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  1. 9 minutes ago, Shoaib. said:

    Now just to delve into screenwriting so I can finally write a good non-MCU film for him to star in.


    a scream at househusband, oomfs wanted to do the cooking and do the cleaning?


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  2. 3 minutes ago, Travis said:

    that harvard money ran out?


    my parents disowning me since I wanted to marry white and timothee only taking indie roles instead of moving for a paycheck, so I'm stuck repaying the tuition myself


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  3. 6 minutes ago, prince. said:


    YUP. YUP ... A POWER couple too rich to live in the US. I'll visit y'all 


    you getting that sugar baby life while I have a strung out hole for no reason since I'm already rich, I-


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  4. Just now, Mariah. said:


    By "Shack" they meant something woodsy, eclectic, hipster, cultured

    an aesthetic choice



    we going with the first site though lol


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  5. Just now, Dante. said:

    You would be a pornstar 


    you seem upset that I'm fucking on king Michael, while getting it on the side for a CHECK


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  6. 1 minute ago, Shoaib. said:

    They needed Lupita, she would've gotten them together and saved whatever mediocre script. As pretty as that tall girl is, nobody knows who she is. Naomi at least has some celebrity from Aladdin.


    ! can Kristen while we're at it, bitches been thinking she's a draw after Twilight, when it's always been Robert who kept the Twihards. Lupita, Naomi and like Emma Stone, with a cute script and proper marketing that didn't rest on Ariana's leftovers would have been a hit


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  7. Oh girl, that's BAD :skull: 

    I feel like a lot of things went wrong. For one, the marketing was shit because the trailers made it look cringe and like the girls had no chemistry, but I heard neither is true. Second, banking on Kristen Stewart and two women people barely know to draw for a remake, when the 00s movie had three stars at the height of their celebrity, was a bad idea. And third this feels like a summer movie.

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  8. Quote

    Joker will pass $1 billion worldwide today, on the second anniversary of the overseas release of Justice League.

    As it enters its seventh weekend, Joker has a new domestic total of $316.692 million and a global cume of around $998 million worldwide. So today should be the day that Joker passes the $1 billion mark. The $62.5 million-budgeted DC Films flick crosses the $1 billion mark in raw global grosses. It’ll be, obviously, the first R-rated movie to hit this milestone and the third non-Disney/Universal movie to do so in just under a year. Prior to Warner Bros.’ Aquaman ($1.048 billion in 2018/2019) and Sony’s Spider-Man: Far from Home ($1.031 billion in 2019), no movie not from Disney or Universal had passed the $1 billion milestone since Paramount’s Transformers: Age of Extinction in 2014.

    To be fair, changing exchange rates just between 2012 and 2014 arguably prevented Warner Bros.’ last two Hobbit movies from passing the milestone in 2013 and 2014, but $2.931 billion over three movies isn’t chump change. By the way, in 2012 we had four $1 billion grossers in one year, with two from WB (The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey), one from Disney (The Avengers) and one from Sony (Skyfall). Two of those were 2-D flicks and none of them earned more than $86 million in China. Dark Knight Rises ($52 million), The Hobbit ($58 million), Skyfall ($59 million) and The Avengers ($86 million) treated China as essentially a bonus.

    The two $1 billion earners in 2013, Iron Man 3 and Frozen, earned $121 million and $48 million in China, hefty sums (especially for the MCU sequel), but not deal breakers as both films topped $1.2 billion overall. Granted, Frozen earned a jaw-dropping $249 million in Japan, but that’s for another day. Conversely, Paramount’s Transformers 4 earned $320 million of its $1.1 billion in China, making it essentially the first movie to get over the milestone thanks to China. That would be an occasional circumstance over the next four years, although less frequent than you might think.

    The Force Awakens earned $123 million of its $2.068 billion in China, while even Furious 7 earned “just” $392 million of its $1.517 billion cume in China. But Rogue One earned $69 million of its $1.056 billion global gross in China and Fate of the Furious earned $392 million of its $1.236 billion cume in China. It was a dealbreaker for the likes of Aladdin ($53 million in China/$1.05 billion total) and Captain Marvel ($154 million/$1.129 billion), but not for Jurassic World ($226 million/$1.671 billion) or Fallen Kingdom ($268 million/$1.308 billion). And it most certainly mattered for the three previous “not a Disney/Universal” $1 billion-plus earners.

    Transformers: Age of Extinction ($320 million/$1.1 billion), Aquaman ($298 million/$1.148 billion) and Spider-Man: Far from Home ($200 million/$1.131 billion) needed China to get over the hump. The latter two, along with Captain Marvel, have benefited by a general upswing for solo/non-Avengers superhero flicks in China. That’s what makes Joker such a jaw-dropper. Yes, it’s an R-rated movie, but it’s also a solo comic book movie. But unlike the above-noted examples, Joker didn’t even play in China. As such, it’s “non-China” global gross (presuming an over/under $1.05 billion finish) puts it, once it passes The Dark Knight ($1.004 billion), above every solo comic book flick outside of Iron Man 3 and Black Panther.

    Speaking of which, once it passes The Dark Knight, presumably tomorrow, it’ll be (in raw unadjusted grosses) the biggest grossing movie ever to never play in China. For the record, to the extent that Joker didn’t need China to top $1 billion, The Wandering Earth and Ne Zha didn’t need North America to end up over/under $700 million. And yeah, it’s thanks to the $620 million in China that Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, not Fox’s Avatar, is the biggest global grosser of all time. Nonetheless, it also broke pretty much all the modern rules in terms of what kind of movie, especially in a post-Avatar era, passes $1 billion worldwide.

