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  1. well, she better secure her bag before Captain Marvel 2 comes out and bombs at the box office
  2. one billion box office dollar baby
  3. there is no marketing behind this movie, start PROMOTING it so people would know it's in theater and see MarGOD Robbie and others
  4. The diverse cast. A black female Bond. GODmi Malek in the movie, and now Billie Eilish. They really want the next generation to stan this boomer classic franchise. And you know what, we might, we'll see. Salt (should've) and Black Widow (will) outsold!
  5. Oscar Nominees 2020 | Joker leads with 11 nominations

    them nominating both Charlize and Margot based on Bombshell trailer rather than watching the whole movie and seeing how Nicole Kidman was just as great, if not better.
  6. Oscar Nominees 2020 | Joker leads with 11 nominations

    Lord knows how difficult it would be to nominate a black actor that isn't playing a slave. I'm tired. #JusticeForLupita
  7. thots? he also gave some inch resting tea about Tessa's attitude and comments about Ronda Rousey in that backstage incident at the event in this interview that was filmed before yesterday's Tessa's expose. 
  8. "Birds Of Prey" Second Trailer + Album Tracklist Revealed

    the problem is that the trailer doesn't show you what this movie is really about, it just shows how fun it is. But we'll be supporting MarGOD Robbie and taking this film to the one billion club. PeriodT.
  9. BAFTA to review voting system after diversity row

    whew, the power of Jennifer Lopez's nomination snub, I fear  
  10. Becky responds to women’s wrestling critics

    give us Asuka vs Sasha and you'll see that women belong in the main event
  11. BAFTAs are being held on the same day as her Superbowl Halftime show performance, latinx excellence wouldn't even bother attending overseas to lose to white mediocrity to begin with  
  12. the woman BAFTA voter being so proud and excited to announce how Margot got 2 nominations, chileee, so clueless  
  13. 77th Golden Globe Awards: Live Chat

    Laura Dern wins Golden Globe *crickets* this is why the voters shouldn't listen to film forum weirdos lobbying for this faceless white mediocrity right now if latinx excellence won, the news and the media would be talking about their flop awards show because of her victory speech. Oh well...
  14. 77th Golden Globe Awards: Live Chat

    And the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress goes to..... OMG, the latinx excellence JENNIFER LOPEZ!!
  15. c'mon guys, what about the divas??!