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  1. Kiera Hogan Comes Out As LGBTQ+

    hmm.. I would've never guessed congrats Ms. Hogan! 
  2. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    all she needs is new theme song and remove pink hair, we don't need another Emmalina situation
  3. Slammiversary 2019: Results

    It's great to see Impact doing great shows still! Props to them  
  4. Stephanie wants Trump on WWE TV

    get Slovenian Goddess Melania instead to be special ring announcer for Tribute To The Troops Divas Women's battle royal match
  5. back to low budget panned independent movies she goes. A Maria Kanellis career trajectory tea.
  6. Random Thoughts

    do we have thread on Democratic primary elections?
  7. 🎶 Now Playing...

  8. favorite era: Joy Giovanni, Jillian Hall, Aksana and Alicia Fox slaying least favorite era: divas division on RAW and SD! after Tiffany left, Superstars divas matches were cute tho
  9. can this industry plant Hailee stop trying to happen, it's never going to happen. Elle is cute, but I want the superior Fanning sister, DAKOTA to snatch the role, I can't believe her career took such a hit once she became an adult, the ageism is NOT CUTE.
  10. can't wait for her Match Of The Year contender with Nyla Rose at All Out  
  11.   a quote with actual personal substance instead of generic "love is love!1". What I love and appreciate the most is the GROWTH from people, we have to stan Ms. Amanda!
  12. Pro Wrestling Eve holding Super She Down today

    seeing what Renee Young is wearing is far more interesting and entertaining than watching this cheap crap wrestling show