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  1.     DEADLINE has a full breakdown on how they pulled this off here. Here's an excerpt: Legend behaviour.
  2. Jared Leto-led ‘Tron’ sequel reportedly in development

    Can his career end, I'm sick of him praying to Baphomet and getting his way
  3. "Gambit" Fan Film, Directed by Jensen Noen, Goes Viral

    Black women in wig styling only, from here on out. That was fucking embarrassing and I know they had it in their budget to do better since I can do better with just 300 dollars
  4. "Gambit" Fan Film, Directed by Jensen Noen, Goes Viral

    Why the hell this random male model was giving movie star charisma and charm in just a 20 minute fan film than most leading men his generation have ever done
  5. Steal My Sunshine

    .intoforest { position: relative; margin: 20px auto 0px; background: #191919; height: auto; padding: 40px; width: 400px; min-height: 300px; } .intoforest img { position: absolute; height: 250px; width: 480px; object-fit: cover; left: 0px; top: 0px; filter: grayscale(0%) contrast(75%); } .ifoutline { position: relative; min-height: 220px; width: 320px; border: 1px solid #d3e0e5; } .intoforest text { display: block; position: relative; color: #e7e7e7; padding: 30px; margin-top: 210px; text-align: justify; font-size: 12px; line-height: 180%; font-family: roboto; padding-bottom: 20px; } .intoforest lyrics { position: absolute; color: #d3e0e5; font-family: overpass; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: 800; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 8px; width: 250px; line-height: 200%; padding: 20px; } Making sure I'm not in too deep; keeping versed and on my feet The night’s carnival lights ignite the Atlantis Beach shore like constellations, mapping the expanse of the crowded boardwalk, filled with the city’s lost souls. But as Emma jostled through the strange faces—holding onto a stick of pink cotton candy—she no longer felt lost... but rather found again. Having deeply missed the comfort of romantic love from a man during her seminal years, and feeling defined by young motherhood above all else, with Bobby she felt seen, loved and honored as a woman, beyond the taut flesh and skin of her seductive body or what life her body did bear. She felt protected despite not feeling the need for protection, following half a decade of standing alone on behalf of herself and her cub. She was filled with happiness; filled with hope. She was insurmountably falling in love. But her one truest love was that which she held for her baby Lucas, who had proven to be falling for Bobby just as much as she was. The only two men her life were astonishingly inextricable, already, her child admiring Bobby as though he was a comic book hero bled from the ink pages, into real life. At present, Bobby was Lucas’ hero; he idolized him like no other before. That truth alone lifted Emma’s feelings for the roguish man to terrifying heights. Undoing herself from the satiny, tight ribbon of her beautiful daze, she watches on whilst the rollercoaster pummels to the depths of its tall structure, distracted as both Bobby and Lucas sneak up behind her—Lucas hoisted atop Bobby’s broad, muscular, sturdy shoulders—to startle her. Emma jolts forward, then turns toward both her boys, reaching up to tickle Lucas as revenge, then deliver Bobby a light punch on his firm abs. She beams brighter than the bulbs framing the trio, then runs her dainty hands down the side of Bobby’s face before rising to her tip toes and allowing her lips to press to his, her tongue plunging down the soft inside of his mouth; an action of their deep, pure affection. Amidst her bliss, however, she couldn’t help but feel as though they were being studied from afar. Brief moments of disquietude are rattled off, before she hands Lucas his cotton candy, takes Bobby’s hand in hers and wanders into the sea of people and the kaleidoscope of bold colors. MONTY @Fusrodah
  6. "Gambit" Fan Film, Directed by Jensen Noen, Goes Viral

    Gambit and Rogue >>>>
  7. "Gambit" Fan Film, Directed by Jensen Noen, Goes Viral

    The action sequences   Rogue better  
  8. "Gambit" Fan Film, Directed by Jensen Noen, Goes Viral

    That Rogue is horrifying, but this a fan film so I digress
  9. "Gambit" Fan Film, Directed by Jensen Noen, Goes Viral

    I'm only halfway but this is so fucking good and OMG AS I TYPE THIS ROGUE GJDKKGD
  10. "Gambit" Fan Film, Directed by Jensen Noen, Goes Viral

    @Jake it's Ryan Castle  
  11. Not Moderated: Backlot

    graphic coming soon WARNING: THIS THREAD WILL NOT BE MODERATED AND MAY CONTAIN OFFENSIVE CONTENT! NSFW A sister to our iconic staple Not Moderated: Extreme Rules thread, here is where all miscellaneous film, TV and pop culture discussion goes, un-moderated. Is there a famous actor you'd like to drag mercilessly? Or perhaps thirst over? Or maybe you'd like to share some news or gossip that might not fit or get its due recognition elsewhere on the forum? Maybe you just wanna freely go back and forth with someone over your fave movies, TV show, superhero, etc.? Or start a popular meme? If any of that applies, this is the thread for you. There are no limits here for stans, best known as those who will stop at nothing to ruthlessly defend their faves and bash everyone else's. Like with ER, there are a few ground rules: - Personal fights ARE NOT allowed in here or anywhere on the forum. Utilize blogs or private messaging for that. - You can post about ANYTHING (not listed below) as long as it's pop culture related (try not to lean too heavily on pop music, as that's not the basis of our forum. If it's too much of a regular occurrence, you'll be warned for off topic)  - DO NOT discuss children. - DO NOT insult other members. - DO NOT post shockingly offensive images (graphic or explicit). Moderators will determine severity. Images containing nudity are only allowed to be posted if linked under a NSFW spoiler tag. - DO NOT post sexually explicit dialogue (e.g. discussing in detail what a talent likes to do sexually or what you'd like to do) or shockingly offensive dialogue. NOT to be confused with sex based insults (e.g. calling a talent a "cum-guzzling gutter slut) which remains not moderated. - DO NOT post anything racist, transphobic, homophobic or typically offensive. - Trolling and flamebait posts are okay here ONLY! With that said: action!    
  12. Self explanatory. What movie do you wish would come up with a sequel or another installment in its franchise? And for fun, what franchise do you wish would END? (image from VOX)
  13. What Movie Sequel Do You Wish Would Happen?

    I want that rumored Volume 3 of Kill Bill with a grown up Vernita Green's daughter, the GAG  
  14. What Movie Sequel Do You Wish Would Happen?

    We'll keep Kesha though, her easter egg is the only part of that movie I've seen and it was a bit of a serve
  15. So I was thinking about how movie soundtracks have made a huge comeback, and the fact that musical episodes of TV series happens quite often, so I'm wondering what is y'alls favorite music moment from a movie or TV series? It doesn't necessarily have to be from an actual musical, of course. Just a memorable moment where a song came together perfectly with a scene, perfectly encapsulating the emotion and adding to the context to help define it.  
  16. Playable Batfamily please, I wanna explore the world as Catwoman or Huntress  
  17. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    The essentials/classics: