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  1. "Terminator: Dark Fate" Teaser Trailer

    Honestly, I forgot about the Terminator series I've seen the first two installments numerous times but I can't remember if I saw the 3rd film. Nonetheless wasn't expecting to see Sarah still alive let alone the OG Terminator. A bit nostalgic though to see the series still going on I didn't even know they made a 4th-6th set of movies.
  2. Honestly, some of you are just straight disrespectful this isn't about how much one person donated. This video is about the sisterhood showing the love they shared for Ashley and showing love and support to her daughter. Get over yourselves for once and just pay your respects and continue on.
  3. Wow, such a beautiful beautiful beautiful video.  I'm so glad the ladies came together to share their love and memories of Ashley she deserved it. It's beautiful to see these women come together and share the love they have for each other through their sisterhood. I'm so happy that her daughter is receiving all this love through this difficult time.
  4. Money in the Bank 2019: Results

    Personally Ember,Naomi And Dana did what they had to do I enjoyed those 3 the most.  I didn’t expect Bayley to win but I was rooting for her to cash in because I was trying to make sense as to why they felt the need to give Charlotte a 9th reign. This could have been avoided by just adding Bayley to the triple threat and having her win it there. While someone else could have benefited winning the MITB match as well. Brock winning is classic WWE and I hope ratings continue to tank.
  5. Yes, will going to WWE with no creative direction or any indication of change anytime soon isn't any better either. So I guess either way they're screwed. Dropping deadweight to tack on more deadweight isn't the solution that just creates more problems.
  6. And do what with them? Sit In NXT catering booked once every fourth taping?
  7. PAC/Neville out of AEW

    This was literally the only match I wanted to see. I- ugh Well I read that the floor still open for the match down the line so hopefully that’s the case.
  8. I agree I really hope they get it together this time. Because I can't anymore especially in the case of Batman.
  9. Nia Jax DRAGS Becky Lynch on Twitter

    Poor Becky's neck.  
  10. Ashley Massaro passes away

    ! Right I just don't understand why they can't take a few minutes to give some of these women the recognition they deserve? Did they do something that bad to deserve this? But Hulk Hogan is allowed to get another chance? 
  11. Ashley Massaro passes away

    I'm not just saying this now due to the circumstances but I always loved "Be Yourself" for her the most. I just always thought it fit her and was such a nice babyface theme.  
  12. Ashley Massaro passes away

    ! Then she went on to SD to find success feuding with Kristal, Jillian and Michelle.  
  13. Ashley Massaro passes away

    I always say this but this was the match that got me back into wrestling. This is just so unreal! What's crazy is I was humming "Be yourself" the other day like I am just in ....
  14. Ashley Massaro passes away

    I'm just a loss for words right now. ugh.... R.I.P Sweet Angel.