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  1. NIKKI BELLA "And I was supposed to meet my friend Naomi," Nikki remembers once she realizes the time as well, snickering at how easily she lost track of it. "I'll call you tomorrow, Finn." She leans in and gives Finn a lingered kiss on the cheek before walking off, subtly looking back behind her as she continues over-analyzing the pair of them in her mind. fin.
  2. NIKKI BELLA "Hmum," a flustered Nikki bites her lip following the indistinguishable noise, then slinks away from Finn as their innocent, playful banter was beginning to get too much. "Maybe dinner on the loser the next time around," she says to save the exchange, hoping she didn't make him feel bad.
  3. NIKKI BELLA Nikki raises her finger and slides it across Finn's bottom lip, toying with it. "Another challenge?"
  4. NIKKI BELLA "Well now that I see you're not seriously hurt, yeah, I can say that I am," Nikki quips as she arrives by Finn's naked body laid out on the ground, her mind suggesting things she didn't want it to. She quickly shuts her lids tight, then extends her hand forward to help Finn up and hand over his clothing.
  5. NIKKI BELLA Hearing his cry, Nikki drops her hands, which barely shielded the sight of Finn's perfect butt, then squints ahead. "You okay?!" she calls out before grabbing his shorts and jogging toward him.
  6. NIKKI BELLA Meeting back directly in front of Finn, Nikki shifts her eyes down then back at his before leaning in to comply, planting a soft, gentle kiss, their lips increasing in suction off one another as seconds pass, then leading their tongues to tangle. She pulls away as her blood level rises then rubs her nose against his with a huge grin. "Now... the field is your's, loser," she jokes and takes a step backward to give him some room. "I'll cover my eyes."
  7. NIKKI BELLA Nikki takes a moment to catch some air, both the physical activity and Finn standing face to face with her, highlighted by the dusk, leaving her breathless. "Deal," she promptly agrees before deviously snatching the ball from under his arms, tossing it before her and kicking it into the wide open net. "Oh... oh wait, was I supposed to wait until you were ready? I don't think we added that to the updated terms," she teases with an exaggerated frown.
  8. NIKKI BELLA Nikki face turns bright red in response to Finn's question, wondering if her poker face was too easy to read. She gets herself in position and takes her next shot, her nerves sending the ball bouncing off the top post. "Fuck! I'm just super competitive as you can probably tell and now you're 100% trying to get in my head."
  9. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    omg right they did use it on him  She deserved so much better  
  10. NIKKI BELLA Sensing a brief moment to capitalize upon as Finn taunts her, Nikki immediately takes advantage and goes for another shot, the netting swooshing upon being hit by the bullet-like ball to signal her first goal. She smiles and tilts her head at her now competitive rival. "Better?"
  11. NIKKI BELLA Nikki pulls her hair back into a ponytail as she walks to her position with a smile, the ball at her feet. Inhaling then exhaling deeply, she hikes up her dress once again and takes her first shot, missing the net by about a foot.
  12. NIKKI BELLA Nikki smirks and rolls her eyes. "Is it a deal or do you have something else you'd like instead? Not that it'd matter since you're gonna get your ass kicked. Speak now or forever hold your piece."
  13. NIKKI BELLA Nikki walks toward Finn, the sun setting around the soccer field. "Give me five chances to score three goals on you. If I fail, not only will I watch Star Wars with you next weekend, but I'll sit through every saga-- or episode is what they call it, right?" she giggles. "But if I make those three goals..." She rests her tongue in her cheek, hesitant to set her challenge, knowing and fearing its implications, but giving into the temptation as her heart races.  She smiles nervously and continues. "You have to get completely naked, right now, and run to the other end of the field and back. The terms are negotiable of course, but, um, are you in?"
  14. NIKKI BELLA Nikki pivots back toward Finn with the ball at her feet, finding herself battling her strong impulses as her physical attraction to Finn was taking control of her alongside her emotional attraction. "How about we play a game to settle this? With a wager, of course, because I live for danger," she purrs with her lips pushed out.