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  1. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    CARMELLA VAN DALE "Forgive me father, for I have sinned," Carmella whispers into the brown grate of the frosty, pitch black confessional at Full Sail's St. Michael's church. With goosebumps filling her arms as she stares terrified at the silhouette of her priest, she swallows the saliva lining her mouth and carries on the ritual, the thumping of her heart being all that's heard until she speaks once again. "It has been... a while since my last confessional." PRIEST "So what brings you here, child of God?" CARMELLA VAN DALE "Eh, well, it's kinda a long story," she sighs with a titter. "But lately I've been having, like, these thoughts. These dark, evil, I guess 'sinful' thoughts. Bear with me here, sweetheart. See, my abusive ex-boyfriend is dead and like... it's felt so satisfying to know that," she confesses with a soft, purr-like cadence, going into a mild trance. "Almost euphoric? I keep imagining how he died and what his face looked like when he took his last breath... or if he bled and how much. I just want to stand there in front of him and watch it happen over and over and over again. Maybe even touch him as it happens. But then," she pauses, snapping out of her soulless state. "There's a bit of a twist. Into my life waltzes his best friend, who loved and cared about my ex so much. And he's a really great guy and I don't know if it's because I feel sorry for him, the reason that I keep thinking about him or—or... no, I believe it's jealousy, father. Because I want him to care about me that way. Actually, not that way. I think want him to be in love with me. I don't know where it came from, but I just want him to grab me and kiss me. And then throw me down onto a surface and just give himself to me and make love—no, I want him fuck me. Steamy, passionate, sweaty, fiery sex..." "Hm. Oh yeah, princess?" says the amused silhouette in a gravelly, familiar voice, disappearing from behind the grate. Carmella narrows her eyes in confusion and starts to slide toward the corner of the confessional in fear, as footsteps approach and open the door, the priest revealing himself to be none other than Phil Brooks. Carmella looks him up and down, cautiously rises to her feet and pulls him in by the back of his head for a heavy, wet kiss. He guides her backward and presses her body onto the wooden inside of the booth as he writhes against her, giving in to both their raw, carnal, animalistic desires, then she jumps into his thick, muscular arms and clamps her legs around his back. They slide off each other's shirts and she claws into his tattoo dripped chest and his shoulders, as he kisses and sucks down from the nape of her neck, to all over her pushed out breasts whilst massaging them, next tearing off the remains of her clothing. While her tongue plays with his lip ring, she uses her curled toes to push down his jeans and boxer briefs, the pair of them now fully in the nude, when suddenly he wraps his hand around her neck tightly, leaving her short of breath. She clenches her eyelids, then re-opens them to see her ex Dolph Ziggler standing before her with rage written on him as he starts to strangle her, the church becoming engulfed in flames around the confessional. Startled, she fights back at him, slapping him and digging her nails across his face, struggling for freedom. What little air she was able to take in is then suddenly polluted by black clouds of smoke, causing her throat to tighten and her to release a hearty cough. It's at that moment that Carmella awakens to see her motel room burning around her, this time it not being part of her surreal nightmare. In a panic, she rushes out of bed onto the floor—still coughing out her lungs—and searches around for her cousin Liv, noticing the time on the clock indicates her cousin was still at work. She pulls a pillowcase off a pillow and holds it over her mouth as she tries to pack as much as possible in an available duffel bag, desperately running out the room door to the winter air when her respiratory system reaches its limit of safety. - Moments pass as the row of approximately four burning rooms is hosed down by local firefighters, Carmella looking on with tearful eyes while she breathes into an oxygen mask attached to a tank inside the back of an ambulance, a blanket wrapped around her.  CAPTAIN DWAYNE JOHNSON "We haven't gotten in touch with your cousin yet, but on the bright side, most of your personal belongings were left without too much damage, as the fire hadn't reached the closet. We'll be passing them along," the firefighter informs Carmella with a polite nod and tip of the hat. CARMELLA VAN DALE "Sure," Carmella replies short and sternly, retrieving her phone from the officer and looking at the menu screen wondering who to call for help. She scrolls through her contacts and pauses at each name: Jimmy Uso? Joey Mercury? John Cena? Phil Brooks... She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath to hold back from bawling, thereafter proceeding to make her phone call. tbc: @Queen of Hens
  2. JoJo getting child support coins from Bray Wyatt

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  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS "You can go if you want. I said I'll be fine and I doubt you wanna be in here right now, not that I blame you. We'll call this even," Seth banters, hissing after each phrase in response to his injury.
