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  1. So instead of getting some good matches from these girls. This company just went with the laziest route they could go. A handful of these icons should be put in one on one matches or tag matches instead of the obligatory once in every few month battle royal. I bet you that none of these girls will win the match to face either Champions. Such a waste. 
  2. TO FREEDOM: Charlotte Allegedly Exposed as Racist

    My hair is never happy hun 
  3. TO FREEDOM: Charlotte Allegedly Exposed as Racist

    Well, she learned well from her father and I am un stanning. I can't support a racist. 
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  6. Tegan Nox injury update

    I must have watched her match twice and each time I shed tears  because I can feel her pain. She really wanted to win this year and wanted to continue the match. Hopefully she has a safe recovery and can come back next year to win the classics.  
  7. Charlotte Sued by Ex-Husband

    Five million dollar lawsuit from a ex husband that is probably broke. 
  8. WWE pressured to cancel Crown Jewel

    I also heard that some talents in the company doesn't want to go. 
  9. The Bellas Want AJ to Return for Evolution

    They are not the only one. I want AJ Lee back in the WWE. I mean I would love her to finally have a feud with Sasha Banks and Bayley. Maybe even a feud with Zelina Vega. 
  10. Becky Lynch Injured; Might drop the title back to Charlotte?

    Becky had already lost her first big table match to Alexa Bliss 2 years ago and it ended her defense. I pray that Becky Lynch is at least not injured to the point of forfeiting the belt back to Charlotte because that would not feel right and the fans would not be stupid either. Charlotte also doesn't need another reign this soon. If you are going to do this then let Asuka or Naomi beat Becky for the belt since they are only credible faces left. 
  11. To everyone that lives in the same state as me on here. We have to prepare because Hurricane Micheal is set to take path in The Florida Panhandle in a few days. It is said to be at least a category 3 hurricane and it is still going to be deadly. The central and south part will still be getting some major storm rains and the whole north will be hit hard.

    As well is going to be hitting Georgia and The Carolina's. Now the Carolina's didn't need anymore rain since they just got hit a few weeks ago and still trying to get everything fixed up there. There are still massive floods and homes destroyed. But this is Hurricane Season, what are you going to do? 

    My prayers are for everyone that lives in this state of Fl. Make sure you have lot's of water, sand bags and plenty of dry food to eat. Be safe my family on here.

    1. Ninja Balenciaga
    2. Angelic


      Be safe love! 

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  13. Charlotte Flair Is Predicted To Win Royal Rumble 2019

    At least this would mean that Becky Lynch will retain her Woman's Championship during this feud and Charlotte winning the Rumble is a good thing. Win win for both their parties. Also this could give Becky more opponents like Asuka and Naomi. As well Charlotte to feud with Rousey for the remainder of next year. 
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