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  1. Random Thoughts

    a hot damn mess  I need to watch the whole thing, but dying at the stoners stealing the peanut butter cups  
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Yeah, Kelly got Christmas gear + THQ got shady and gave her Michelle's devil costume    
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Kelly getting two attires in this game for no reason  
  4. Happy Birthday, Stephen!

    Happy Birthday sis! Hope your b-day wishes of snatching Evan Bourne and his inches come true!
  5. Academy Award Deserving Women's Wrestlers

    comedy: drama: action: queen of versatility  
  6. Chris O'Donnell was perfection 
  7. jiojhhi If DC really wants to be gritty, they need to serve skinemax tbh
  8. I need Reeves/DC to snatch Joel Schumacher and let him exclusively direct Nightwing's scenes
  9. The Weakest Link | Fin. (Mariah. wins!)

    Poison Opera cancelled