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  1. remind to remake, I already saved over my original gif with this text one
  2. The fact this is literal. I thought I remember her having more screen time until I found this compilation on YouTube the other night of all her scenes, the entire video being like five minutes   - Anyway I'll continue to reveal tomorrow as there's a few things I wanted to get done tonight, so stay tuned for that!
  3. n my mom stanned it, Tom still looks so good.   I agree that this seems pretty cool. I couldn't get into the Arrowverse, but maybe I'll peep this
  4. that's an example of her not wanting to give it up when the franchise ended almost a decade ago
  5. also NO ONE clocking that Judy was for the gays and black civil rights in the 40s (except that time her parents forced her to do blackface), this is DISRESPECTFUL
  6. tbh I feel for her. Imagine spending the worst days of your life crafting this rich world and then having to let go in spite of being bored with your billions. I'd be tweeting out my ass too
  7. tea, those fucking Beasts movies ruined everything
  8. the Bellatrix stans showing up late, she might have been top 15
  9. maybe retract his Survivor win
  10. not my proudest moment as a stan. should have killed ron instead
  11. On topic of left turns, that's my hint for the 25th spot. See you next time!
  12. as we're honoring women, you try to tear one down for a simple MISTAKE?
  13.     Aileen Wuornos (played by Charlize Theron) — Monster, 2003 / Bellatrix Lestrange (played by Helena Bonham-Carter) — Harry Potter franchise, 2007-2011 Two psychopaths --- one fictional, one real --- hold this spot together. With significant body counts and chilling moments captured for the silver screen, it could not be any more fitting than for them to walk side by side in the mind of us Heartbreakers. An Academy Award winning performance by the incomparable Charlize Theron and a generation defining female villain gifted to us from Helena Bonham-Carter, both women leave us dead. Avada Kedavra. POINTS: 39 LISTS: 3 (for Aileen Wuornos) / 3 (for Bellatrix Lestrange) HIGHEST RANK: 2 (for Aileen Wuornos) (@Katy) / 1 (for Bellatrix Lestrange) (@Foxy)