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  1. Black Newcomer Cast in Major Role for "The Batman"

    Yeah, with them keeping it a secret it's probably a Barbara cameo. However, they could be trying to swerve people and her role will be someone random like Holly Robinson. nn
  2. Wrestling stans are so over dramatic. This wont top Sami Zayn with Lashley's "sisters" or the Bayley's This is Your Life segment.
  3. Cathy Kelley is so pretty. Fergal lost
  4. This match is snapping  
  5. Triple H is a damn mess for putting Tegan and her two broken knees in a War Games match
  6. It's pretty obvious now that their women's division was never AEW's top priority
  7. Oh wow, I really thought this was going to be a Santana showcase  I guess it was time for Taynara to start picking up wins.
  8. Drew had a little mini feud with Bruan for a couple of weeks of SmackDown
  9. @Mariah. Neville really left WWE to work with the lower card of AEW. We hate to see it.
  10. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I guess NXT needs a figurehead to lead an invasion, but this would of been more impactful if Adam was the one giving this promo. Your top guy is looking like a lackey right now.