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  1. Australian public votes Yes for Same Sex marriage

    Emma's country/continent showing Trump's McMahon family how it's done  
  2. Taylor Swift

    I don't listen to nazi music  
  3. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    the first pa(i)ge... welp 
  4. Impact Paying Fans to Attend Tapings

    this is embarrassing, no wonder Taryn Christ Terrellsus left
  5. Raw vs SD Survivor Series women's matches

    2008 when Jillian was a boss ass bitch and saved her enemy Candice for having her back snappedT. in half by Nattie.  
  6. If It Weren't Emma & Summer Rae Who Should It Have Been?

    I don't know, I'm just glad Alicia Fox snatchedT. Raw team captain spot in the last minute because Nia Jax walked away,so I can thank her for Foxy's push.
  7. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    fuck WWE and their 4 ugly UFC horsefaces, and especially fuck that irrelevant bulky ass bitch Ronda. I will forever hate them now, WWE can go fuck themselves.   I just hope Emma and Summer Rae join TNA now, I can't believe I just said that since I don't even watch TNA, but I really need to see them on TV again, especially Summer. They need to have their justice served.
  8. TLC 2017: Live Chat

    I was so hyped, yet all 3 matches were so wack. MESS
  9. Maryse's baby gender REVEALED!

    my faves  
  10. TNA Now Sells Pizza!

    they'll be locked up in the basement and making pizza instead of eating it
  11. Alicia Fox gets merch!

    omg, this better be at least Top 10  
  12. A women's talk show. Thoughts?

    omg, the ODB and the Aksana shows were LIT