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  1. MASH

    a scream at househusband, oomfs wanted to do the cooking and do the cleaning?
  2. MASH

    all these bitches driving a tesla because me and Michael Bae set trends, a POWER COUPLE
  3. MASH

    my parents disowning me since I wanted to marry white and timothee only taking indie roles instead of moving for a paycheck, so I'm stuck repaying the tuition myself
  4. MASH

    you giving names to the celebs like this is RP, join New Gods
  5. MASH

    you getting that sugar baby life while I have a strung out hole for no reason since I'm already rich, I-
  6. MASH

    we going with the first site though lol
  7. MASH

    By "Shack" they meant something woodsy, eclectic, hipster, cultured an aesthetic choice  
  8. MASH

    you seem upset that I'm fucking on king Michael, while getting it on the side for a CHECK
  9. MASH

  10. MASH

    If any of you are familiar with this pre-teen classic, I thought it'd be a cute little game to play on a lazy Sunday evening. The rules are self explanatory at the links. Let's see how your future will pan out!
  11. “Charlie’s Angels” flops at the box office

    ! can Kristen while we're at it, bitches been thinking she's a draw after Twilight, when it's always been Robert who kept the Twihards. Lupita, Naomi and like Emma Stone, with a cute script and proper marketing that didn't rest on Ariana's leftovers would have been a hit
  12. “Charlie’s Angels” flops at the box office

    Oh girl, that's BAD   I feel like a lot of things went wrong. For one, the marketing was shit because the trailers made it look cringe and like the girls had no chemistry, but I heard neither is true. Second, banking on Kristen Stewart and two women people barely know to draw for a remake, when the 00s movie had three stars at the height of their celebrity, was a bad idea. And third this feels like a summer movie.
  13. WHEW, love being the standard for excellence and taste!
  14. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I always KNOW
  15. Donate: Building a Dream Forum idk how the hell you wound up in here, guess we're blaming @WWFoverWWE