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  1. Raw July 16, 2018: Live Chat

    "Hello, I am Elias"
  2. HB GIF-cionary

    NAME: Stacy Keibler Bopping DEFINITION: A classic gif that can be useful for any joyous situation, but is often used when it pertains to music EXAMPLE: @Mariah.: We're in plug Me: Coming!
  3. oop Betty better snatch  
  4. whew a lumberjill match, a random catfight brawl breaking out, and hairspray in the eyes? This was a DIVA segment
  5. The 10 Most Popular Women in WWE

    The Charlotte stans searching for merch and not buying
  6. Raw July 9, 2018: Live Chat

    not an album  a jingle with jillian found dead
  7. Raw July 9, 2018: Live Chat

    It gave me flashbacks to Renee peeping out Seth on UUDD  
  8. Raw July 9, 2018: Live Chat

    CFO$ unnecessarily remixing Ruby's theme while Alicia is still coming out to an almost two decade old house bop
  9. Raw July 9, 2018: Live Chat

    that reminds me, let me rewatch those beau mirchoff videos
  10. Raw July 9, 2018: Live Chat

    the arms @Mariah.