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  1. Wrestlers you dislike?

    I can't get into Orton (although I'd let him get into me) or Ronda because they just seem like horrible people. Orton shitting in that girls bag, the way he speaks to fans etc Ronda having terrible opinions and just backtracking anytime she's asked about them now , plus she came in and got things handed to her because she was a name in MMA. I initially didn't like Shayna by association but she seems like an nice person from interviews and unlike the other horsewomen she seemed to always have an interest in WWE. I still don't enjoy her work but I can't hate her
  2. At least the models sometimes had acting ability or charisma, jessamyn looks like Owen Wilson with tattoos and a wig and the other one is a less charismatic Dasha.   Even without bashing the MMA girls, there are so many talented women employed doing nothing, Dana is strong and charismatic yet sits in the back, Vanessa, Aliyah etc
  3. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    Billie's entry was the best, what a team
  4. I feel how the smarks felt when wwe only signed models I'm sick of these MMA women with MMA gimmicks, fair enough Shayna has worked up somewhat of a character kinda but the others ,nope
  5. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    I need Melina to come back and do the double knees to Sasha and stiff Trish for taking her "supposed" mania spot with snooki years ago 
  6. Fuck WWE, I was counting on Peyton hitting the widow's peak on somebody and then 3-2-1, Victoria comes out to a staredown. She deserves the HOF first hardcore and steel cage women's match, 2 time champ and put over so many girls. I wanna know why they hate her
  7. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    Everyone thinking Becky will take out Carmella and steal her spot but what if Charlotte's music hits and Becky takes her spot. Then Charlotte can complain and get herself added to Becky Vs Ronda and it adds to fuel to the fire I just want to see Mella come out at 30 and serve Diva
  8. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    Carmella looks so good ,I wouldn't mind if they did a swerve and had her win to feud with a heel Asuka  
  9. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    I really hope they give the Iconics some eliminations tonight. This is the night they can fix the shit booking and make them look dominant as a team, same for Riott squad tbh   Also hope Becky eliminates Layla in the rumble hehe
  10. It definitely would have helped the main roster girls not get so much hate compared to the saviours of wrestling that would come in 2014 in the form of the horsewomen. The talent has always been there it ,the trigger for the evolution could have been pulled any year realistically. 2012 would be a great year though, AJ,Kaitlyn, Eve, Maxine, Naomi, Natalya ,Alicia and honestly even Layla as the veteran to build the rising stars up. It really could have got the fans invested and made for some great matches . It would have made the eventual horsewomen on the main roster feuds much more than the shitty tag team trio warfare we got for months
  11. I actually like Cameron but this was a bit unnecessary and not "tea",came across a little bitter. Cameron was there awhile at that stage and that match was last minute and meant nothing in the long run so AJ could have bailed and realistically had some segment instead. Charitable queen working through her stomach ache to give Divas A Chance
  12. A Naomi heel turn and feud with Asuka could be great. Maybe have Naomi and Asuka try go for the tag titles push a whole "asuka could be the first single and tag champ competitor "story only for Naomi to turn and say she's a solo star and she wants the singles gold. Maybe add in Billie and Peyton cause I want them to do something. I can see an everyone against Asuka type deal at Mania maybe
  13. Reason the Women's Tag Titles were Delayed

    The leaked belts were ugly so they'd actually fit well on Bagley  Hopefully this new change of belt gives a new change of first champions, give me IIconics, Bella's or even Riot Squad , I want an actual team to win first.
  14. My top pick is still in this, where's yours? Sucking lollipops and being more inactive on social media than I am on here 
  15. It's sad but at least the best of the fab four made it the highest