    To the extent that there is a pattern, especially since 2015, we’re talking PG-13 superhero movies that score big in China, Disney nostalgia remakes or Disney toons that don’t necessarily need China, Disney Star Wars movies that don’t need China, Illumination toons that don’t need China, Jurassic World movies that don’t need China and Fast and Furious movies that perform disproportionally well in China. Joker is an R-rated, action-lite, violence-lite character drama that is based on a comic book but didn’t even play in China and didn’t come from Disney or Universal.

    We know why it has performed so well, solid reviews, its appeal as a big grown up flick, a big comic book/franchise movie and a scary film all wrapped into one package, underwhelming competition, the big November movies (Wonder Woman 1984¸No Time to Die and Sonic the Hedgehog) that moved to 2020, and its weird “new to you” appeal to a generation that mostly sees conventional action fantasy flicks.  The best lesson from Joker is that, when you have the protection of a popular brand/franchise, it’s to your benefit to get a little bit dangerous. Yes, the film was “conventional” is just the right (commercially speaking) way, making sure that Arthur didn’t wantonly butcher random women, minorities and children while espousing alt-right or incel talking points.

    But even if Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phillips’ Joker was “rebellious in a conformist sort of way,” well, it just topped $1 billion worldwide.

  9. oOo5rcG.gif I'm wondering what you're dreaming; wondering if it's me you're seeing
    "Don't be," Dawson counters, maintaining the close distance between the two of them. His eyes, however, fall as an internal battle of the emotions anger, resentment, lust, affection and remorse, rages through his conscience. As it were, only Nate had the ability to make him—as powerful as he projected himself to be—feel so powerless. Only Nate could push him to lose control of himself, both in mind and body. 

    Momentarily, he's transfixed. Then finally, he swallows his pride to at least grant Nate a fleshed out apology, in place of the profession of his love—the love which although he'd yet to say out loud, was still very transparent to both. "I'm the one who should be saying sorry. Because you're absolutely right: I should have already said it, but I haven't." Finding himself a seat at the edge of the jacuzzi bath, next to Nate, Dawson nests his elbows upon his bare thighs, folds his hands and leans forward, still avoiding the gaze of his love interest. "And I haven't been the most patient or understanding when it comes to you. But I just want you to know that... that I would never intentionally try to hurt or upset you," he soothes, before turning his head and grabbing one of Nate's hands. It was a gesture that despite their sexual intimacy, had yet to be breached. It was an intimacy beyond the physical; one which expressed the deep feelings Dawson was too cowardly to scream from the rooftops. "I care about you way too much for that. It's just that both you and I know I always let my emotions get the better of me. Not that it excuses my actions, because there's no possible way it could. I fully admit I was wrong, like I already said."

    Dawson tightens his grip as means to gear himself up for his next intended act, then warily interlocks his fingers with his friend's. "God," he titters, "You know what's funny, Nate? The fact that despite my profession requiring me to deliver speeches and be well spoken, expressing myself to you has always been terribly difficult. If I can't properly put into words how sorry I am and how much you mean to me, then I'd really like to show you. And although it's probably impossible for me to make it up to you, I'd love for you to let me try..."
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  10. oOo5rcG.gif Now all those simple things are simply too complicated for my life
    Emma nests her own delicate palm atop Melisa’s hand in a gesture of utmost gratitude and respect. Tenderly caressing her fleecy skin, she turns to the teacher with sincere, glossy eyes.

    "And thankfully, now he has you too." 

    There it was in the simplest of words: her pure, honest approval and unequivocal trust. A moment, though simple at its root, still took solid build over the years—years spent trying to shake the evil her parents instilled in her to fear through their own actions. But just as fast as her trust had grown, so did the hope that she wouldn’t hold any regret over putting faith in Melisa being a better mentor, provider, and protector to her baby than she tried her hardest to be. A single tear streams down the resilient Emma’s blushed cheek, leaving behind a blackened trail of mascara. Quickly, she catches the tear with her index finger. ”Shoot, here I go. This was the part I was dreading the most, but... I really should get going and leave you to do... what you do,” she titters, then winks through her dampened eyelids, proceeding to wipe her tear-laden face once more. "I left my cell number with the office in case of an emergency, and I guess I'll just pick Lucas up, right in this spot, later? I shouldn't be hard to see in the crowd between my belly button ring and all the heads turned my way."

    Her line of sight gravitates back toward Lucas, while her mind pulls toward the memory of his birth near five Valentine's Days ago, the vision still so strong it felt tangible. "My beautiful angel," murmured the then teenage Emma with delicate, trembling hands as she cradled her new born, overwhelmed with jubilation. "It's our little valentine." Her high school sweetheart, Anthony De Angelo, was seated by her side with strong, tender arms wrapped around the pair of them in place of a warm, cashmere blanket. His almond shaped eyes were coated with dew, uncharacteristic of the machismo, 'skater boy' male, and he whispered words of his own, each crackling like burning wood in a fireplace. "Can we call him Lucas? I learned from my nonna that it means 'bright' or 'shining'. And both of you are my light through all the fucked up shit I put myself, and you, through." The new father smiled as a calm, heavenly Lucas formed one of his own, his fresh face glowing back up at the young, unprepared parents, neither of them knowing this would be their last blissful moment together before Anthony's succumbed to his addiction and passed on. 

    Leaving her subconscious and re-entering the present time, she pans back to Melisa to break the brief silence.

    "Now, do you think it'd be easier for him if I sneak away? God, who am I kidding; do you think it'd be easier for me if I sneak away? Saying goodbye is about to destroy me."
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