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  1. Eva Marie Reportedly Done With WWE

    It's because of Jonathan, obviously. She could've been something big and continued her momentum but yeah.
  2. Paige getting married this week

    Him insinuating WWE leaked her videos and pictures.  Him still being married.  This is so messy.
  3. WWE superstar Paige will be marrying her fiance former WWE star and current TNA star Alberto El Patron this Wednesday according to Del Rio’s most recent instagram post. The couple got engaged back in August of last year when Paige proposed to Alberto inside the ring at a WWC show in Puerto Rico.  
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Just gonna post this for future reference.
  5. She's doing Axxess and WrestleCon. Nowhere in the original report did it say she was wrestling.
  6. Dana Brooke in the "dog house"?

    This makes no sense. Dave reported for MONTHS that the WM match would be Char vs Sasha vs Nia vs Bayley but writes this? Sure, Jan. Anytime some fans nag on Charlotte he needs to write something to put her back in a positive light and bury her opponent. Wonder if Ric Flair sent this to him to post.
  7. Kong threw her out of the locker room after she went in with the idea that everyone should know her cause she was on Tough Enough, but ok.
  8. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    They'll be cute in NXT.
  9. She's ok in the ring but she's REALLY good on commentary. Hope they hire her in a broadcasting role.
  10. Tryouts Thread

    She got a tryout in November of last year and really impressed.
  11. Teaser for New TNA Knockout

    the green and black facepaint matches his facepaint.
  12. Teaser for New TNA Knockout

    Probably for Sienna and that odd Kevin Matthews & Kongo Kong trio.
  13. Ricky Knight gives an update on Paige after leaks

    Saraya Knight pulled out of a training seminar she was supposed to teach this weekend. Sad that this is hurting the family so much.
  14. Summer Rae and Emma to return at Wrestlemania?

    She was back at the PC this morning. That's good news! Being apart of the SD WM match is only one of many ideas they are tossing around. Really hope she gets cleared because all the ideas discussed are exciting!