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  1. "The Lion King" reviews are in...

    So I saw her and.... I really liked it  
  2. them snatching all our men, I guess my interest is piqued
  3. Oops, they're probably saving that tea for D23 after basically just confirming what we already knew for Comic-Con, sans Blade and Thor lmao  
  4. Endgame surpasses Avatar as all time highest-grossing film

    FUCK Disney, especially when they re-release Avatar before the sequel to take back the record. It's disgusting, but sure.  
  5. Besides Natalie Portman as Thor and Blade, nothing really jumps out at me. Mahershala is about to snap though  
  6. I'll peep this this weekend, but    
  7. Shayna, now Sasha, y'all fucking hate talent