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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Lacey is gonna be a champion by the end of 2019. Bookmark this
  2. Dolph Ziggler Is Leaving WWE

    because he wants to milk WWE money for bigger contract offer
  3. Lawler signs 2-year WWE deal, pay raise

    he getting a raise for being a waste of air, but women sans Ronda don't even earn Jinder or Kalisto sized paychecks
  4. are they teasing hair vs hair match at the Royal Rumble?
  5. WWE opens up second Performance Centre

    UK men are so... woo  
  6. Braun’s Flopped Promo

    thank god that now he will stop being shoved down our throats
  7. I predict 4 weeks max. 
  8. Edit: Lana gets a pet dog

    congratulations on adopting a puppy
  9. ughhh YEEESSSS!!!!! She was my fave, she is THAT bitch, she has a bright future!!
  10. I mean, someone can make a point WWE signing some rookie woman and getting less paycheck than rookie man, which is what Brandi was talking about. There's no woman that comes to my mind that is not retired that would be paid the same as Chris Jericho because Chris is a huge money magnet and seller for the product than someone like Britt Baker who still needs to establish herself. Now if someone like Becky Lynch would leave WWE, I could see her being paid the same as some male top star of the company.
  11. I wasn't talking about AEW snatching Kong and Love, but having/making stars of their girls like TNA did with those girls and Wilde. I wish them the best! Tessa from Impact has star quality, it would be interesting if she would join them
  12. omg yes! and I hope Emma can sign, but I think she is under ROH I feel like WWE snatch some of the top women in the wrestling, but that doesn't mean AEW can't build women to the star level like Charlotte, Becky, etc. especially when TNA had stars like Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Taylor Wilde and then Gail Kim, who was former WWE's talent, but grew as her own star there.
  13. Homecoming 2019: Results

    I am so pressedT. Katarina wasn't on the show