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  1. Welp, if this is true then Nikki Cross has just hurt her career. 
  2. Scott D'Amore returns to TNA

    Scott D’Amore the man responsible for Bobby Roode's success in his early career.  
  3. TNA should have done a age investigation first and then decided on what to do with her before hiring Raquel. 
  4. Paige's Life Story Being Turned Into A Film by WWE & The Rock

    I am so ready to see this movie just to see Paige on the screen again. Of course the same can be said towards the Rock. 
  5. Game of Thrones ACTRESS joins movie about Paige's family

    I'm happy for Paige indeed, she is not active on the roster but managed to get herself a new gig, meaning movie role. Congratulations, Paige!!!  
  6. Rosa Mendes Announces Her Retirement From WWE

    That is a good way to go out at the end and it is a message like that. I will miss seeing Rosa Mendes on TV and on Total Divas. She was one of my favorites and she was a great manager, a woman with her head always high and woman with a heart of gold. She did a lot of good things in her wrestling career and Rosa Mendes, I wish nothing but the best for you, your family and future. Good luck mama Mendes. 
  7. AJ Lee was very brave in coming out in the public with this personal issue. I had tears reading this.  I am so proud of Queen J Lee.  
  8. Plans for the WWE Universal title heading to WM

    Well, thank god I sold my tickets for WM. Fuck this, I didn't want this shit to happen. Who the hell wants to see Goldberg or a part timer with a Universal Championship these days? I tell you what. Not a single damn person alive. 
  9. IMPORTANT: New Administrator

    Congratulations Shoaib!!!  
  10. Nikki retiring at Wrestlemania?

    Nikki Bella had an interesting career and a good one to add on. She has put on so many great matches and feuds in the last 3 years in the company. Gotten better in the ring and on the mic in 2013. She is one of the reasons why I watch SD and if this is true then I will be sad. But a neck injury does shorten careers.
  11. Jimmy Superfly Snuka Dead

    Poor Tamina and her family. My condolences goes out to them.  
  12. Former NXT Superstar Returning To WWE

  13. BREAKING NEWS: Trish having a....

    I don't even think that. 
  14. BREAKING NEWS: Trish having a....

    I know she has a son but I am still happy for her. Two children is always a great thing to see happen to person's life.  
  15. Mickie James offered new WWE contract

    Come back to SD and have feuds with Nikki Bella, Carmella, Becky Lynch and last Alexa Bliss.