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  1. 4 WWE Superstars Injured At MITB

    I was scared Carmella got injured for real, queen knows how to sell 
  2. WWE Adding Another Championship

    ready for queen Renee Young to become a Hardcore champion just legend Terri Runnels
  3. Eurovision Song Contest

  4. PAC/Neville out of AEW

  5. Scarlett has really made a name for herself, so I am not surprised she will try to get with AEW
  6. Eurovision Song Contest

    Iceland Top 10 despite poor jury votes, my votes with the televoting came THRUUU!!!!!!!!   North Macedonia, omg, slay Slavic sister   Netherlands as a winner is meh, but it's not awful
  7. Eurovision Song Contest

    tonight are the finals, I wanna vote for Iceland, but make it so my family doesn't notice because they are very homophobic, so I gotta keep myself in check and not expose myself. polls say The Netherlands are favorites to win.... disgusting. ELECTRIC CHAIR
  8. Eurovision Song Contest

    taste! Australian and Albanian excellence came thru   did you know that the singer from Albania is singing to all Albanians to come back to homeland, poor Dua, Bebe, Rita and Ava Max  
  9. Eurovision Song Contest

    I am lazy to make an OP, so someone else can do that instead. Anyways who are your faves this year? I am rooting for Iceland. HATRED WILL PREVAIL  
  10. AEW Announces TV Deal

    ready for "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" to hit and Tenille comes out  
  11. it's time we cancel Vince, let's protest for him to retire
  12. women's tag team championship match at Wrestlemania deserved
  13. What 1 season TV Show deserved to last longer?

    Fuller House season 1 was so fun
  14. first he was hard to convince to do brand split in 2016, now he doesn't want to let it go LOL  can't wait for 30 diva battle royals to fit every girl on the show 
  15. the way WWE erased her and Alicia Fox's iconic brawl in Abu Dhabi a year before that Alexa Bliss and Sasha match