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  1. I don't know if I'm ready to watch Naomi's legs wobble as she's ready to dive off the top of the ladder
  2. Carmella's makeup is really serving Pam Anderson here  @Mariah.
  3. Can Vince let Femme Fatale play more than 30 seconds
  4. I need somebody to edit in Feelin Me during Lana's little segment since WWE refuses to use it
  5. I hate how Paige suddenly has a wardrobe when she's GM
  6. He was like this before sis returned as well. They really need to bring her back
  7. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat

    Ember's selling is serving old WWE games where you would do three flips after getting hit with a forearm
  8. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat

    jk;iorhj a 1980s stripper bop tbh
  9. WWE doing the most by hiring these extras, but they're still throwing up those cheetah print blankets in the ring as decor  
  10. Lana's accent switching from american to russian every few seconds is making me scream