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  1. I thought Joy was cute though.
  2. Again, Layla won't make the list. Bookmark me. Candice might just make the cut at 20 or 19, or fall completely short of it to make way for a current top diva.
  3. Jerry Lawler Health Scare

    Those were my thoughts as well. Truly is a relief.Anyway, I wish him all the best and hope to see him healthy again soon.
  4. Oh and if Kharma comes back, expect another one of your faves to be snubbed. In fact, this list is up in the air seeing as anything can happen in a whole year. The only locks as far as I'm concerned are Trish, Lita, Sable, Sunny, Chyna, Torrie, Beth, Michelle, Stephanie and Stacy.
  5. My thoughts are all over the place right now, so bear with me. First, Trish is number one; that's a given. Whoever doesn't see this happening is lying to themselves. Lita, Sable, Sunny, Chyna, Stacy and Torrie are all locks. I also think we'll see Victoria, Jacqueline, Luna, Jazz, Molly Holly, Michelle McCool, Stephanie McMahon, Melina, Mickie and Candice Michelle. From the current girls, I fully expect to see AJ and Eve make the list since those are THE girls right now and will likely still be well into next year. Of course Beth and Kelly Kelly will make the cut. With Layla, I highly doubt she will make the list. I think the most she'll get is some sort of recognition or mention in the Michelle McCool slide. You can bookmark me on that. And don't be surprised if there are snubs and some controversial placements. It happened with the superstars DVD, so I fully expect some bias. Don't be shocked if a current diva like AJ is placed higher than Mickie James or Melina, just because she's their current star. These DVD lists are never counted 100% fairly, so most fans' logical placements probably won't be the case. Oh, here's a list of WWE's countdown of most impactful women. This probably means nothing seeing as it was made more than 2 years ago and things change drastically, but it could give you an idea if you factor out all the pre-Sunny, non-Divas.
  6. Smackdown September 14, 2012: Results

    I really enjoyed this match. Kaitlyn really impressed me and I think this was her best showing in a while, which could be in part due to her working with Beth. They just meshed so well and Beth did what a heel is supposed to do and made Kaitlyn look great. I truly hope Kaitlyn brings her A game this Sunday and proves herself.
  7. WWE Diva Engaged!

    If you haven't caught wind of the news:  SourceSuper happy for her. Congrats Eve!   
  8. Smackdown September 14, 2012: Spoilers

    Wait, is it? 
  9. Smackdown September 14, 2012: Spoilers

    Hopefully they get a solid 4 or 5 minutes, bell to bell, at the least. I wanna see these two wrestle.
  10. Superstars September 13, 2012: Spoilers

    Looking forward to yet another great match between the two. Especially looking forward to Natalya winning and beating Alicia Fox.
  11. Backstage Heat Stories, Shoot Interviews, etc.

    OMG, they just dragged Michelle McCool to hell 
  12. Random Thoughts

  13. Raw September 10, 2012: Live Chat

    He collapsed at the announce table during Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth and was rushed to the hospital.
  14. Raw September 10, 2012: Live Chat

    Michael Cole looked very shaken up when he made the announcement. I'm just praying for the best.
  15. Raw September 10, 2012: Live Chat

    Yeah, I'm just finding this out now. I seriously hope he's alright...
  16. Random Thoughts

    Back to school for me tomorrow  Thankfully my class isn't until 2.
  17. Raw September 10, 2012: Live Chat

    It's done for the most part anyway. Just the final segment; the interview between Bret Hart and John Cena.
  18. Raw September 10, 2012: Live Chat

    Nice observation.
  19. Raw September 10, 2012: Live Chat

    This promo is killing me for some reason 
  20. Raw September 10, 2012: Live Chat

    Ugh, true 
  21. Raw September 10, 2012: Live Chat

    You said with Demi. I was just letting people know Britney will be on it as well 
  22. Raw September 10, 2012: Live Chat

    Why the fuck do they insist on having Jerry Lawler as an active wrestler? Ugh.