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  1. ugh bitch I thought Lacey was gonna clock Alexa. I thought the face turn was coming 
  2. Thanks, I never knew that. 
  3. It's still MLK day. You're on a role, aren't you? 
  4. You're starting to become @WWFoverWWE and it's not a cute look.  
  5. Watching the match again it was good for 4 minutes they did what they had to do and told a story.   The post fight was exciting because Michelle was fresh off her heel turn and the thought of her vs Melina or Mickie was a dream. 
  6. Wow! I miss these   The way we would always get champion vs champion for a while  
  7. If Melina's theme hits this Sunday I'm legit probably gonna pass out. 
  8. I wasn't gonna watch Raw but now I kinda wanna do in case something pops up about victoria or something.
  9. Whew! Queen finally getting the recognition she deserves! 
  10. Give her what she deserves a HOF induction and a title reign. 
  11. They're just gonna return to RAW for the tag title contention so...