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  1. The tournament starts this weekend. Brandi vs Karen Q, Kelly Klein vs. Jessie Brooks, and Mandy Leon vs. Madison Rayne.
  2. Showing up to tapings late, refusing to put over talent. Mess  
  3. Wwe finally signs Candice?

    her last indie match.
  4. Peyton vs Ember is only airing on the WWE Network, not USA.
  5. Hope it doesn't involve Su.
  6. Kong had a pretty good match with Deonna about a month or two ago and can still work. Would be nice to see her back. Melina has a busted knee and other stuff wrong with her, doesn't she? That's why she vacated her MCW belt?
  7. Is WWE/Wrestling Next?

    SHINE is going to be the first to be exposed I'm sure.
  8. They get a tax break for using so many Canadian talents when they tape in Canada so they probably don't want to lose her because of that. with them making the refs take a 70% pay cut and all them leaving, I wouldn't be shocked if they asked all the talent to take a lower rate. It's why James Storm left. But continue to shovel money into "executives" pockets and not the talent.
  9. Bianca Belair

  10. Abbey Laith

  11. Maybe she'll actually show up to TNA this time around.
  12. I mean, are we really shocked considering she was in the Marines and all? Disappointed, but not surprised.
  13. The screencap is from Rick Cataldo not me but Ivelisse is trash and homophobic.
  14. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    WWE's newest signee
  15. They've offered deals to a few of the girls. I'm so happy for the future of the company.