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  1. Bianca Belair

  2. Abbey Laith

  3. Maybe she'll actually show up to TNA this time around.
  4. I mean, are we really shocked considering she was in the Marines and all? Disappointed, but not surprised.
  5. The screencap is from Rick Cataldo not me but Ivelisse is trash and homophobic.
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    WWE's newest signee
  7. They've offered deals to a few of the girls. I'm so happy for the future of the company.
  8. Melina appearing at Drag Con again

      Hope they steer her in the direction of a good wig or two.
  9. This kinda stuff flies off the shelf at spencers and hot topic.
  10. Two New WWE Signings Announced During MYC

    They have more girls reporting soon too. 30+ girls in NXT at this point.
  11. Natalya

  12. Do fans that wait outside the hotels expect the wrestlers to sign things and take photos with each and every person? Like...
  13. Same reason I knew about Hania and Kiera. People who work within the company talk too much.