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  1. dbki  Mess I heard  them talking... "Run I'm gonna throw you over arlight" 
  2. nnn They don't use the term DIVA! 
  3. With Nikki and Maryse's feud starting tonight this means Alexa vs Nikki will never happen. WOW! 
  4. Same the SD short reigns have been cute tbh. 2-3 month reigns I could use at least once more title defense, though. 
  5. Sis but not what you suggested but I'm gonna give you a pass because I forgot you have a wild imagination. 
  6. ok cancelled this is why we can't have nice things.
  7. You Only Live Once ! 
  8. They probably have plans for Mickie vs Alexa down the line so perhaps it's a bit too early. However, Mickie snatching the title or something at WM could plant the seeds. 
  9. The ending serving "This wasn't planned" 
  10. I can't at Mickie serving in causal more..
  11. If Becky wins then she has Mickie, Carmella, Nattie to face. Alexa would only have Becky not including Nikki since she will be busy with Maryse.
  12. Where's that article that said "Naomi New SD WOmen's Champion but for how long?"  
  13. I swear if Becky wins It will just feel like Naomi was a transitional champion.  Well to me at least..