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  1. does the good sis really have onlyfans profile?  
  2. Kanye West

    he snappedT.
  3. The Bella Twins Hint At Return?

    probably hinting at womens tag team belts, hence why they wanna return  
  4. Potential Mixed Match Challenge 2 Couples

    John Cena and Aksana. Make Aksana have a comeback by feuding with Nikki Bella and trying to seduce John  
  5. #FakeNews, WWE is just too shook to have a mix gender stable on the main roster.
  6. time to watch TNA again  
  7. Naomi Responds to Racism

    Triple Nose swiftly ignoring the racism and just focusing that Naomi won battle royal almost a week late now already  
  8. I would hope Paige, being now the SD GM, invites Absolution to come to SD as well as her friend Alicia Fox to save her from Honda's husband
  9. SmackDown April 10, 2018: Live Chat

    perchedT. for us to get swerved and get Vanessa Bourne debut tonight 
  10. even Vanessa Bourne will be more likely to debut on main roster than Aliyah.
  11. Paige finished as on-screen character

    it's so sad, but I am happy she'll be on Total Divas at least!
  12. watch them book The Rock as special guest referee for their main event
  13. snatch that old man's wig, justice for ending Asuka's streak like that and making legend Momckie look like a fool
  14. Wrestlemania best outfits

  15. I don't understand anything, but as long as UFC is losing, I am here for it