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  1. she deserved an Oscar for her role in Ocean's 8 so she definitely got me excited for this new role
  2. so that explains why McMahons love pushing her even when she is boring and unsafe worker. Republicans stick together, I guess.
  3. she looks like a star. WWE are fools for not signing her, she could really bring the black demographic to the program the way Naomi did for her Royal Rumble entrance!
  4. lemme stream "I'm a Mess" by Bebe Rexha real quick! Get well soon Ms. Rae
  5. they have inconsistent booking and give them sloppy second matches to work for. Why wouldn't people flip channel to watch queen Aliyah on USA Network instead?
  6. in b4 she gives birth to Cena next
  7. I saw her in New Mutants last month and became an instant stan. Margot Robbie is SHAKING!
  8. Rosita is a dangerous worker, send her back to NXT
  9. Why only pretty and successful people are stanning Bella Twins? it's a scientific research I am interested in
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