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  1. The Nature Boy hospitalized.

    I hope the Nature Boy, Ric Flair recovers from this and we don't need to lose another legend in the business. My prayers are within in Charlotte, Flair and their family plus friends. 
  2. Adam Cole Signs With WWE

  3. Sara Lee Returns to Wrestling

    I can give her that, she does have passion to continue wanting to be a wrestler. I congrats her on that and I love that she choose to comeback. Let's hope that she improves in the Dojo. They do follow me and I will have to DM for info. 
  4. Paige cleared to wrestle?

    Yes, bitch!!! This is awesome news that she is cleared. Now get on Raw and kick some fucking ass.  
  5. Source:
  6. Scott Dawson Injured, SummerSlam Match in Question

    This teams keeps on getting fucked by the injury bug, it stinks since they were getting their shit in gear and this happens. I would like to wish Scott Dawson a healthy recovery.
  7. Alexa vs Sasha Reportedly Happening At Summerslam!

    Sadly this was a planned B in case something happened with Bayley and her injury. This is just one of those things in life when it comes to professional wrestling. I really want Sasha Banks to win the title for the fourth time but this is not the time for her. I would want it with a planned title match. Alexa Bliss will win and this will possibly turn into a feud that we all have been dying for.
  8. Well....this is very timing but I am not surprised here. Deep down I knew she was getting a push due being at more live events. 
  9. Bayley to be out for three months?

    I would like to wish Bayley a safe and healthy recovery. 
  10. Eva Marie OFFICIALLY gone from WWE

    Well, this stinks. I really liked her on Total Divas but I will support whatever she wants to do and that is move onto other projects. Good luck in your future Eva Marie. 
  11. So, I just noticed on my youtube subscribers section. This site has a Grand Theft Auto Online stream. Cool in my honest opinion. I am at Rank 603 with my main character and 693 on my female character. We should play sometime. :) 

  12. Nia Jax sends Bayley to the injured list

    It is sad and awful to see a wrestler get injured in this business. I wish Bayley a healthy recovery. 
  13.  So I went onto my Playstation 4 and the My Video section too. I found out that they gave me Impact Wrestling Episodes from the years 2010 and 2011. So I get to see Sarita, Mickie James, Madison Rayn, Gail Kim, and The Beautiful People blow off the building. Also they gave me 2 seasons of Big Brother, all the seasons of Degrassi, 6 seasons of Bad Girls Club as well. I guess we all know what I will be doing all week. 

  14. Another Superstar Shake Up

    Back in business and 3 out of the 4 Horseman is back to the top of the food chain on Smackdown Live.