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  1. Aldis Hodge to Play Hawkman in "Black Adam"

    Dwayne and Aldis confirmed    
  2. Body of a GOD, I know that's right 
  3. Marci Winters & Minnie Ramirez vs. Celestia, 2-on-1 Handicap Match As soon as the egotistical Marci Winters found herself a pet project in Minnie Ramirez, it was a foregone conclusion that her head would only grow bigger and that feathers would be ruffled. It was Celestia who would crow first, expressing her issue with the UK native and her sidekick. And at SummerSlam, she plans to solve the growing Marci problem once and for all. - Cirque du Cœur vs. Roxanne, Gauntlet Match After weeks of hype and teasing, the circus has finally come to town. The ominous, unique trio known to the world as Cirque du Cœur arrived, their impact felt immediately. And at SummerSlam their sole goal is to add an exclamation point to their statement, using HBW secret weapon Roxanne as their fountain pen for their canvas. - Britney Diamond vs. Teresa vs. Fatima vs. Tigress vs. Chloe Chanel vs. Gemini Williams, Beat the Heat Six-Pack Challenge for a Title Opportunity Six of Smackdown’s most noteworthy competitors will all clash, with an opportunity for a title match of their choosing on the line. HBW Legend Britney Diamond takes on threats in the currently aligned Tigress and Chloe Chanel, newcomer Fatima, underrated former HBW Champion Teresa and former broadcast team member Gemini Williams. Who will walk out with the hotly contested prize? - Akira West © vs. Lilith Valentine, HBW Championship Match With Akira West having left her most heated rivalry in her storied career to date in her rear view window, things seemed to finally be going her way, until a long, nasty rumor returned to the surface. “Akira West has a secret teenage love child,” the TMZ Sports headline read in bold, sending Akira ablaze. She protested the rumor and immediately began a rampage which had rarely been seen from the notorious HBW stalwart. It’s then Akira decided to target her violent anger and aggression toward Lilith, reason being that she was under the strong assumption that the rumor came from her retired best friend, Mercedes Benson. With Akira standing strong with one of her NYV allies, Giavanna, by her side, the attacks became too much for the former NasBabe Lilith to handle on her own, which lead to the re-emergence of other HBW staple Dawn, who decided to help Lilith navigate the shark like NYV members. Now, with SummerSlam having approached, Lilith was awarded the opportunity to challenge for Akira’s title and set the record straight. Likewise, Akira hopes to do the same. Will the hottest show of the summer give us answers at long last and a definitive conclusion, or more questions and loose ends - Christian Duke vs. Riley West, Loser Leaves HBW, Winner Keeps Money in the Bank Briefcase, Hell in a Cell Match This blood rivalry began over one year ago, when Christian Duke exploded onto the HBW scene and after some *weeks* of brutalizing his opponents, he captured the Heartthrob Championship, tearing it from reigning champion Riley West’s dismantled carcass in mere recorded seconds. What would follow was a chain of events that would see both their paths come full circle. As Riley descended the ladder following months of dominating the division, Christian would go on his own rampage through the locker room, defeating several opponents and gaining a reputation as an uncaged monster, while also shattering the record Riley once held as longest reigning champion. But karma for Christian’s cruel intentions quickly creeped upon him, as his own perceived monster emerged from the closet, quite literally. Outed as a member of the queer community --- the very community the toxic masculine alpha had criticized --- he was humbled come HBMania, when he was pinned for the title. And since then, he decided to walk a new path; a path where his violent rage would be channeled for good, rather than evil. But he’d quickly learn there was none more evil than old foe Riley West, who after months of laying in wake, came back to make his grudge deafeningly loud. Ambushes and attacks would make way for the true catalyst, as Riley West used the name of Christian Duke’s recently deceased father to viciously disrespect his rival. “He's a DISGRACE, not just to me, but to this audience, to the viewers at home, to his family who have to live with the fact that they groomed a f-ggot who can't do anything but get plowed through by men with bigger dicks than he will ever have. I hope they disowned him. I know his dead father would. He's probably rolling over onto his stomach in his grave, faster than Christian does in his dog house,” exclaimed Riley West in a lengthy tirade. But the climax to the theatrics came weeks later, when Riley would take things a step further and vandalize the tombstone of the Duke patriarch. Vowing thereafter to kill Riley West and his entire bloodline, the unhinged alpha wolf --- and current Mr. Money in the Bank --- Christian Duke agreed to enter back his cage for one night only at SummerSlam, challenging Riley West to what would be the final act for one of their careers… or their life. - Kimberly Storm © and Tia Cruz vs. IV (Isabella and Violet Payne © ), HBW World Championship and HBW Heartcore Championship, Winner Takes All, Extreme Rules Match “All extremes of feeling are allied with madness.” - Virginia Woolf Four different paths, fueled by their own extreme emotions, have made way for utter madness within HBW’s Smackdown roster. Using the feeling of wanting to be her baby girl’s superhero as her drive, Kimberly Storm’s path to SummerSlam began when she reclaimed her throne as the top woman in her division, after months of soul searching and fending off long time enemies. As the inaugural HBW World Champion, the road was clear. But she’d soon find herself in the path of Tia Cruz, who’s trouble-making tendencies and patent obsession over gaining and keeping gold, was shockingly channeled into an unhealthy romantic obsession with the single mother. Desperate to keep Tia at bay, while juggling a blossoming relationship with Heartthrob Ryan Castle and managing single parenting, Kimberly’s sights --- which she set on being the best champion in HBW history --- have grown blurry, preventing her from seeing what was coming next… old arch rivals IV. Isabella’s path has had many hurdles thrown her way, with Kimberly Storm proving the biggest one. Every time Isabella came close to achieving her goals, “America’s Sweetheart” left one half of IV heartbroken. It’s then that Heartcore Champion Violet Payne, who’d been long feuding with Tia Cruz and has history of her own with the World Champion, vowed to help her friend finally overcome Kimberly, by placing her title on the line in a winner’s take all match. But not without a fight, which Storm promised she’d give, having beaten both women in the past with gold on the line. But is her head really in the game? It remains to be seen. But one thing that’s certain is that no one can ever predict what Tia Cruz --- who Kimberly must set her personal feelings aside to team with --- has up her sleeve. Can she even be trusted? The world’s prediction? No matter who walks out with the gold, it’s chaos that shall reign. TUNE IN TONIGHT AT 9:00 PM EST TO WATCH HBW SUMMERSLAM UNFOLD LIVE!
  4. SPOILER: Former Diva Re-Signs With WWE

    They would forreal derail any program they had running just to force her to the forefront  
  5. SPOILER: Former Diva Re-Signs With WWE

    Exactly, this the shit I hate so much. I think the only girls who will ever get proper legend flowers are Trish, Lita, Bellas and AJ if she ever were to return. Beth to an extent as well, but her comeback was kinda wack 
  6. ZJCJJG very this, I'm just gonna say they did a great job
  7. SPOILER: Former Diva Re-Signs With WWE

    Yeah, I was excited when I read this but then remembered she vehemently defended a sexual predator. I'll tune in to see what happens though for nostalgia's sake while also hoping she doesn't get a push any better than Mickie's
  8. 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Trailer Drops

    Oh, only if one of these two are your faves?  
  9. 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Trailer Drops

    Ahhhh, raise your hand if Disney has your favourite's direct deposit number!