  6. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS Sitting alone with Matt was awkward to say the least, but that feeling was easily flushed out by Seth's pain. "Thanks, man. Just pass me some ice. Pretty sure it's only—GAH!—a sprain. I'll be fine."
  7. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS As Matt approaches, Seth feels himself loosing his grip, the surface of his fingers becoming lubricated by his sweat. He tries to get a stronger hold of the wall, but the seconds were too late as Seth slides down the wall by way of his broken harness, landing poorly on his ankle. "FUCK!" he cries out in pain on the cold, hard flooring, clenching the injured body part while scrunching his face and grinding his teeth.
  8. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS Seth wipes his damp palms onto his sweatpants, then stretches his muscular arms as he inches toward Matt. "Here it goes," he comments with a coy smirk while powdering his hands. Looking up at the wall to survey his route, he begins to climb with speed and vigor, his fellow classmates staring in awe at his shape. But the awe soon turns to suspense when at the three quarter point, Seth's harness begins to loosen. Furrowing his brows as he uses the strength of his biceps to hold onto the wall for as long as he can, he calls down to Matt. "I think something's wrong."  
  9. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS Seth lifts his chin, pulls off his sweatshirt to reveal his bare torso, and reaches over to grab a harness, his vision frozen on Matt as he does so. Huffing and rolling his eyes, he turns his back toward Matt, then stares down at the harness in both hands as if it were an equation for quantum physics. Closing his lids slowly, he lays them on the floor and bends over to try to put it on, growing annoyed at what is now a second impossible task. "I, uh, forgot how to do this..." he alerts Matt with shy eyes and a light tone after turning back toward him, harness in hand. "...If you don't mind helping me out, teach."
  10. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS Seth bites down on his bottom lip as his eye line follows Matt walking toward his class. He shakes his head, cracks his neck, then ties his hair into a bun, thereafter making his way to sit with the group of indoor rock climbing participants, unwavering in his attempt at getting a chance to talk. He smirks and salutes a visibly irritated Matt as the pair reluctantly make eye contact to start of the class, then listens through the long, drawn out instruction, until it finally ends with everyone rising to their feet and going over to grab a harness. Speeding up to the instructor and gently touching him again on his waist to turn him around, he starts his plea. "Listen. I'm a dick. I was totally fucking out of line the other night and I just wanted to say how genuinely... deeply sorry I am. I... don't know what it's like to lose the love of my life like that, but I can see how hurt you were... are, and also understand that it was wrong of me to manipulate you the way I did and paint you as a murderer. I just can't live with myself knowing what I did to a great guy."
  11. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SETH ROLLINS Sighing and placing his hands on his hips as he realizes he's being ignored, Seth opens the gym door and walks in, looking around the facility to feign nonchalance while slowly pacing toward Matt. Arriving by the harnesses, he gently taps Matt on the shoulder and begins to speak, his heart and head pounding in unison. "Hey, uh... do you have a minute to talk?" he asks softly with a slight wince on his face.
  12. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    CARMELLA VAN DALE "Actually," Carmella begins with her eyes narrowed, Phil's sudden attitude throwing her for a further loop. "Allow me. Hey, Bayley!" she shouts out across the restaurant. "Can you take this table for me? I'm off the clock and have somewhere else I need to be." Caressing Elias' arm as Bayley approaches, sensing Phil's displeasure with her friendliness toward him, Carmella bids farewell with a small smile to guard her own frustration with her good friend. "It was nice meeting you, Elias. And Phil... see you around, I guess. Or not. Whatever..." tbc: @Queen of Hens
  13. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    CARMELLA VAN DALE "Excuse me?" Carmella responds while snapping her head back at Phil, insulted by his tone and choice of words.