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  1. Would Trish had been successful...

    Meaning I was asking about Patricia Stratigias and how she would fare had she debuted with Mickie James and the like. You decided to completely ignore that and discuss how removing Trish from the Golden Era would mean no Golden Era. I was not asking about how the Golden Era would end up. The Golden Era is completely irrelevant to what this thread is about. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Butterfly Effects. This thread is about Trish Stratus and if her raw talent and business savvy would get her just as far in an era where women's wrestling isn't respected. Which is why the thread is titled, "Would Trish had been successful..."That is the discussion topic, which you have yet to address. That is what is meant by you "ignoring the point" and I've been trying to tell you this numerous times. Please do not call my character into question like that, especially when the accusations are false. That's really out of line.
  2. This or That?

    Love it.
  3. Wait, I have too  Super classy and attractive 
  4. This or That?

    From 2001-2004, Alicia Keys. Onward, Beyonce.
  5. This sounds exciting actually. The potential a feud between the two has is just... yes!
  6. I agree. To be perfectly honest, I'm not interested in Layla holding the title any longer, not even for another PPV. Someone else needs to capture it and Layla can chase it. Maybe that would freshen things up and hopefully revive her character. She's not doing anything for the belt and it isn't doing anything for her, so what's the point. I say Layla drops the title at NoC; if it means replacing Kaitlyn or making it a three-way, which would be more fair to Kaitlyn, then go for it.
  7. Trish Stratus

    I agree with this, especially at a time when WWE really needs to stabilize their future. They can't afford having their talent lose to legends. All that tells the casual viewer is that the past is greater than the present and will always be, which is not a good message for a company that's slowly declining. I know for a fact legends like HBK would put over talent if he ever decided to return for one more match. The Undertaker has even stated that he wants his streak to end to a future star, when he chooses to bow out. I fail to see how the same would do harm to Trish. It won't hurt her in the least. If she doesn't want to put the girls over, don't wrestle and keep your legacy the way it is. You're retired anyway.
  8. If any tag team should get a main roster call-up, it's Ascension. Any diva? Paige. End of. Audrey can try.
  9. Would Trish had been successful...

    You chose to completely ignore the point and went off on your own unnecessary spiel  We're done here.
  10. WWE '13

    Gurl, explain. I know nothing of video game companies 
  11. Random Thoughts

  12. WWE '13

    I concur 
  13. Superstars September 6, 2012: Spoilers

    Like I said the last time, we shouldn't be bothered about Natalya on the losing end. She's the only heel diva on the roster, besides Eve who is reportedly being groomed for a title run. Someone has to make the champion look strong going into the PPV and Natalya is the only option. No big deal at all. Now in regards to the match, I swear to you, if Layla pulls that funny business trash she has been doing lately, and doesn't use actual wrestling moves from start to finish, so the divas can actually be taken seriously...
  14. Would Trish had been successful...

    Anyway, at this point, I'm leaning toward Michelle getting the edge politically. Given the time and attitude of this era and the way the women are viewed/looked down upon, I can't convince myself that any woman would get a word in, over The Undertaker and his wife.
  15. Would Trish had been successful...

  16. Random Thoughts

  17. Would Trish had been successful...

    Exactly. The world doesn't stop spinning because of a single person, especially the wrestling world. We're not thinking literally (because someone could argue Trish can't be matched), but hypothetically.
  18. Would Trish had been successful...

    Ooh, I think that's an interesting new jump off point. Could Trish' push have been limited because of Michelle's politicking and her controversial pull? This is something I need to think about, to be honest, lol. Glad you brought that up.
  19. Would Trish had been successful...

    You can't compare an era to a division. Even so, of course the Attitude Era wouldn't have been the same without Austin, but there would have been something else in its placed, just like there still would have been a women's division without Trish. The wrestling world does not stop spinning because of one person, fact not opinion. And for you to say this past generation wouldn't have existed is completely unfair, number one and two, it is not what I asked. The basis of this debate wasn't eliminating Trish from history --- it was placing her in a new era. You focused on the former, not the latter.
  20. Would Trish had been successful...

    I'm glad you agree that that is subjective, lol. I think I agree with you on Trish and Mickie being neck in neck in every quality, and superior to Melina in all of them. I do think, however, that Melina had this rawness or realness to her that no one else really had, which can only really be seen in her heel work. I think that's why, despite the type of person of person Melina was, she still managed to get pushed.Now, in this era, like I highlighted before, WWE sheltered the women and tried to be "fair" in delivering pushes. It was a different generation of men in power during this era, so it leads me to think, would Trish be as exclusive or would she just be lumped with the other girls, forced to contain any extra talent she has? That's why I stated earlier I don't think she would outrank Melina and Mickie by much, because WWE probably would hold her back like they did to others.
  21. Would Trish had been successful...

    You've basically answered everything but the question I'm asking. You could lay out what actually did happen all you want, but the question isn't about what did happen, it's about what could have happened to Trish if she debuted in this past generation of divas. I'm not looking for facts, I'm looking for theories...
  22. Would Trish had been successful...

    I think we can all agree Trish was far smarter and more business savvy than every diva before and after her. But in terms of raw talent, I don't think she is that much better than Mickie James or Melina. Yes, the former still could have gotten her ahead of the crowd, but how far ahead, really?
  23. Would Trish had been successful...

    I'm not arguing against that and haven't been. That's still open for debate.