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  1. this means it was Mickie, I'm sorry but she is not top five most impactful women this decade and that's WWE's fault.
  2. Bayley didn't make it, confirmed. There's no way y'all put her above Bellas and Sasha . This mystery girl has gotten too far, I already know that and I'm EMBARRASSED.
  3. LORDT if one of those retired in 2011 girls re-emerges in the top 5
  4. tbh, it's deserved from that one Rumble where the Flea stans took their anger out on me personally and not only deflated Nikki, but AJ as well. It's FUCK them
  5. Not Moderated: Backlot

      hmmmmmm, I'm here for Paul Rudd's ageless ass, points were made here!
  6. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    that decade for me
  7. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    clkjxzkcjxz that's soooo sad
  8. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    see when you do witchery, the witch comes back to bite
  9. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    The months of waiting thinking it was over because that Reddit person said she was pregnant. @Shoaib.'s SAVEUS_AJ sig. She built this house  
  10. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    is he died? he still doesn't know my tea (a personal all time moment), and I know he's gonna come back on some messy shit, no pun intended
  11. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    I remember there being a funny ass thread when that report came out that women with implants weren't allowed to compete at WM in New Orleans. AJ's first return was also an iconic night in HB history. The leaks that Anya said were bullshit until Jericho returned, which the leaks said would happen. LEGEND.
  12. "The Batman" Casts Peter Sarsgaard

    and AGAIN when this movie is a critical and commercial hit. Imagine it gets Academy acclaim, which Jake isn't seeing until he's 50
  13. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    Seth's leak outsells Paige's btw, it was more fun/chaotic, less sad!
  14. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

  15. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    Stan Swap always provides kii moments, except that one y'all ruined and broke kayfabe because "Diva" was being dropped.
  16. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    Stephen and @Ari M. debate black hair is a classic
  17. "The Batman" Casts Peter Sarsgaard

    I feel like he might be Mad Hatter going off the rumored rogues gallery. They usually cast Harvey Dent/Two Face as parallel and contemporary to Bruce Wayne/Batman, so I imagine them going younger? He could be playing Firefly as well. But I could be wrong, regardless this is gonna be nuts  
  18. "The Batman" Casts Peter Sarsgaard

    The irony of this being Jake Gyllenhaal's brother in law @Jake @Don Draper, we-
  19. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    @trishallday in Survivor saying Rebel had a fake brother which she used to get out of a challenge  
  20. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    There's SO many both on here and on sister sites . A few that come to mind. One of my fave moments is when me, @puppies and @Anya orchestrated an all day attack on Melina because Hasnan was annoying jjgfjg.  JJ Bella signing up and trying to swing on me and AJ. @REBELlion providing kiis be it breaking the HB RP censors before we became mature audiences only or her googling a fake ID to get an IMVU adult pass, using one of some old man with the number being 1234567890 zjzjxjzx
  21. Now why'd I come in here thinking it'd be about her quick lil title reigns and overbooking, but concussion man thinks she's not booked with the title enough? I have to scream. The problem is writing fucking sucks, there's no reason why Charlotte Flair should be sitting on her hands and needs a title to be relevant. I also echo the others when they say they fucked the draft up severely. Sasha should be Raw Women's Champion, while heel Charlotte could have put on some fresh faces on Slackdown. Hell, even babyface Alexa vs. a brutal heel Charlotte would have been fresh.