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  1. Raw Talk Returns; Talking Smack Allegedly Next

    Cant wait for Bayley to kill her career again omggg 
  2. Drew Gulak Back with WWE

    I was lowkey hoping they'll give his push/storyline to Jack Gallagher.   
  3. Ember Moon Reveals Her Achilles Injury May Be Career Ending

    Princess is celebrating somewhere
  4. Becky Lynch Announces Pregnancy on Raw, Vacates Title

    Oh henny lbr bree never had it anyways. Trish is 40+ and have 2 bbs and had the motn with char on summerslam
  5. Becky Lynch Announces Pregnancy on Raw, Vacates Title

    Mariah's been real quiet huh 
  6. Money in the Bank 2020: Live Chat

    I love Dana's dumb ass omg hahahaahah
  7. Nikki Bella talks about her neck injury

    She really wants to be aj so bad huh
  8. The Bellas Twins Announce Co-Memoir "Incomparable"

    Aj built up the Paige, which gave us Aksana mic time and crackhead Foxy 
  9. The Bellas Twins Announce Co-Memoir "Incomparable"

    A bad bitch with creative control. Trikki wishes she posseses such power and talent 
  10. WWE 2K21 cancelled

  11. Chris Hemsworth excited to play Hogan

    Cant wait to see him in blonde chinese hair and skin of a hotdog drag
  12. WWE 2K21 cancelled

    Legend moretti not getting a check ughhhh 😭😭😭😭😭
  13. AEW to start filming live shows again on May 6th

    They want to be wwe so bad huh
  14. Griselda Blanco biopic finds director, starring Jennifer Lopez

    Ms. Lo really wants that Oscar.  
  15. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Youre too old for him nnn