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  1. Do You Miss Theme/Gimmick Matches?

    Star On A Pole >>>>>>>>> Ladder match, don't @ me   
  2. I got it all off my chest and let her know what's up the minute she joined Twitter in 2012
  3. omg, so that means the woman who can join such high profile stars is non-other than STACY KEIBLER
  4. Would you be here for an all women's NXT?

    and watch another boring Ronda's friend match? I'll pass
  5. Music of the moment

  6. Tables Match Announced for TLC

    who asked for a good stipulation match to be wasted on this uninteresting storyline?
  7. this is wwe they don't put effort in lol!
  8. Musician Alicia Warrington Hired as New NXT Announcer

    so we got the best of both worlds? perchedT. for her 6 year long career 
  9. because that's how women were marketed in WWE
  10. What would your reaction be...

    I am here for bra & panties matches if it means we'll also get Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins in a Tuxedo match  
  11. where's Asuka vs Sasha Banks from RAW when Sasha almost broke her neck?
  12. oh wow, how exciting! the ratings are definitely going to SKYROCKET after this announcement 
  13. he's just making a fun out of sexual liberation, trust me, don't fall for straight men joking around bisexuality/homosexuality, the actual reality is gonna hit you hard in the face