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  1. I've seen and have had so many friendships with black women that just feel like a sisterhood. The way they uplift e… https://t.co/LUPedRbmF9

  2. @sohosultry Troye really would get dragged for no reason, as well Sam, when they put out some excellent pop music a… https://t.co/bSBDAnqNnz

  3. RT @sohosultry: @labellamariah All while hating Troye Sivan do y’all want the representation or do y’all want straight men you find attract…

  4. Orville Peck is another one who's underrated, I don't ever see no love. I thought the dolls wanted a white man sing… https://t.co/xxVajWgC6t

  5. RT @sohosultry: Mariah spilled. The girls are ready to slap queerness on these straight people instead of just supporting queer artists. Ho…

  6. When I shapeshift into myself with a c-cup, a fatter ass and long ass hair >>>>

  7. Shapeshifting or time travel https://t.co/N4Kz788mnA

  8. For Your Consideration, some underrated faces: Matthew Noszka (actor/model) Aldis Hodge (actor) Oliver Jackson-Cohen (actor) Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (actor) Timothée Chalamet (actor/father/husband/lover)
  9. RT @xoxoscruffy: @toveluv @labellamariah White and famous**

  10. @shockofthequeen This is very much the tea, like he was literally a child trying to figure himself out, but grown a… https://t.co/PBtaoCJS7S

  11. RT @toveluv: @labellamariah They would fuck anything famous

  12. @nicomander !!!!! like even in the sense that some of them just wanted to fuck him, he has negative sex appeal to m… https://t.co/EuefuSnixS

  13. RT @nicomander: @labellamariah He is quite literally one of the driest main stream male artist in personality. I don’t even think yes that…

  14. Name the decade and bet you I'ma find me a white man

  15. IDK why gay men wanted him on they team so bad (well I do lmao). He's so fucking boring, which is the opposite of q… https://t.co/ZOJ5JX1pQY

  16. Metacritic: 66 Rotten Tomatoes: 79% "[I]t's also brimming with the same wonder and joy as the first film, the rare movie - of any stripe - that doesn't just want to believe in the goodness of people, but is willing to make them truly work for it. That's superheroic." - Kate Erbland, indieWire "A notable improvement on its already great predecessor, Wonder Woman 1984 is exactly the kind of bright and hopeful movie the character's legacy deserves." - Matt Purslow, IGN "In a year when the cinemagoing experience could be categorised as 'much too little', you can't really bl
  17. @xoxoscruffy KJFXKJJXKCBKJCKJ

  18. RT @AuntieNy_: my beautician ain’t have to snap like this. https://t.co/Ip8tIKq005

  19. @bvmbshelled Huge! Congrats love 💛

  20. @MVNEC0 love you 🥺🖤

  21. RT @MVNEC0: @labellamariah love you baby 🥰

  22. Four Door Aventador https://t.co/tSF3AyNuTf

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