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  1. HB GIF-cionary

    NAME: HBkers being BFFs or fake bitches DEFINITION: A gif taken from a Total Divas classic season. Maryse and Eva Marie hugs. Used when you have good conversation with a member, or when you're being a fake bitch like Alexa was to Nia Jax EXAMPLE: oh my god, that new layout looks so great, did you made it all by yourself?
  2. Lacey Evans gets Merch

    ughhh, yaaasssss legend!! get that republican and libertarian coinT.  
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Sarah Horsegan is a talentless gutterslut
  4. Extreme Rules 2018: Live Chat

    there's a PPV going on?
  5. Hulk Hogan Reinstated Into WWE Hall of Fame

    stealing time for what could've been black excellence Sasha Banks match winning against Bugley in Extreme Makeover match
  6. Random Thoughts

    woo, y'all better cheer for TALENT this Sunday
  7. Jillian vs Lacey Evans, the battle of who is the Queen of the Conservatives. Book it, WWE.
  8. Kaitlyn Officially Returning for Mae Young Classic

    we have our winner
  9. I came here expecting something big and awful
  10. ughhh, she was my fave in Tough Enough  please sign her!
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Kaitlyn hinting at a TNA run, bitch, this ain't 2008-2013 era anymore
  12. C'mon IIconics, pick up a win already tonight 
  13. Raw June 25, 2018: Live Chat

    ughhh, the highlight of the night, let's be real  the other one being Liv Morgan's hurricanrana on Ember on the outside, whew
  14. remove NXT, and there are some points she has made
  15. ughhh, thank goodness for Beth Phoenix who broke the mold a little bit, and served different kind of diva than Vince usually liked