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  1. Me. I Am Mariah...

    It hasn't been a long time, but it's been a great time (even despite Survivor!). You're honestly such a sweet person and I'm so glad to call you a new friend and excited to see what the future brings, love you  
  2. Me. I Am Mariah...

    BITCH now I'm really, really crying, omg . I love you so fucking much and no matter what, I'll always carry the privilege of being your friend with me for the rest of my life. Thank you times, what, 50 now? SHORIAH for life indeed, I love you     And yes you all definitely saved my life/made it better, and for that I can't begin to even express my gratitude  
  3. Me. I Am Mariah...

    LOVE your crazy, loud ass forever, ALWAYS making me laugh anytime we talk! Thank you so much, you all are truly my family  
  4. Me. I Am Mariah...

    My heart, thank you so much. I'm so glad to have you as part of this thing we've all come together to build, and like I said above, if ever you wanna just talk about whatever, you can hit me up wherever. Love you too, all of you  
  5. Me. I Am Mariah...

    Thank you love and please feel free to hit me up whenever if you ever wanna just be friendly on a real level, all the best to you too  
  6. Me. I Am Mariah...

    Thank you babe, we're always on your neck but I truly find you to be such an enjoyable person and you always take everything on the chin which I admire and respect so much. Stay being you xxxxxxx  
  7. Me. I Am Mariah...

    My baby, I love you so much and this means the world, loooord. Thank you so much for this, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Always the sweetest and likewise I'm so proud to get to know you and call you a friend. Keep being the best  
  8. ATTENTION: Wrote a really important and personal blog for everyone, so please read when you have the time:


  9. Marc Mero Talks Sable Cheating On Him

    omg he looks like Teddy Perkins
  10. Marc Mero Talks Sable Cheating On Him

    wrestlers carrying the "lingo" outside the business always makes me jgjgjfg 
  11. five months, but lemme not damage the Leegion PR any further
  12. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    I miss Aiden  
  13. and still left less of an impression on the WWE Universe, hate that for her!
  14. Sequel to "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" Announced

    I guess because it's animated and they probably are just starting production, we're kinda lucky it's not 2025  
  15. on PERIOD, it's settled then. Curious to see who fills out 4-35.
  16. If Nikki (sorry Brie, but if they're being separated, then this is tea), Charlotte and AJ aren't top three in any particular order, this is invalid and retconned. And that's 'Sincerely Ciara'  
  17. ‘The Witcher’ Trailer

    but will he be naked and have sex?
  18. Let's see how this will work . Going forward, keep all reports from Diva Twitter feeds and discussion in here.
  19.   A place where you can discuss everything and anything that airs on the WWE Network exclusively (Divas mainly) as well as airings of WWE Main Event, NXT or any particular event or match from their library that you are enjoying.       Streams:
  20. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    he probably thinks his ass and thighs too fat to wear coochie cutters, but follow Angel's lead gentlemen!
  21. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    I just saw on Twitter that they're thinking Toni is about to migrate, if true it's a fucking WRAP for all the other women's divisions  
  22. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    me waking up from my nap to see war games confirmed, today is the DAY