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  1. 2017 MTV Video Music Awards

    ugly nominations   delete it fat
  2. my favorite 00s rock band, always had their songs on my phone not only to rock out to, but to keep it undercover so my friends would not think I was a super power bottom for having bunch of Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears songs!   and also "Heavy" is so much more powerful now, wish I'd appreciate the song and the message more while he was still alive. Rest in peace legend  
  3. What would you think about a seperate show for the women?

    I don't want wresting being segregated based on gender
  4. not "All American Girl" while being booked from Toronto, Canada. #TNALogic  
  5. Who Should Face Naomi at Summerslam?

    Becky, since she was close snatching that briefcase before Cumella screwed her
  6. Kevin Owen denies recent "nude" leak

    is anybody gonna post those alleged nudes here or?
  7. WWE rumored to clear out Women's roster

    Tamother and N/a can go
  8. WWE rumored to clear out Women's roster

    they better NOT release the second coming of Taryn Terrell aka Mandy Godse, Pukey Riot and Nikki Gross can go tho.
  9. Sasha Hinting at Leaving WWE in 2 More Years?

    wow, even my Queen Jillian would last longer on the main WWE roster than Sasha
  10. Paige, Queen of leather jackets, Tamina who?
  11. Who Should TNA Sign?

    omg, I am so mad Raquel got released, she had charisma unlike these other bitches and was the only one with interesting chracter after they ruined Chelsea Green with that idiotic wedding dress gimmick. And fire Rosemary, this isn't 80s where you can pull off fake shit and make it seem interesting
  12. Talking Smack CANCELED as a Weekly Show

    isn't Talking Smack doing good in the ratings on WWE Network, while 205Live is tanking horribly? A Breaking Ground cancelled for Holy Foley teas
  13. of course someone who is a Renee Young stan would find this funny or memorable.