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  1. So it's going around social media tat he's confirmed, but none of the trades have reported yet. Disney will probably announce at D23?
  2. Santana Garrett Signs With WWE

    Literally finally   Hopefully she makes an impact. She's past her prime in terms of buzz, but I'm honestly rooting for her since she's been working toward it for so long.
  3. Oscars 2020 | Speculation + Discussion

    Ooh, what's also fascinating and exciting is the large amount of buzz around 'JOKER'
  4. Oscars 2020 | Speculation + Discussion

    Mainly I needed a place to stan Little Women! Legend Saoirse and my husband Timothee coming to collect AGAIN, we-   I'm kinda sad this isn't premiering at TIFF though since I planned to venture out this year, but my other husband is COMING as well, the movie confirmed to be part of the line up     If Robert collects an Oscar just before he plays Batman and rises back to the throne as the King of Hollywood/actor of our generation  
  5. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Tribal Council

    Well, he requested to go home, so there's that. But I think it is this point in the game where we'll see all the surprises because now it's down to the wire and a lot of allies have been lost, leading way to some instability and uncertainty in the ranks. Not even I feel safe.  
  6. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Challenges

    I got to put Angelic to rest. I'm shocked you didn't jump at the chance to steal the meal though
  7. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Challenges

    you should have posted faster once ari's sweaty ass made it clear he was just waiting to buy the item leigh didn't
  8. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Challenges

    ugly, what was the point
  9. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Challenges

    grab a lawyer hunny
  10. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Challenges

    do I get to keep my money? like damn, I ain't even walk out the store, where's y'all security?
  11. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Challenges

    Girl, if I spend all Angelic's coins and Ari ends up getting it for free.
  12. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Challenges

    I choose @Angelic