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  1. I mean, she has a point. There's nothing wrong with female dancers, but why only resort them to do that? why don't we get hot male models showing off their biceps as well?
  2. I am assuming this chaos was because he was booking RAW, that is the only possible reason why Naomi's name wasn't mentioned because the good sis is only working Snackdown
  3. I read for "female wrestling fans" as in fans of female wrestling, not fans that are only female?   --- Don't drag poor Brandi, she's trying to do something for the women when men in charge of the show ain't doing nothing for their women's divison
  4. Queen of the NXT ratings coming to AEW to bring them ratings now. Sammy Guerrero (whatever his last name is) found retired.
  5. The Rock buys XFL for $15 Million

  6. Courteney Cox Officially Signs Onto "Scream" Reboot

    Jennifer FADniston is fucking OVER
  7. we must be loud and more vocal than annoying male smarks so AEW can sign this "Girl Bye" bop-maker!
  8. Women's Wrestler passes away

    RIP. She was serving LOOKS in the first two pics, okay sis, we see you 
  9. Slammiversary 2020: Results

    alright Ms. Deonna did what she had to do  
  10. New ‘New Mutants’ Teaser. - Will Attend ‘Comic Con At Home’

    coming to save film industry
  11. put it in theaters and keep it there for 6 months to milk as much cash as you can while people will slowly getting back to theaters, like in the good ol' days
  12. Vanessa Borne Update, Was Set for Main Roster Debut

    yes, because Bianca Belair's main roster call up has been doing so well
  13. Tegan Nox Comes Out

    it was kind of obvious. Sonya is shaking a biT.
  14. Bird Box sequel in development

    Oscar winner Sandra Bullock remains being booked and busy with another iconic classic franchise to her legendary filmography. We luv to see it
  15. I stopped watching NXT when her boring ass got pushed down my throat. Thank you Vince for saving your ratings