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  1. Is the poster above you messy?

    IDK her
  2. Yeah, it's strange how Becky, Sasha and Bayley are already seemingly being moved into veteran status feuding with and putting over the newbies when their prime feels like it was just yesterday, but like you said I think they're laying the foundation for the long time girls like Tamina, Alicia and Nattie to be phased out.
  3. I personally want Carmella to only drop to Becky to give proper pay off to their back and forths, plus she's still the best babyface they have when Mickie isn't playing one
  4. tbh I'd be satisfied if Asuka never got another title run, she already held one for a bajillion days. Let her give back to all the women she slaughtered
  5. Yeah, it's a cute balance. Wait for them to ruin it and fall back in the status quo LMAO The RIGHT thing to do would be to keep the titles off Alexa and Charlotte for the year and let Nia and Carmella get their dues. It also wouldn't hurt Asuka to chase a sneaky heel Carmella for a while instead of winning quickly and dominating all over again until Charlotte stops her again. They need to do something new!
  6. when she comes out the most successful
  7. okay BUT is Zelina wrestling because I'm tired of seeing her slip in the ring and hitting a hurricanrana, then getting kicked or something
  8. no Nikki Cross, Naomi about to be twiddling her thumbs  
  9. they literally shook up NOTHING glkjfg, Pollution and Shitt Squad just subbing out roles, while Asuka comes to strangle bitches on another brand. Watch Alexa win back the title at Backlash to confirm and Carmella go MIA despite slaying her time. 
  10. Becky scowling because she's lower on the totem pole  
  11. okay SIR you're not about to check ME
  12. Charlotte is very phoned in rn, this is why we needed SASHA!
  13. i tried to TELL you gays!