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  1. I have to say something

    Why feel bad for me ? Just typing what I felt was real 
  2. I have to say something

    For this April Fools Joke!
  3. I have to say something

    I'm sorry but this was too funny! 
  4. Melina

  5. I have to say something

    Wait, I don't get on HB for a day and World War III has taken place. I really liked Hasnan and honestly Hasnan was my favorite member. Hasnan is speaking the truth. It is a lot of favoritism on the site. However, growing up in a family of politicians, I know there's favoritism everywhere and I can deal. I do feel like if you don't bow down or stan for a certain diva, you're ostracized from the group. I have a problem voicing my opinion for fear of starting fights with certain members, so I keep my mouth shut and just come online for the live charts mostly 
  6. This or That?

    It depends on how you look at it. Melina definitely played the 'she's just a straight up bitch' heel better while Trish rocked the 'conniving, I'm just using you to get what I want' heel. I stan for Melina so I will always choice her over Trish, but Trish's heel run was great.
  7. I love Rosita so I support and I'll go watch it in theaters and/or buy the DVD!
  8. Random Thoughts

    Sometimes being a resident assistant sucks! I wanted to go out tonight!
  9. Hillary Clinton Announces Support for Gay Marriage!

    As a Christian, I absolutely praise all the comments you said about people using the bible as a way to condemn homosexuality. I believe most Christians selectively read the bible. They overlook things that may send them to hell, but zero in on 'sins' that they don't partake in. I knew someone in high school that was against gay marriage because being gay was a sin and told me that gays were going to hell and that I was going to hell for supporting them. I told her that she was going to hell for wearing a polyester sweater and that I would see her there because the bible says you're not allowed to wear clothes of two different fabrics. She didn't know that and that's in Leviticus...the same book that supposedly condemns gay people. Most people also use the old testament to condemn it, but Jesus delivered us from the old testament so using the old testament automatically makes your argument invalid.
  10. Fun Facts

    I stan for Melina(I think I'm the only Melina stan)
  11. Raw March 11, 2013: Live Chat

    Me and You both!!
  12. Raw March 11, 2013: Live Chat

    If Kharma returns because of the Bellas' return, I will forever stan for the Bellas.
  13. Raw March 11, 2013: Live Chat

    So are we finally gonna get that Bellas vs Funkadactyls that I was hoping for??? And will Kharma come back since we have the Bellas for her to feud with??? :excited:
  14. Raw March 11, 2013: Live Chat

    It's funny. I was never the biggest fan of the Bellas but when they came back on my screen, I marked out a bit ...and they told the truth about the division!
  15. Raw March 11, 2013: Live Chat

    Mark Henry  But Kofi jobbing to Mark Henry