined tuned since she stayed in a submission for like 3 minutes because she forgot to tap in her last lost at an NXT show. But NXT is for learning and I think she'll be a big star.
  8. Tryouts Thread

  9. Ok thats great and all but she mentions in this she doesn't talk to Layla anymore. Is she trapped in a basement or?
  10. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    I'm sure Maria is going to break a few bones or something with all the matches she has before signing.
  11. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    Obviously she's signed. Satin, Meltzer, etc all have confirmed it in some way   Just a matter of time before she shows up.
  12. NXT Spoilers