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  1. BYEEEE!!!! Naomi, my queen!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo     the Falls Count Anywhere match was lit tho  
  2. Tamina returns at live event

    I'm so happy for Tamother, I find her annoying but knowing more about her personal life and how she's a single mother and all, I feel bad for hating on her  
  3. I am not offended by slurs, especially considering from which context it is used, but since it's Nikki Crust, I suddenly feel personally attacked and want NXT to take permanent actions.
  4. Poll about past Women

    where is Jillian? I feel personally attacked with this poll
  5. Tamina to Smackdown Live?

    Tamother 'bout to throw ha iconic jackets again every Tuesday nights!  
  6. Former TNA KO snatches WWE Tryout

    aww, she's so... nice!!     and with WWE's product, her entrance and ring attire are gonna be lit! N/a shook!
  7. Bobby Lashley: "Donald Trump Is Not Racist"

    learning from Momckie James in order for McMahons to consider giving his job back, get yo coins Lashley because I know TNA is giving you none
  8. I'm ready for Ms. Gaga to spread gay propoganda tonight
  9. I'm here for Lumberjill match with former Divas supporting Momckie James in her corner and women Superstars supporting Buckley in her corner at WM  
  10. her manager is a fucking rat. Fucking cunt.
  11. IMPORTANT: New Administrator

    Congratulations @Shoaib.  Hopefully this means you can delete my WPs