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  1. Her, Hamada, Saree, Arisa Nakajima, and Riho we're all asked. Saree & Arisa got told by Nanae to not take the spot and I think Hamada & Riho had visa problems. What could've been.
  2. Former FCW Female suing

    Anya is suing FCW/WWE/Steve Kiern. Here are the documents.
  3. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    They split up a while back. He's dating one of his trainees.
  4. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    Just got back to the hotel from this. Was so amazing. All the matches were really good besides Serena vs. Vanessa. They just didn't gel.
  5. NXT Spoilers

    Jenna Van Muscles is Sonya's opponent.
  6. She already recruited some talent that will debut soon. She's got a GREAT eye for talent.
  8. Bruises on her arm/body when she wasn't cleared to compete or train. If you look at her instagram she has a black eye in a photo, redness in her chest in a few too.
  9. Hate to be that person but the evidence is all over with those bruises on her.
  10. A reader who was traveling into Orlando yesterday afternoon emailed PWInsider to inform us that he had seen Global Force Champion Alberto El Patron being detained by police in the airport. Patron missed an advertised independent booking yesterday in Texas. In seeking to confirm whether that story was correct, reached out to the Orlando Police Department and was given the following statement: "There was an incident at Orlando International Airport at about 3 p.m. Sunday involving Jose Rodriguez (DOB 5/25/1977) The reported incident was a domestic violence battery, and it is still under investigation. No arrests have been made as of this time, but the case remains open. That is all the information we have for release at this time." - PWInsider
  11. NXT Live Event Division [17/18]

    You usually start as security when you first get signed or merch table if you aren't already a trained wrestler. They wear black jackets. Most of the newer Chinese signees are doing that now. She'll eventually wrestle but this is how most start out on their first few shows.
  12. NXT Live Event Division [17/18]

    Thats been her twitter since she got signed. I'm pretty sure her real first name is Nicole. Julia has referred to her as Nicole in instagram posts and instagram stories before.   Jessie Elaban is working security at houseshows.  
  13. Impact Wrestling | Discussion Thread

    Santana was backstage last night. Rebel is at the tapings and I know they signed a big indie name, hope she debuts at these tapings.