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  1. Day 4 will have Toni Storm or Jinny defending the PROGRESS Womens Belt as well.
  2. Odd that Satin didn't outright give spoilers, just who appeared but Meltzer had full in detail spoilers for matches on the observer and didn't get one of these letters.
  3. Abbey Laith & Sage Beckett Released from NXT

    Abbey is very talented but her release is a long time coming. You can believe me or not but she had more than 3 strikes so getting cut isn't shocking in the least. She was set to go really far in the MYC (farther than she got) and get a push from that, they even flew her mom in but the whole Nixon situation happened, she kept showing up to training late, and not taking WWE's advice on things to improve on. She's a lovely gal but just didn't work in the WWE atmosphere and that's just what happened. You can clock her being Nixon's roommate, Nixon moving out and a lot of the girls distancing themselves from her. She's the only girl in the PC that doesn't have a roomie that isn't married or such. Y'all made it out to seem like I said she did all this with malicious intent. She didn't. She just didn't work out well in WWE and she could've prevented this situation if she really tried imo. A reason why you saw her wrestle on shows and she would disappear for months at a time. Sage is really sad. She was a great manager and was doing commentary classes at the PC over the last month or so to transition into a new role but I guess it just didn't workout which is a shame. They have offered a few girls contracts that should be coming in to the PC in May or around that time.
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Finally people know. Billie JUST got new ones last year though. Poor sis is going to fall over if she goes bigger.
  5. Victoria: Why Won't the WWE Use Her?

  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Remember this in a few weeks.
  7. Victoria: Why Won't the WWE Use Her?

    The photo with Corey was taken at a signing. I don't think she was actually backstage.
  8. Victoria: Why Won't the WWE Use Her?

    She said something negative about the office and it got back to them.
  9. Iconic are still in FL so doubtful they'll be used tonight.
  10. Confirmed divas that will show up next week

    Lita is on the commemorative chair. Maybe she'll appear?
  11. Raw 25 Diva Guest Confirmed to Wrestle

    RAW Preview for tonight
  12. The tournament starts this weekend. Brandi vs Karen Q, Kelly Klein vs. Jessie Brooks, and Mandy Leon vs. Madison Rayne.
  13. Showing up to tapings late, refusing to put over talent. Mess  
  14. Wwe finally signs Candice?

    her last indie match.
  15. Peyton vs Ember is only airing on the WWE Network, not USA.