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  1. WWE HB17 | Online

    "FEAR NO MORE" Kimberly STORMS back into the HB Women's Division As the lights dimmed following the monstrous Epiphany's open challenge, no one expected the familiar guitar riffs of one Kimberly Storm to blare through the arena ever again, but the HB Universe was blessed with the surprise return from America's Sweetheart, greeting it with one of the biggest roars the company has ever seen. Her bitter rival, Epiphany --- who put Kimberly out of action for weeks, leading to a retirement scare --- shifted from an expression of cockiness to one of raw fury as the two fierce females picked up where they left off and immediately locked horns, ending with Kimberly getting the upset victory for her return match and Epiphany snatching a win right back a few days later. As we inch closer to WrestleMania, Kimberly has made it clear that she wants to get Epiphany out her long, luscious locks once and for all, and prove herself a worthy future Women's Champion. Not even newer threats Charli Rose and her unfamiliar sidekick, Selina, will set her off her course as she has made it clear that she wants to make her supporters (such as allies Mercedes Benson & Chloe Chanel best known as Team MAC and her young, vocal, loyal fan Ebony also known as @Travis Roucka on social media) proud at any cost.   
  2. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Results

    #SummerRaeIsOverParty #PoorStanTwitter
  3. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Results

    Just Alicia. We don't really need Summer seeing as though we already have a younger, better character actress with not a lot of wrestling talent in Carmallah.
  4. Backstage heat on The Rock

    it's def out there cuz I saw it, I'd have to look if someone doesn't post it before me  
  5. Backstage heat on The Rock

    Him STANNING in his Instagram post about the casting for her. When he single handedly revives her. Come through Leegion
  6. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Results

    With the exception of Naomi (my heart is still shattered for her), this was an amazing night  
  7. Backstage heat on The Rock

    And he'll still be invited back and get free reign over whatever he does, kii, WWE asks for it
  8. Early reviews for AJ's book

    The most ambitious core group of girls. I really need a reunion by 2018  
  9. Early reviews for AJ's book

    Poor Steph and her postponed book being DC. Can't find a ghostwriter
  10. would you say he's shitting all over it?  
  11. legendary queen of blueprints  
  12. Glad you know I was right