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  1. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS "She wants us fucking extinct, pal," Seth cautions with wide eyes. "She's coming after every single one of us to damn us to hell—not just us in Full Sail. And there's not a single doubt in my mind that she can pull it off." tbc: @prince.
  2. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS Seth rolls his eyes, his pride being chiseled away slowly as he realizes how emotional bound he was being, especially as of late. Was this who he was? "Of course not. But that doesn't explain why the fuck you left us hanging, yet again. You wanna lecture me about being ready for war and impending threats, but do you even realize the seriousness of what we're dealing with? I was gonna wait for the others, but lemme just cut to it: I ran into a witch. That's why I was urgently trying to get in touch with you. And lemme tell you, she's absolutely not fucking around," he warns, huffing and growling as he steps closer to Dean. "That 'Sable' from all those ghost stories? Playground shit compared to this one. The bitch brought me to my knees without batting a lash—I couldn't move a muscle. Dean, I could literally feel every molecule that makes up my insides being torn through my mouth. It wasn't just me, either—" tbc: @Rainbow Heart
  3. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS Seth broods into the open air as he rests with his head leaned back, in the driver's seat of his car. He couldn't focus—the only thing concerning him right now was Finn, the events transpiring moments earlier shrouding his mind. But while in thought, he cycles back to Carmella, still wondering if the witch had anything to do with his friend's return and curse. Sure, Finn admitted he was sent by an entirely separate entity, assumed to be 'God', but although he trusted Finn, no theory was impossible. He'd been targeted and threatened, and he had to have his defenses up. He had to make himself a predator instead of prey. Wiping his exhausted face, he exits the car and slams the door shut behind him, then follows Dean's marked scent to the arranged meeting area. "Ha," he laughs in a snide tone as he strolls through the door way. "Didn't actually think you'd be here given how you went ghost again when I—we needed you. I've been calling you for fucking days, man. So you better have a really good excuse for why you've been hiding from me. Is it because we..." Seth suddenly presses on, beginning acknowledge his and his mentor's affair once again, putting it before his brief passionate encounter with Finn.
  4. didn't they do a segment exactly like this before?  
  5. girl this is dumb, I'm over SD already
  6. neither is a real word webster, does it matter?
  7. not with this TOOD
  8. with all this energy into making her great value Becky, I hope it translates into merch WHAT  
  9. ugh I didn't sign up to serve Foxtrotter  
  10. Period. I hope all the girls hyping her up Sunday are mortified. I didn't even stan, but I'm embarrassed still that my thread wasn't more of a vicious takedown, especially since she's only a tweener!
  12. girl the rolls royces are in shambles, we really happy because she got a DQ loss and now shes getting her ass kicked anyway?  
  13. I'm screaming, you really are a TRASH witch, I WON
  14. she's dragging both of them? Y'ALL WANTED TO BE WOONATION?
  15. Can they stop making the IIconics pretend they can't wrestle?