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  1. Crying on the floor confirmed. Someone remove Pam. Please.
  2. Excited for her speech. I hope she shoots down the people who hate the "Diva" (nobody specific)
  3. Alicia Fox Incident Led to Arn Anderson's Release?

    Genuinely one of the best female workers they have. If only she wasn't crazy in the ring and do weird shit. Shes so atheltic and technically sound but she throws herself around and acts weird. Coming from a huuuuge Alicia fan, the past year or so has been a shame, this just tops it off. Also alcohol explains the hat.
  4. Might be true but have you watched the video? She bareley touched him. Bitch is dangerous but I can't see it in this case. If he got hurt it's his fault.
  5. This isn't about how many times you can almost die to get a 5-star rating. I never said she wasn't good. But she thinks she's more deserving than she is. 
  6. Yeah, i'll always agree that this about the chance you're given. But why was she the champion for such a small amount of time, every time? If her merch sales are high, she can go in the ring - what's been the block?  IMO she hasn't got the IT factor. Shes good, she's got some star quality. But shes not THE star. It's not in her. 
  7. She's good in the ring, but i'm over it. She's been with the company for over 6 years.. And she's remained the same for 5 of them. She made an impact on NXT, built a character and then got stale. Just as Bayley did. Just as Becky did (for a time) She has a lot of opinions and zero humility. I don't enjoy watching her on TV anymore. Her gimmick is outdated just like Bayley. NXT should be where you develop your character, not finalise it. The MR is a chance to improve and evolve. She hasn't. Because she doesn't believe she needs to. 4 MR title runs and nothing to remember. Talks a big game.
  8. Considering shes been taking bumps for 5 years, her body is probably fairly used it it. What she may not be used to is a UFC girl who cant differentiate and doesn't know how to work carfeully.
  9. Michelle is another good example, like Eve. The point I was making is, when the WWE have true faith in you, like Trish, Lita, Charlotte and want them to be the "IT" girl of their generation, they won't be remembered for their characters as much as their ground breaking moments and title reigns. It's only the fans that think independently from WWE who put the TOP girls on the same level as the IT girls. But WWE definitely differentiates. The best example I can think of is comparing Melina to Trish. Both had good runs as heel/face, both had plenty of titles. But one was just a TOP girl for a time and one became an IT girl. Very few make it there. Sable was probably the first real example.
  10. She already is. She's been given story development, mic time, ring time and of course the belt. Becky's worked for years as a baby face but only made an impact as a heel. Much like Eve for example. So she won't be rememered as an IT girl like Trish, Lita, Charlotte etc. Simply because regardless of how we prefer them, WWE won't let us remember them as their heel personas. Just, "Incredible record setting, ground breaking women" We remember girls like Melina, Michelle, Victoria as great workers/characters (who were top girls at one point) but not groundbreaking in WWE's eyes. I see Becky as much the same. Top girl status comes when 1) WWE allows it 2) When you find your groove. And that's what Becky's finally gone and done.
  11. Sable* on a side note - the term “diva” was just the name of the division. It doesn’t mean anyone during that time was a bad competitor or character. If anything a lot of them had 10x the charisma some of the current girls do. it shouldn’t be defined as a bad era for women. It was the making of the women, not everything starts out perfect. And it still isn’t. Creative differences and ideas will make sure there’s always room for improvement.
  12. Best looks?