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  1. Poor Becks. I’m still rooting for that SummerSlam title win.
  2. Farrah Abraham wants a match with Alexa Bliss

    I wonder under which title reign this will take place? 6th or 7th?
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Lexi did look a tad bit cute last night but she's still on my shit list so.... While we're on the subject and someone crop her out so I can get the bit of Mickie plz 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Mickie selling the head impact to the mat most of these girls would have just grabbed their back.  Phew! 
  5. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    and still as a face...  On the bright side, that will be Ronda's best match to date and first and last. 
  6. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    Imagine if Ember took that chair shot?  Her ass would have flown out the ring into the barricade.    
  7. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    The smarks currently losing their shit because Carmella and Alexa are walking into Summerslam as Champions. Poor that.  
  8. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    Mickie yelling: COUNT IF REF! Serving us in 2k when we scream count it ref 
  9. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    !!!!!!! This like ...   
  10. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    Can't even like Alexa looks cute 
  11. WWE showed it's true colors today

    You should be because you're never gonna see that again even on the MR. I'd suggest you re-watch those NXT tapes for nostalgia because that's as close as you're gonna get. 
  12. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    then Paige announces Asuka is getting another title shot in 2 weeks ...
  13. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    Yikes...Nia might regain you never know.  
  14. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    Oh I see that's good I guess.