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  1. WWE Reportedly Considering a Queen of The Ring Tournament For 2019

    Charlotte is winning this for sure but I know the matches will be good. 
  2. The Dynamite Kid Passes Away At 60

    Loved the wrestler as a kid and he was a solid performer. Part of one of the greatest tag team of all time in The British Bulldogs. But the guy was a piece shit human being but RIP. 
  3. The Dynamite Kid Passes Away At 60

  4. Nikki and Artem Spotted Together in Paris?

    I support it as long as it makes Nikki Bella happy in the long run and short.  
  5. Tekken

    Julia Chang, Craig and Armor King are back in Tekken 7 part of the season 2 pass.    
  6. Zelina Vega & Aleister Black Get Married?

    Glad that both Zelina and Aleister have found happiness within each other!!  
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  11. Lynch/Rousey WM 35 Plans And NXT Call Ups?

    I hope this is leading to a 4Hw vs 4Hw match at WM as the main event next year. 
  12. Looks like my hidden magic worked this year. I got heel Becky Lynch as Smackdown Live Woman's Champion. Now I got heel Charlotte Flair back. God has been good to this year. :smoke:

  13. James Ellsworth allegedly sent nudes to 16 year old

    Oh, I know that but I was just mentioning my state. That is all. 
  14. Becky Lynch learns she can't compete at Survivor Series: WWE Day Of

    Well, what I got from this intake was that Becky has a broken nose and not a broken face. I hope she feels better and heals safely. This video actually made me sad and tear up cause I hate seeing my favorite wrestlers and woman wrestlers hurt or depressed or sad. 
  15. James Ellsworth allegedly sent nudes to 16 year old

    Poor boy, that is illegal here in Fl.