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  1. Jimmy Superfly Snuka Dead

    Poor Tamina and her family. My condolences goes out to them.  
  2. Former NXT Superstar Returning To WWE

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Trish having a....

    I don't even think that. 
  4. BREAKING NEWS: Trish having a....

    I know she has a son but I am still happy for her. Two children is always a great thing to see happen to person's life.  
  5. Mickie James offered new WWE contract

    Come back to SD and have feuds with Nikki Bella, Carmella, Becky Lynch and last Alexa Bliss. 
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Trish having a....

    Congratulations Trish, you are going to be an amazing mother.  
  7. WWE Hall of Famer Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer

    Poor Tamina. I feel sorry for her. 
  8. Raw November 28, 2016: Live Chat

    As a fan of both Charlotte and Sasha. I will say this feud is dragging me to hell with boredom. It's the same outcome every single month. One wins the match on Pay Per View and one wins it on Raw, come on management. Make up you bloody fucking minds up on who you want to be the Raw Woman's Championship and stick to it. This is doing no one favors by dragging this feud even further. 
  9. It's officially I am going to go to WM 33 and going to the Hall of Fame as well. :D

  10. WWE Legend says he's been given two years to live.

    Poor Vader, this is really sad and it breaks my heart seeing this happened to one of my favorite WCW legends in the business. I wish nothing but peace and prayers to his family plus friends.
  11. Booker T Is Tired Of James Ellsworth

    I'm disgusted because he is a loyal jobber getting pushed which he didn't deserve. On top of that, this jobber got T shirt before Alicia Fox, Summer Rae and Lana. And they been in the company for years. This is fucked up shit. I am telling you. 
  12. Source:
  13. Raw November 7, 2016: Spoilers

    I am so happy that Alicia Fox snatched a spot on the team and won tonight. Tonight I am going out and celebrating. @Lady DarkFox
  14. WWE Planning On Turning Rusev Face

    Let us pray that they don't have him embracing America on his first day on Raw as a face. That would kill him fur sure. 
  15. WWE Planning On Turning Rusev Face

    Yeah, because that was a disaster when they split both of them up. Hopefully they learned their lesson.