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  1. "and you guys are good at.... what... you do!" ajfusdgfgd JLo probably has no idea wtf WWE is  
  2. "The Suicide Squad" Cast Officially Announced

    Viola Davis and Margot Robbie YAAAAAASSSSSSS talent won
  3. J. Lo Should Be an Oscar Contender for ‘Hustlers' Barbara Nitke J. Lo gives a career-best performance as the ringleader of a band of strippers who steal from their douchey Wall Street clients in one of the most fun crime thrillers of the year.   - Daily Beast Grade: Positive
  4. well, it's not just the gays that are talking about it maybe Jennifer is about to snap   also here's a sneak peek, hot damn
  5. I see president Bernie Sanders got them shook
  6. Most Anticipated Movies of Fall 2019?

    I am ready for Hustlers, the dark horse of the fall that will slay everyone away
  7. can someone post their pics so I can identify who those girls are?
  8. Kylie Rae Quits AEW

    I hope there is not some dangerous illness in question. I wish her well 
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    anything on Austin Theory?
  10. Jillian Hall Expecting

    OMG, this is amazing, I am so happy for Jillian! I remember when she announced she was pregnant and she was so happy in 2012, but she suffered miscarriage. I hope everything is fine this time and she delivers healthy and happy baby! I am glad Jillian finally has something good going for her in her life, she has always been into toxic situations, so I hope from now on things get better in her life!
  11. Jazz vs Awesome Kong in a last woman standing or a cage match. A wresting dream!
  12. And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress goes to....... KIM PETRAS
  13. Tessa vs Tenille at the next Impact main event PPV. Book it!
  14. Kiera Hogan Comes Out As LGBTQ+

    hmm.. I would've never guessed congrats Ms. Hogan! 
  15. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    all she needs is new theme song and remove pink hair, we don't need another Emmalina situation