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  1. Superstar Photo Booth

    ↪ Need a place to post miscellaneous women's wrestling related pictures from their social media, red carpet events, photoshoots, etc. and would rather share it outside of your stanbase since you're not well populated (like the Bella Army), nor do people generally care to know if your fave has left her cave (like AJ Lee)? Post it here. #TeamModel Only photos and discussion of said photos are allowed here. General women's wrestling discussions belong in Extreme Rules or base threads pertaining to the woman in question. Flamebait and trolling is not permitted. If you wanna laugh at a photo, this is not the place. Such posts also belong in Extreme Rules. Light criticism is allowed (e.g. "her make up doesn't look hot, fuck you ShitSham"; "yikes at her dress") . Refrain from posting direct links to social media for the forum to auto embed since it cancels the purpose of the Social Media Thread and may cause issues for this thread later if embedding ever changes. There are methods to getting the image link from the social media post for you to post. Use spoiler tags for multiple images as it slows down the webpage otherwise
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

      In an effort to put a lid on the heels and the heated, often off-topic debates of HB, we now bring you Extreme Rules. ER is the home of women's wrestling related arguments that are out of control! There are no limits here for stans, best known as those who will stop at nothing to ruthlessly defend their favorite women's wrestlers and bash everyone else's.     WARNING: THIS THREAD WILL NOT BE MODERATED AND MAY CONTAIN OFFENSIVE CONTENT! NSFW     All members must be aware that no negative comments in this thread should be taken seriously or to heart. There will be trolls stationed here, so if you would rather not hear something bad said about your favorite talent, then it would be in your best interest to stay out of this thread. Furthermore, this thread should be used to continue any off-topic or random women's or general wrestling debates. With the creation of this thread, note that moderators will be cracking down on forum rules and policies. This means trolling, flamebait and off topic posts will be looked at more strictly. Although we're going extreme, there are a few rules: - Personal fights ARE NOT allowed in here or anywhere on the forum. Utilize blogs or private messaging for that. - You can post about ANYTHING (not listed below) as long as it's women's or general wrestling related. Anything outside the scope of wrestling discussion and stan wars is off-topic (this include miscellaneous photoshoots or personal photos that belong in base threads). Refer to board rules for off-topic posts. - DO NOT discuss children. - DO NOT insult other members. - DO NOT post shockingly offensive images (graphic or explicit). Moderators will determine severity. Images containing nudity are only allowed to be posted if linked under a NSFW disclaimer. - DO NOT post sexually explicit dialogue (e.g. discussing in detail what a talent likes to do sexually or what you'd like to do) or shockingly offensive dialogue. NOT to be confused with sex based insults (e.g. calling a talent a "cum-guzzling gutter slut) which remains not moderated. - Trolling and flamebait posts are okay here ONLY!   *Rings bell*    
  3. "The Lion King" reviews are in...

    So I saw her and.... I really liked it  
  4. them snatching all our men, I guess my interest is piqued
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Oops, they're probably saving that tea for D23 after basically just confirming what we already knew for Comic-Con, sans Blade and Thor lmao  
  7. Endgame surpasses Avatar as all time highest-grossing film

    FUCK Disney, especially when they re-release Avatar before the sequel to take back the record. It's disgusting, but sure.  
  8. Besides Natalie Portman as Thor and Blade, nothing really jumps out at me. Mahershala is about to snap though  
  9. I'll peep this this weekend, but    
  10. Shayna, now Sasha, y'all fucking hate talent
  11. "CATS" Official Trailer

    Lowkey wish they did Lion King like this, at least it'd be unique and interesting