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  1. WWE Releases Zeda

    She was always sick or injured and posted more about her music than wrestling so not shocked. Xia started to learn english so she wasn't needed anymore.
  2. Kiera Hogan

    They signed her in June and didn't debut her for months.
  3. Big Cass Injured Again

    He's done this at every show on the Europe tour so I'm assuming he's selling.
  4. Hamada Arrested for Drugs

    According to reports in Japan, they found Hamada who was in the apartment alone but was confused. She allegedly stated that she crushed white chunks of stimulants into powder and snorted it. WAVE terminated her contract and has removed all her matches from the streaming service they have
  5. Toni Storm signs with WWE?

    She has a STARDOM contract until July.
  6. She’s had the rupture since before Mania but didn’t want to miss wrestling Asuka and doesn’t want to miss the Europe tour payday.
  7. Rosemary with a torn ACL. Sienna out with the blood clot in her lungs. Taya missing the next tapings. IMPACT not having much luck.
  8. John Cena dating a Total Divas cast member?
  9. More MMA Horsewomen Report to PC

    Jessamyn has been training longer than Ronda has. I'm sure she'll take to it well. They have two indie girls coming in soon (I think they a part of an all-female class)
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  11. Don't think they're facing each other. They usually bring in foreign girls (Victoria this month, Melina too) to face local Australian girls.
  12. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Kameron a wrestling stan
  13. Day 4 will have Toni Storm or Jinny defending the PROGRESS Womens Belt as well.
  14. Odd that Satin didn't outright give spoilers, just who appeared but Meltzer had full in detail spoilers for matches on the observer and didn't get one of these letters.