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  1. Nasties already testing the power of Lacey, but she will be the last one laughing when she wins the Smackdown championship at Wrestlemania and makes the whole wrestling community fume at the Lady of WWE.
  2. Paige: “It Was Never WWE Holding The Women Back”

    I mean, I understand some points she made, I was listening to some Becky Lynch interview where she talked about wrestling independent back in 2005 and the crowd was chanting "women's wrestling" because the match was very sloppy and a botchfest and mocking them how wrestling ring isn't for women. So yes, the (sexist) crowd is also to blame, but that doesn't mean WWE, the most powerful wrestling company in the world, isn't to be blamed for how they portrayed women's wrestling and normalized women for simply being "bathroom breaks" because the mentality of the higher-ups was sexist, and the fed that sexist mentality to the general public who watched wrestling.
  3. I want Mandy and Sonya for Fastline since they did awesome job together. At Wrestlemania against Trish and Lita and then after that I want a feud with The IIconics where they would finally win the title during summer!
  4. Carmella Is Innocent

    your username and avi, I stan you 
  5. Seth Rollins' Fiancee Publicly Announces Split

    whew, what a day in wrestling. 16th of February, 2 days after Valentines Day is the breaking up day. I blame new Ariana Grande song for this new epidemic.
  6. Carmella Is Innocent

    points were made 
  7. Carmella Is Innocent

    both deserved lashings, especially that whore Graves. He needs to get DRAGGED by the crowd, but knowing them, they'll only drag Carmella during her match. And deservedly so, the sis should've expose that nasty cheating DIRT to his wife instead of knowingly choosing to sleep with him while knowing he has 3 small kids. Yikes, but I am still not unstanning the Princess of Staten Island, because she saved summer of 2018 with her iconic run as Smackdown champion. The crowd better start a chant lashing at Corey first if they attempt to come for Ms. Carmella.
  8. Avril Lavigne

    wow, this is A SONG!!   I can already see Nikki Bella MVs being made on Youtube with this song  
  9. Beyond The Trailer's Fighting With My Family Review

    omg, I love her!  she was STANNING
  10. I haven't watched this show since Cameron left the show  glad it still has loyal viewers!
  11. omg, what news happened with Dream??  
  12. Avril Lavigne

    Young Avril did that  
  13. Music of the moment