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  1. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    I don't think any former women will be returning this year the remaining women will be a few of the NXT girlies.
  2. 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    Sign me up Jake from state farm.
  3. I hate that Bianca could get tossed on Raw or Smackdown and get mistreated another talented black women wasted you hate to see it. I hate it here. 
  4. The first few sentences explained the situation perfectly we appreciate everyone who was able to understand that.  
  5. I'm glad I kept my feelings for Ms.Kim the same after all these years.
  6. 'Morbius' Teaser Trailer First Look

    oh wow, the trailer really looked good tbh the ending the cameo. oh dear...
  7. You’re probably right and she would still have a chance to get into either companies in the future too it’s kind of sad but we all know being racist isn’t the key to getting cancelled. 
  8. This is so ghetto the fact that I was following her journey for her world title match and this shit happens. Tragic.
  9. Pokemon

    I never thought they would release a DLC perched for this and I saw KINGDRA! OMG KING I can't wait to catch it. And the legendary Birds Articuno my favorite omg
  10. But I'm still keeping hope she wins the NXT women's title..
  11. This sucks because I know if Bianca gets traded to Raw or SD they ain't going to use her right they don't even use Ember, Naomi, and Sasha the correct way. I hate it here.
  12. The opening was cute that's how you properly book a 6 women tag team match.
  13. From the short period of time this show has been on the only time I actually hear anything about it if it’s Punk related. 
  14. Mercedes Martinez Signs with WWE?

    I wanted them to sign her years ago during the first MYC but I’m happy for her if this is the case.
  15. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules