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  1. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

    I'm leaving
  2. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

    oh girl Daniel spilled the tea, Brad's mullet
  3. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

    I was told to keep my opinion to myself as long as Daddy gives me my weekly allowance
  4. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

    WHERE HE AT    
  5. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

    Bye, I love Saoirse's look  
  6. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

    Billie is a cute interviewee when she's not talking out her ass tbh
  7. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

    idk, I don't check for that gay boy, Timm will serve with whatever anyway
  8. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

      I'm sorry, like I support her not wanting to show off her body, but this looks bad and is so unimaginative. The grad photo updo on top of it  
  9. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

  10. 92nd Academy Awards: Live Chat

  11. Kelly Kelly may work a part-time WWE schedule

    Y'all gonna stop running down Carmella's name to lift Kelly up like she doesn't work the mic better than every single woman they have on all three brands. But yes, happy for Kelly.
  12. Let's see how this will work . Going forward, keep all reports from Diva Twitter feeds and discussion in here.
  13. 'Birds of Prey' opening tracking numbers revealed

    to add to this, a few weeks back when I was out with my girls trying to find a date to go see it, one of them wrote it off because of the Suicide Squad relation (which she hated for good reason), while the other didn't even know when it was coming out or that it even existed as a thing that was being made and released. Didn't know that was a warning sign
  14. 'Birds of Prey' opening tracking numbers revealed

    I forgot about her, but for Birds' sake hopefully I'm not the only one - In seriousness though, while WB went nuts with the marketing this last month, I feel like that strategy of saving promo for the last minute and releasing trailers close to the date is proving not to have worked. They thought Joker was the new rule, but it was the exception it seemed (and probably had more to do with Joker being a household name). So LEARN FROM THIS WB AND DON'T FUCK WITH WONDER WOMAN (the Tide ad from the Superbowl was a cute start)  
  15. First Look at Cheetah in "Wonder Woman 1984" Leaks?

    I saw some fans were not here for it, but I honestly really like it? It looks more practical and OG X-Men Mystique-like instead of the embarrassing, weird CG of Cats.
  16. 'Birds of Prey' opening tracking numbers revealed

    Yeah, I think it'll get good word of mouth. What's also good is there's no major competition for a few weeks so it won't get cannibalized, word of mouth will just propel it forward.
  17. The writer of "Birds of Prey" says so much with so little in this interview, basically confirming we're getting a Flashpoint movie as well as a Batgirl      
  18. "Birds of Prey" Cast on "The View" + More Media Appearances

    Good Morning America:    
  19. “Birds of Prey” Rotten Tomatoes Score Revealed | Full Reviews Here

    PERIOD, never doubt women    
  20.   We'll ignore the obviously dated, white beauty standards being employed, made obvious by the top five consisting of Henry Cavill, Bradley Cooper (??), Brad Pitt and George Clooney (????), and take this as another win for the actor of our generation! Source
  21. Justice for Leighton Meester! Although after watching A Simple Favor, Flake would make a cute Emma Frost @Captain Fox
  22. 'Birds of Prey' opening tracking numbers revealed

    these are so cute, omg