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  1. "Black Adam" set for 2021 release

    5 million likes, yup, daddy is coming!
  2. they really go do Becky 2 belts a thing again, won't they?
  3. this, I found it very suspicios how Angela Fong, a top star in FCW, suddenly became a ring announcer on the main roster for ECW as Savannah instead of a wrestler. 
  4. when most women you cast in this movie are black women, it turns into a profit  
  5. she was amazing at Fatal 4 Way Ladder match at Bound For Glory. I am so happy Impact is doing this. Other wrestling companies should take notes 
  6. The Rock highest paid actor globally

    we love seeing black excellence winning. white hollywood hates to see it
  7. is there a link on YouTube where he is saying anti-trans things? I can't believe he would do that while working in the same company that has a major breakout trans worker. Cut the cameras.... deadass
  8. Scarlett Bordeaux among New PC Recruits

    I am surprised WWE didn't picked her back in 2013 when I first saw her OVW match with Taryn Terrell, she was a diva material back then!
  9. Bomb found on ‘The Eternals’ set

    not the first reply 
  10. the movie is too much masculine energy for my sissy ass to care
  11. Mariah Carey stars in a British chips commercial

    globally booked and busy with sponsors
  12. where is Melina?? list invalidT.
  13. oh wow, so the GP is interested in women's wrestling when they always tune in when women are on TV, I wonder what that incel Brad Shepard thinks of this information
  14. BREAKING: Smackdown Special Edition of Evolution 2.0 airing TONIGHT
  15. unlike liars here, I will be having a peek to see what they will wear and how the crowd  will react to their entrances and if they will start a chant during the match (probably not because the girls would be in danger if someone dares to start "this is hope" or something in the lane of women's rights empowering chants)