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  1. Bray Wyatt Returning With Nikki Cross?

    Nikki is canceled sadly and so is my fan card of Bray Wyatt. 
  2. Raw April 22, 2019: Live Chat

    So I tuned into Raw after the Becky Lynch vs Alicia Fox. To see Bray Wyatt getting a Mr. Rogers gimmick. 
  3. CM Punk Returned to Wrestling At Independent Show on Friday Night

    She doesn't have to work the ring agree but I do want to see her on TV, especially on WWE. True she can skip down to Rumble and be eliminated in that fashion. Though I don't know if WWE or her doctors would clear her for that. Would love to see her back as  GM or in a Authority role. 
  4. CM Punk Returned to Wrestling At Independent Show on Friday Night

    I don't think AJ Lee is coming back to wrestling since she has Spinal trauma which is permanent. As well as had several concussions in her career. It comes from her book. @Mariah. @prince.
  5. Beth Phoenix wrestling on WWE European tour

    Would love to see Beth Phoenix on Raw for more dates.  
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  7. Thoughts on Tyler Blackburn coming out?

    1. Black Terminator

      Black Terminator

      Proud of him. I knew he was bisexual for years as well as Ashley Benson. Helps to have had gay friends in high school and middle. It took him some courage to come out on interview and I am happy. Much more respect for him. :) 

  9. Bray Wyatt Returning With Nikki Cross? I think it is possible that Bray Wyatt is returning. This video makes it so obviously noticeable. But what got me intrigued is not only the vulture bird in a puppet form. But the puppet was wearing Bray Wyatt's mini shirt. That shirt got me to thinking dating back to 2013 when Bray Wyatt had a similar one but with a cult in his boys Luke Harper and Eric Rowan. He wore the same type of shirt in his debut vignette. The creepy vibes from the puppet with the creepy organ with the sounds along with the music. It's so like him to do these kind of cripted message.     This video got me thinking as well. Starting with the dollhouse, it also goes with Bray Wyatt since he had fought in his house during his last match against Randy Orton in 2017 House Of Horrors match. Along side you see a bunch of dolls in the house which makes me think of Nikki Cross since we all know she likes to play with her opponents like in a torture way. The doll that is sitting on the rocking chair got me thinking of the chair that Bray Wyatt used to bring to ring when he was the leader of the Wyatt Family. Last you see a doll that is pale and with dark make up add in the black lipstick. Along with Black Hair with some kind of hair thing on her head. Along with the dark dress that doll had. This also makes me think of Nikki Cross. It's strikes me odd that they haven't put Nikki Cross on either brand but we all know she is going to straight to Raw with Bray Wyatt since they are lacking some star power in both divisions. Before I forget, in this video there is a creepy laugh from either a woman, male or combination of both. Now don't write me off fast. Just take some time to think for a moment. Also they did break of Sanity, must be a reason behind it. I don't buy it because they were jobbers, they did state that no one was safe in the shake up. Not even a 
  10. Nia Jax injured just dawned me while giving my best wishes to Nia on twitter. Wasn't she the same woman that injure Becky months ago? 
  11. Nia Jax injured

    Oh, shit. It's late 2015/early 2016 all over again with these injuries. First some of the woman from NXT UK out with an injury and now Nia Jax. This really sucks and it most likely Nia Jax will be out for a full year. I wish Mother Nia to get better and have a safe recovery. This is getting scary. 
  12. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    I'm praying that she is trolling the fans again. 
  13. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    I saw people on twitter and a few noticed that she unfollowed the WWE. Started to following AEW and Kenny Omega. 
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  15. Multiple Superstars Possibly Injured