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  1. hmm my celebrity, still relevant favorite is slaying dwts and promoing the second season of her reality spin off show, what's your's doing?
  2. Nikki would be more iconic, but that's well into 2018, so idk how realistic it is
  3. a better finish would be like a big boot to the back of taminka's head, then tamina peels herself from off the ground and back onto her knees and a natural selection is hit
  4. oops, nay and tamina w/ lana feud? more than one women's feud????
  5. ugh this would be so much better if we didn't know char would win, the near falls  
  6. why are they doing this match at no mercy anyway? are they gonna be annoying and make it a best of five or something that culminates at wm when none are here for it anymore?
  7. tamina snapped, poor nia  
  8. can she DROP the fucking pool noodles on her head? it's never been cute
  9. i'm not even mad at the skunk chants for this shit
  10. Honestly, the thing that makes Kevin such a good villain is the fact that in everything he does, he thinks he's in the right. Like he isn't doing "bad things" and relishing in it. He genuinely thinks he's doing God's work and those are the best/scariest villains in movies and shit