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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    so athletic,fit and sexy, BB should come back           damn this kick
  2. Mandy Rose Reveals Her New Boyfriend

    yes, but this couple would be even better <3<3
  3. Superstar Photo Booth

    BBs latest IG posts are hotasfuck, she has such a coolness,beauty and sex appeal, it's killin <3 #perfection  
  4. I don't understand the hate against Lana, she is one of the coolest and most beautiful woman on the roster, Lana only plays a character with her Rusev Day talk,I mean they are both really confident but only Lana gets the hate....
  5. Mandy Rose Reveals Her New Boyfriend

    I have no problem to show that I have hots for her.#selfconfidence
  6. Mandy Rose Reveals Her New Boyfriend

    the sexiest
  7. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    yeah because they double teamed the golden goddess and Sonya didn't help her, very strong...  
  8. Mandy Rose Reveals Her New Boyfriend

    every person who doesn't think this woman is a gorgeous goddess and blonde beauty queen is simply sick and stupid. and they are a very cute couple.      
  9. Mandy Rose Reveals Her New Boyfriend

    your gifs of Mandy give me a boner for days.
  10. Mandy Rose Reveals Her New Boyfriend

    Mandy has a boyfriend, I cried the last days.
  11. Superstar Photo Booth

    too much beauty <3<3   golden goddess wearing the sexiest outfit of last night <3<3 wow,love the length of her hair <3<3 the sexiest ass in the history of wrestling. <3 you better carry Mandy to the moon and back because you didn't help her in the match...
  12. Superstar Photo Booth

    absolutely great idea.   I mean KK aka BB did great in the rumble and a heel return and a tag team of KK with the golden goddess would be like a dream comin true #theevilblondes
  13. Superstar Photo Booth

    her sexyiness is always killin it and her beauty is breathtaking, I don't know why BB isn't a victoria secrets model!!
  14. Superstar Photo Booth

    one of the sexiest duck faces / kiss faces ever,wow BB!
  15. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    they are the best,love mandys long golden hair till her sexy ass, vote for the beautiful golden goddess and goldust <3