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  1. Tryouts Thread

  2. Paige and Rosa Reconcile?

    Looks like we got the three amigos back mi familia!! ย 
  3. Conor McGregor in talks for WWE debut

    I am so happy about this decision since he can be a very powerful heel in the company and a entertaining one at will. ย 
  4. Current Plans for the WWE Women's Division

    How on earth does that 4 vs 4 woman match help the entire division? It does nothing but waste everyone's time. Some of us doesn't even want to see washed up MMA fighters in the WWE.ย 
  5. Currently listening to....

  6. Current Plans for the WWE Women's Division

    The queen winning the Smackdown Live Women's Championship. ย  Royal Rumble for the woman roster as well. ย  The stable match, I really don't give a damn about. They can keep it.ย 
  7. Bayley is competing in the 2017 Nintendo World Championships

    I'm not going to lie, I just don't like her character but I respect her for putting it down in the ring. I am rooting for her out of all of those people. Bayley better snatch that Championship.ย 
  8. RIP To A True Icon In Hugh Hefner. :(ย 

  9. Source:ย
  10. Maria Kanellis Pregnant

    Congratulations Mike and Maria, I am happy for the both of them. I know they will be awesome parents to their baby. ย 
  11. My favorites stay winning. Nikki Bella will possibly win Dancing Of The Stars and Sasha Pieterse will be getting her own spin off on Pretty Little Liars Spin Off Seriesย ย "The Perfectionists". God has been on my side once again. My queens getting that bread!ย 

  12. Happy Birthday, Logan!

    Happy Birthday, King Logan!!! ย 
  13. Paige is back at the performance center

    I'm not going to lie to you all and I will be honest here. When she hits the stage and her music plays, the crowd is going to give her a big welcome back because it's been too long since she has been in the WWE Ring. I missed seeing her compete and I know deep down in my gut, that she will be coming back in a big way. Welcome back to WWE Paige!!! @Mariah.ย @AntiKingAndrewย @Natalie
  14. Shayna Baszler Signs With WWE

    I just don't know why they continue to sign these MMA girls knowing full well they have too many woman in their company in the first place.ย 
  15. I am praying that @Josh.ย & @pandaย are okay today during the hurricane, stay safe boos, I love you both and we will beat this hurricane.ย 

    1. Josh.


      Thank you boo :heart:ย 

    2. YouAreAThot


      You're adorable tbhย 



    3. panda


      Thanks sis. We just got power back today. :shook: