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  1. Sable* on a side note - the term “diva” was just the name of the division. It doesn’t mean anyone during that time was a bad competitor or character. If anything a lot of them had 10x the charisma some of the current girls do. it shouldn’t be defined as a bad era for women. It was the making of the women, not everything starts out perfect. And it still isn’t. Creative differences and ideas will make sure there’s always room for improvement.
  2. Best looks?

  3. Best looks?

  4. Today in WWE History (09/20/2004)

      Let us, however, remember how close they were to giving the belt to Stacy. She REFUSED. Seflish. What an era that would have been
  5. Brie talks infamous suicide dive spot

    Shh im catching up. She's making her own impact
  6. Brie talks infamous suicide dive spot

  7. I didn't like their feud originally. For nostalgia sake I'm fine with it. Id have much preferred an invasion re-match.
  8. I'm over Charlotte as much as the next person. And think they're stupid for giving her so much.. But think about it.. Trish was actually only with the company 6 years. Charlotte's been active (NXT included) for 5. It's not THAT much of a stretch. It just seems worse. Not sure why. Maybe because we were younger and watching Trish for 6 years meant more than watching Charlotte now.  
  9. Team Bestie vs The Bella Twins at Evolution?

    IIconics Vs Bellas (or LayCool) would be dreamy. Considering how on point Michelle looked at the rumble. But I'll allow this. But if we're wanting nostalgia... Trish/Lita/Molly Vs 3 current girls.
  10. Alexa Bliss Supports Hulk Hogan

    Everyone is so easily offended these days.
  11. Saudi Arabia apologizes for showing women.

    A queen before her time
  12. Tenille Dealing with Injury

    Ever since she stopped being a joke character shes injured herself every time shes moved. Shes only 28? 29? and her body's holding up like a 70 year old.
  13. Let's not pretend the other girls are ready. Dakota might be. You have girls like Aliyah, Lacey, Bianca etc that are all just "ok" in the ring (albeit im impressed with Bianca) and need a lot of work. WWE really should realise they can have more than one female feud on NXT. Otherwise those girls are going to get limited experience at TV and that's crucial. Forget all the PC experience they get.
  14. Feuds You'd Like To See?

    First of all... who remembers real feuds?! Now every woman is involved and nobody has any real feud. I'm kinda over the entire roster tbh. Alexa, Mandy, Carmella, Liv and Nia are the only ones that bring anything for me outside of wrestling (most are pretty solid) So the feuds I want wouldn't really be viable because any of those 5 couldn't really hold a feud with each other. Maybe Alexa/Nia would work. Charlotte/Asuka would probably have decent ring work. But Charlotte as a heel... PLEASEEE. And of course.. Billie/Peyton vs everyone. All day. Every day.