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  1. we kinda have no choice but to stan, lemme jerk off to his shower photoshoot real quick
  2. Lady Gaga - ‘Chromatica’

    Alice best song on the album. Why?
  3. Nia Jax injures Kairi Sane at Raw taping

    Vince using Nia's "unsafe worker" mark stereotype into a marketing tool to have people tune in next week and save tanking RAW ratings. I see you Vince, I see you!
  4. She is boring and was literally the reason why I quit watching NXT. No wonder RAW ratings are now tanking also. Get her off my TV please, thanks.
  5. depression is real... if we treated people as they are humans beings, and not as if they are some worthless, emotionless dumb animals, Hana, Ashley Massaro and Chris Kanyon would've still be with us today. May she RIP.  
  6. Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - ‘Rain on Me’

    Lady Gaga's upcoming #1 in her third decade, I think
  7. we want her back on commentary instead of Lawler
  8. Becky Lynch Announces Pregnancy on Raw, Vacates Title

    I am so happy for Becky and Asuka. It was such a joyful moment watching that segment, Asuka's reaction was just so pure   The POP Becky will receive for her return to challenge Ronda Rousey on some unfinished business, y'all ain't ready. But in the meaintime, it's now it's Liv's time to shine!
  9. either Black Widow or Eternals, since those two Marvel movies have already been filmed. Watch her just be an extra in Black Widow agency 
  10. Rebellion 2020: Results

    what? where is Winter/Katarina?
  11. she's finally booking that Oscars nomination spot, I see 
  12. She was great wrestler, I remember stanning her and hating Aubrey Marie. There are some points JR made about Raquel Diaz being color commentator, move along Jerry Lawler, the latina Renee Young is coming!
  13. I was scared it was somebody important that won't be returning. I wish her... an ounce of luck for getting that visa on time.
  14. Eurovision 2020 Cancelled

    Coronavirus doing God's work by cancelling this event so my country doesn't come up dead last.   Feeling bitter about the girl group icons from Serbia, I hope they send them again in 2021 if this year's Eurovision doesn't get a new date late in the year
  15. just as we were getting all these female-centric films this year. God is truly a man.
  16. I mean... the can simply tag PG13 or have adult themed shows be protected with a password to enter and watch when you're on your own and case solved.
  17. Cameron is being inducted into Hall of Fame, I think
  18. this is so gonna get Birds of Prey'd at the box office  
  19. it took y'all 5 days to open this thread, I guess y'all fear @Mariah. would get y'all warned and suspended for opening such thread anyways, I went to see it with my two female friends on Sunday and we loved it. It's a shame it isn't smashing as we would've hoped for. I blame MarGOD Robbie for having the audience see Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and BOMBshell that they were left with no money to support this movie anymore.
  20. HERstory making QUEEN, we have no choice but to STAN
  21. Razzie Film Nominees 2020 | Cats leads the pack

  22. WWE signs Aja Smith as referee

    black queen! congratulations, ready for her referring Wrestlemania main event and giving the new title victory to Naomi in 2025
  23. I wish them an ounce of luck topping Mickie James and Winter's legendary and iconic Street Fight match classic from Impact 2011
  24. Mickie James Helped Put Women's Royal Rumble Together

    who is responsible for Naomi getting eliminated within a second when she does all the hard work of getting back into the ring for the third year in a row?