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  1. so that means Charlotte will be the champion, Becky wins the Royal Rumble match also while I do like triple threat, I would prefer the first ever women's main event at Wrestlemania to be one-on-one match, that way it would feel bigger, but I guess we'll see if they'll need another star power to carry it by then.
  2. Your political compass?

    you get left-leaning if you are open minded enough to eat GMO, but if you wanna eat an animal, you get right-wing because the goal of left-wing is to eventually not kill animals and go vegan! 
  3. Your political compass?

    wow, looks like I WON this compass and passed to the #WINNING side.
  4. she should find another job, that's what she needs to do
  5. Your political compass?

    what is your political compass/leaning? this is a quick 2-3 minute test of 20 questions that will tell you how your lifestyle affects your viewpoints, made by scientists.   posts your screenshots/results! 
  6. the girl don't love herself
  7. Lynch/Rousey WM 35 Plans And NXT Call Ups?

    omfggggggggg, Lacey Evans will get called up next week  
  8. ughh, I stan Becky with each new tweet she posts 
  9. not with The Rock by her side
  10. the OP can now be updated without the spoilers part
  11. Raw November 12, 2018: Live Chat

    the way girls DELIVERED the ending of the show, wow! more iconic than the one from 2016 when Charlotte bought ticket to Smackdown
  12. In a sense that there are a lot of diverse women with unique gimmicks, with much given time and quality matches, yes. WWE also milking the "women's evolution" just like TNA did with "we are not divas, we are Knockouts" marketing.
  13. Define an HB Member

    @Stratusphere Kylegend stan, 2000s divas era nostalgia, underdog
  14. of course she doesn't want it because she thinks she will be a main title contender and the tag team titles would put attention away from her
  15. What's Your Dream Survivor Series Team?

    there are some points you have made on Team One More Time