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  1. Braun Legitimately Injured

    Was I even talking to you block head ?
  2. Braun Legitimately Injured

    They should have done this angle last week so Mickie's MMC streak remained undefeated. Now Umbrella Moon's win was for what?   
  3. Could she at least try and sell the beatdown....
  4. I hate you guys for this. gftg
  5. .... So that's catering.
  6. Tamina is TIRED her ass huffing and puffing.
  7. Whew! Not HIGH PONY Alexa 
  8. Not Alexa? Whew! She's about to get clocked my Nia & Tamina?
  9. The girls can't even bat an eyelash before security and refs come running down the ramp...  
  10. Or they going to stop this or...
  11. Not all your holes? So you a FREAK FREAK?  
  12. Just for that, I'm taking my like back *sswipe.