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  1. match of the night has been officially confirmed
  2. WWE Reportedly Offers New Contract To Becky Lynch

    her pay raise better be around the same one as the male main eventers
  3. Torrie keeping HOF speech under 10 minutes

    half of those 10 minutes better be reflecting on the iconic Al Wilson and MaDAWNa storyline
  4. Women's Match to Main Event WrestleMania

    y'all complaining about going late to sleep while I will simply gonna wake up the next morning and watch HERstory being made online
  5. the wording of that tweet   I am confusion
  6. Dana Brooke in the main event of Wrestlemania is what we deserve
  7. Rumor: Hall of Fame Changes

    Lita, Jacqueline, Alundra and Beth deserved every second they had for their long speeches! 
  8. I can understand in sports like MMA, but pro-wrestling is literally like dancing but in fighting mode. He seems a little bit pressed that his Santina gimmick will get him ERASED from wrestling history just like Fabulous Moolah in a few decades as the world evolves and progresses.
  9. Now Apocalypse

    smells like flop, but those 2 men in the photo should consider doing porn instead
  10. I thought this would be a thread where he said something messy, but  
  11. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

    Talent WON.