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  1. Former ROH Talent Backstage At Smackdown

    Vida Scott is a former AIW Women's Champion and former tag team champion. Also a one time Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion for DDT Pro-Wrestling. Former FWE Woman's Champion, Inspire Pro XX Division Champion at one point in time. As well as a former Legacy Wrestling Women's Champion. Pro Wrestling Illustrated rated her rookie of the year in 2012 and number 43 of the best 50 female singles wrestlers in PWI Female 50 in 2013. Vida Scott is the former manager of Cedric Alexandra and Moose.  Trained at the Ring of Honor Wrestling Academy under Daizee Haze and Delirious.
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  4. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    Your wife is in my prayers Jim Ross. 
  5. ROH & Former TNA Wrestler to Compete on The Bachelorette

    Go get that bread and spotlight Kenny!! 
  6. Reby spilling TEA

    Reby Hardy really did me proud on calling TNA on their bullshit.  
  7. Gail Kim No Longer Signed to TNA

    Gail Kim will eventually get signed again. The company loves her loyalty, she is also talented so that makes it even better. We will be seeing her on our screens again in no time. 
  8. Paige releases statement on current situation

    Nudes and 2 mini tapes. 
  9. Another 2017 Hall Of Fame Inductee Announced

    Long overdue.  
  10. Yet Another Knockout Possibly Done With TNA?

    Well, this is unfortunate. Brooke just got there and now is gone from TNA. I wonder which knockout is next. 
  11. TNA Knockout done with TNA?

    Shame though, Jade is their most talented Knockout. Jade honey please get that call from Hunter and get that NXT Contract. 
  12. Jack Swagger Released

    I feel like he was on his way out and was done after his match with Corbin. It's a shame, a gifted athlete that could of been doing something on SD. I bet he will be better fit in NJPW. Good luck in your future Jack Swagger. 
  13. Happy Birthday, Stephen!

    Happy Birthday Stephen, I hope it was a great one.  
  14. Welp, if this is true then Nikki Cross has just hurt her career. 
  15. Scott D'Amore returns to TNA

    Scott D’Amore the man responsible for Bobby Roode's success in his early career.