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  1. Kylie Minogue

    legend is back  
  2. Naomi and Alicia, omfggg, they gonna show everyone how to good they are together in the ring once again, but this time on a relevant show, not on Superstars  
  3. She's about to show AJ STEALers how to properly do Faithbreaker  
  4. just have her come to the ring, closeline few women. Go to the corner and do kicks and punches for 2, 3 minutes and get eliminated lightly, or have Mandy and Daria do all the work for the most time, and then Nia coming in, eliminating both and then picking up Paige and lightly throwing her out. Ughhh, so much possibilities to not have her miss this match and be as safe as possible. Please don't do this to ha  
  5. can't they put her in some minor role where she won't be doing much in the match, just some simple spots with kicks and punches mostly centered in the corner of the ring?
  6. Play With Your Man's Booty-Hole

    what about cleaning anal/not eating before doing anal sex? What happens if you don't do it? and how do you clean your ass inside? with your fingers? also what do you do after anal sex? do you need to clean again or have some special food to eat again, or is it normal and you can do whatever you want? also can you get HIV or any other infection if you're both healthy, but don't use condom? I heard you can if your anal is full of bacteria and his dick collects it and it turns into a disease  
  7. WWE announces Mixed Tag Tournament

    who asked for this flop show? 
  8. Sasha & Alexa Make History

    the fact it's 2017 and we must celebrate women being allowed to wrestle... in a forced costumes... congrats I guess 
  9. Is this forum open for suggestions.

    yes, invite legend Jillian   EDIT: and Aksana
  10. Emma Set to Main Event Independent Show

    we will finally witness Emmalina gimmick
  11. Australian public votes Yes for Same Sex marriage

    Emma's country/continent showing Trump's McMahon family how it's done  
  12. Taylor Swift

    I don't listen to nazi music