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  1. Maria debuts a new look (BLACK HAIR)

    Maria looks pretty with black hair. I will not lie here. 
  2. Miz and Maryse possibly done?

    Why not just have a sip of both power couples on two different shows. Then by the time WM roles around or a new brand shake up, one of those power couples gets traded to the same show as the other. Having Miz/Maryse vs Mike/Maria feud in the process. A feud to see who the real power couple really is. 
  3. Bray Wyatt's wife speaks out

    Bray did his soon to be ex wife so dirty. I hope she gets a decent amount of child support checks. I feel more sorry for the kids because they have no clue on what is going on. 
  4. Update on Maria Kanellis to WWE

    This Tuesday is going to be a very interesting night for the woman's division.  I'm kind of happy that Maria is back in the WWE. 
  5. Former WWE Star Gets Engaged

    Well, congratulations to the king and queen!!!
  6. Poor Jake Carter and Bray Wyatt's wife. 
  7. Thea Trinidad FINALLY signs with WWE

    Congratulations on getting that contract Thea!!  
  8. I got what I wanted once again and that is Emison together finally. They finally kissed and are now a couple. My magic works wonders on a TV Show. #EmisonIsEndGame 

    1. Kara Zor-El

      Kara Zor-El

      Who's the father?

  9. Brandi Rhodes done with Impact?

    This may be out of my character but I will say this. Not a single major loss for Impact Wrestling. Brandi good luck in your future choices.
  10. WWE Officials Planning Big Push For Carmella

    I wouldn't have a problem with Carmella as the new Smackdown Live Woman's Champion. She certainly deserves a reign because she has gotten so much better with her character growth. And if that article is right about Carmella having a positive behavior during that scrapped finish then that tells you something. 
  11. How did you become a wrestling fan?

    I believe the day I became a wrestling fan was when I was almost 2 years old and my first match was Undertaker's debut at the Survivor Series 1990. My mom and day were always ordering pay per views every 4 months when it was just the standard 4 for the WWE. They also would watch every tv show and couldn't miss a single action. The more I watched it the more I got hooked like a fish in the lake. I just couldn't stop watching even though I didn't agree to every outcome of the match but still fan in general. My first wrestling game was WWF Royal Rumble with Undertaker, Hogan, Bret, HBK, Razor and Crush for Sega Genesis. Still have that game and it is still fun. Funny when you hear the noises of wrestlers mouths when they are getting choked.  The first two woman I ever seen wrestle on TV was Alundra Blaze and Bull Nakano when they were wrestling. I should have seen Alundra Blaze in action at WM 10 but I feel asleep during that match due to me having a cold that weekend. To think I have been watching it my whole life and that is dedication. I am still shocked that I still watch the WWE. But now watch different organizations the more years I watched. 
  12. I have a friend on twitter that lives in that city and I had to see how she is doing.   I feel really bad for everyone involved in the bombing. This cowardly act should have not have happened. People were there at the concert to see Ariana Grande perform her heart out for her fans to hear and see. But that just didn't happen last night. It breaks my heart for her, it really does.   My prayers goes out to the families that lost their members during this act.  
  13. Sara Lee Gives Birth

    Congrats to Sara Lee.
  14. Birdie Joe is finally here!

    Congratulations Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan on bringing such a beautiful baby girl named Birdie into this world. You both will be amazing parents to her.  
  15. Orange is the New Black

    Orange is the New Black returns with Season 5 on June 9. So my family on here get ready for a wild ride because shit just got turned up!!!