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  1. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    --- What happened to Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk? Was the poll rigged or something?
  2. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

  3. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    At least the crowd reacted to Tamina going for the splash. It kind of made up for the crickets when she entered . Let's just give her time. The more she associates herself with Vickie, the more the heat will rub off on her.
  4. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    Me as well. He played his role perfectly. And the thing I love about this stable is it isn't a leader with his minions like Nexus or Legacy or SES; all three are equals with contrasting personalities and vibes. It gives them so much potential for success.
  5. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    Clock him 
  6. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    I'm going to need you to settle your tea kettle with Seth. --- I loved that promo. I would have preferred it live, but it was still awesome and fresh and exciting. Of course Ambrose shined because he has always been the best talker, but Rollins really stepped up to the plate. Loved it.
  7. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    I'm trusting you boo 
  8. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    This promo has a chance to make or break them. Their first promo on the main roster has the potential to define their careers
  9. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    I love that flavor! Kay that was our off-topic spiel for tonight 
  10. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    I'm craving apple juice...
  11. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    All this filler...
  12. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

  13. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    The April Jeanette shade 
  14. The Canadian flag beside the date though
  15. Raw November 26, 2012: Live Chat

    Oh, this is happening. I almost forgot.
  16. Kay, you guys rack up the interviews, magazine covers, public appearances and news article regarding Lita or any other woman, in the country they hail from, while I'll do the same for Trish in Canada. This will prove who is the biggest figure in women's wrestling and thus disprove or prove Taylor's theory. I'll need some time however. Wait, is this from Canada?
  17. How are we using pops as an argument, especially when the woman retired 6 years ago? If Sable trotted out to the ring, the children would sit on their hands same way. None of them know who these people are
  18. I'll help you out. WWE is the most recognized wrestling promotion in the world. WWE's women's division was the most recognized source of women's wrestling in the world. Trish was part of this division and spearheaded the division's peak. Everyone witnessed this and decided women's wrestling was worth their time, which lead to increased interest in other avenues for women's wrestling in North America.
  19. I agree. To add to this, Velvet doesn't really stand out from the diva crowd. She looks like any other diva. That would hurt her significantly because WWE will see it as "Oh, this other girl is hot and can wrestle decently too, but the difference is she's homegrown talent. We'll push her instead of Velvet." Angelina has the advantage in that she's unique, look wise.
  20. My example was to further prove Trish Stratus is a Canadian icon and a widely recognized figure, though it isn't a strong receipt since I have no evidence this occurred. I do, however, have receipts and countless talk show appearances to strengthen my argument. How about you? 
  21. So Lita and your homeroom vs. Trish Stratus and the entire country of Canada. Oh 
  22. Quote from good ole Ivory:
  23. I'm not discussing wrestling fans, nor was I ever and I would NEVER even try to discredit Lita in that sense. Yes, to the general public, especially here in Canada, Trish Stratus is far more remembered than Lita. See my above post.
  24. I remember senior year at lunch, we were feeling nostalgic and the topic of wrestling during the good ole days came up with the boys. A few of my girls friends were hanging there as well and added how their brothers and cousins would always watch. I then brought up the topic of the Divas to them and they went on about how they wanted to be like them when they were younger and the ONLY people who they could name were Trish Stratus and Chyna.