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  1. Ok sis. I said what I said and was you did as well l. Just know that no one has ever prior to this post has taken credit from her which is what I was trying to explain. She is a great heel yes but from the selected few who was given mic time during her era she was far from the best. 
  2. Then again to be fair sis she was probably in character when she made that statement. 
  3. Favorite Fandango pairing

    Layla because of her attire which I loved and wish was in 2k17. 
  4. Well, sis as I said no one is discrediting her especially on HB because there has bene a few times in the past where most have praised her etc. Also going back over a few of the post in said topic I didn't really see anyone discrediting her it was more or so people calling her out on her BS about her being the best during her time. 
  5. People love to throw low-key shade then serves Mariah Care 'I don't know her" when brought up.


  6. Sis no one is being bitter but most wouldn't agree with her saying she was the only one who could cut a promo. That is clearly a bold face lie. Throughout out the years, people have praised her for her work and character. Also, lets keep it all the way 100 we remember Vickie for her most iconic line and that her octave level rivaled Mariah Carey in her early years. (Don't quote me on that)
  7. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

      Not you tryna knock the division back 5 years? Sis this is women's wrestling now.
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The last few pages of this thread.... 
  9.  "Excuse Me, I said Excuse Me" is all I remember from her promos so...
  10. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

    Alexa winning the title at TLC was the most shocking for me in a while.  
  11. According to Meltzer, WWE is done with Paige

    I rather she just leaves altogether, to be honest. While I agree with some of this she brought upon herself but they would do something as to punish her but keep someone else on TV etc after being exposed by former/current stars for bullying and harassment trying to cover it up. In the end, I pretty much accepted that she might not come back 100% I just wanted to hear her entrance etc at least once in the new era.  I do think the movie is holding her back to as well and WWE isn't going to miss the chance to make coins off it. 
  12. According to Meltzer, WWE is done with Paige

    I think TD is one of the many reasons as well. Then again Paige doesn't have many scenes during the second half and they could have easily been cut. Especially in some cases where they barely promoted both Eva & Paige during TD promotion etc within the last few months.
  13. According to Meltzer, WWE is done with Paige

    I was waiting for new reports to surface about this, to be honest. The majority of the time when I check the site I'm waiting for a report to surface that she left or the let her go. I figured as much and I didn't 100% believe she was coming back. I always said I'd have to see it to believe it. It's probably for the best and I've pretty much already accepted that her career in WWE is possibly over. Who knows what the future holds perhaps she can leave and return down the line years from now.  Even though I just wanted her to return for a brief period before actually leaving for good. I'll still be a fan of her regardless of the outcome.
  14. Sunny claims Seth Rollins gave her an STD

    Do I think they had sexual relations? Who knows, to be honest, some guys jump at it when the pussy gets thrown in their face. Of course in the event it did happen she could have just given him some head and she's making it seem like it was something more. 
  15. Sunny claims Seth Rollins gave her an STD

    She needs help.