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  1. Raw May 29, 2017: Live Chat

    another Bugley segment tonight?
  2. and what is the extreme stipulation?
  3. NXT Spoilers

    what is this? where is Golden Goddess? NXT cancelledT.
  4. A transgender in the women's division. Thoughts?

    only if you're Blaire White  the rest would boo the trans individual and bully them on social media, and dare I say, even live chanting about their biological sex, sadly
  5. perchedT. to see The Iconic Duo debut at MITB to fill those 2 spots
  6. Update on Emma's Return

    save the RAW women's division, QUEEN!!
  7. Would Sasha/Alicia do better on SD?

    those old men on RAW have no idea how to book talent, unlike Slaydown
  8. Women's Money in the Bank Match in the Works

    ain't ready for the good sistrens to get injured. Keep it safe girlies so more matches like this can happen in the future
  9. how brainwashed you have to be in your fucked up fairytale belief to hurt and kill young children who are there to enjoy life and see their favorite pop star? Absolutely vile and primitive. I hate humanity is still like this in 2017... Rest in peace innocent angels who lost their lives too soon because of these rats. I just wanna know how did the nail bomb ended up being at the concert in the first place? How did security let this happen?
  10. Summerina Rae is coming
  11. Main Event May 19, 2017: Spoilers

    yikes, poor Dana, ha career flopping after Slaymma :/
  12. SmackDown May 16, 2017: Live Chat

    they better announce Queen Lana's comeback date
  13. Raw May 15, 2017: Live Chat

    omg, the officials were shook at you Eric!