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  1. Shocked? Of course not. I knew WWE would be interested in her the moment TNA was turning her into a star.
  2. I read that they canceled/postponed tapings today for Raw & SD I believe. I think Raw tapings resume tomorrow I mean still... What does it take?
  3. She's a clown that is all.
  4. Awww Re-nay-nay   I wish her a healthy recovery. Then again some of these stars weren't being so safe, to begin with. The company couldn't afford to take a hiatus so now it turned into placing their staff at risk. but this still stands
  5. Oh wow, this will be interesting for sure. I was wondering if they would try and insert Robert's Batman into the DCEU so I guess this pretty much answers my question. Which in my opinion is good because now there won't be such a big mess trying to insert his story into the timeline. Although Flashpoint would have been the way to go they already have plans with that.
  6. Vince's only concern is ratings plummeting every week across the 3 brands.
  7. Backlash 2020: Live Chat

    Anyway, the women tag team championships are flops Vince & Management don't care for these championships. I've been saying since the moment that they were created that Vince did the green light because Sasha & Bayley were clawing and begging every day for them to come to life. He announced the titles Via tape delay and made all these promises to both of those women and didn't come through with it. During the MMMB  Era, they had every single girl teaming up solid teams with fewer women on the roster and in 2020 a Women's Evolution, and they can only scrape up 2-4 teams. And anyway The IIconics should be tag champions but I guess they will once this Sasha/Bayley storyline plays out more that no one wants to see anyway. This company in  2020 still making me this irate.  #PushBiancaBelair #PushNaomi #GiveLivMOrganAChance #UseRubyRiott
  8. Backlash 2020: Live Chat

    This is why Mickie James vs Melina has the best Backlash Women's Match in history. These women can't compare to where they never could compete.
  9. Drew Gulak Back with WWE

    I'm glad his storyline with D-Bry was cute and we need new stars at the top. I'm tired of these old hoes I.E AJ Styles &  Company.
  10. R.I.P Angel! My heart goes out to her family. This is so heartbreaking and it's just disgusting I hate that she had to go through this and the fact that the people who participated won't be held accountable. I hate it so much and it's not fair at all. Some people don't know when to quit and realize what they're saying could be harmful to others and how it affects them.
  11. Not to mention she took a few L's leading into Summerslam as well. It was just a mess and a clear filler because they weren't even trying to build Ember a future champion they just needed someone for Bayley to face at the moment.