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  2. WWE Doctor Had Relationship with Diva While Treating Her

    Doctor Amann keeps digging holes within himself. This goes against the ethic code of conduct and will be addressed by the board for sure. 
  3. Music of the moment

    JT would have been there had Rylie didn't think it all was a scam when he got a call. 
  4. Music of the moment

    I just realized they put Conner and Allie from seasons 2008-2014 on there. Also Nina Dobrev getting most of the time since she is the second successful thing to come from Degrassi. 
  5. Music of the moment

    Drake literally snatched me bald here. I am crying inside that he included all of his friends from Degrassi in this music video. They all aged well and are still beautiful to this very day. Congrats Drake, I am officially snatched bald. 
  6. Tekken

    Crossing fingers that Julia, Christy and Lei is in one of those packs. 
  7. After last nights events on twitter, Corey Graves has lost all of my respect for shit talking Punk after his UFC second lost. 

    1. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      It was so uncalled for like if y’all were that close you wouldn’t have popped off like that. Then to kick someone who you called a brother when they are down is low. Saying he’s punk rock and loyal but complaining like a 14 year old that just got dumped for the first time.


    2. Layout


      Fuck Corey Graves!

    3. Black Terminator

      Black Terminator

      Should have just talk to him like a man outside of social media and if you can't come to a mature agreement, then move on with your lives. Something that Graves couldn't even do. #FuckGraves 

  8. The Bella Twins


    About time Shirai jumped ship, I been waiting a year for this happen and now the it's time. I do think this is just typical McMahon family fashion. Getting all of the top talent from smaller promotions that obviously has given better shows. This is going to be WWE vs WCW/ECW all over again but this time no war. 
  10. Jinny is going to be doing great things as the Progress Woman's Champion. I was counting on her being then next Champion and she is. 
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  12. Ashley Benson from PLL and Cara Delevingne finally came out of the closet last night. They are now dating. The community wins again. I love it!! 

  13. Big Cass Injured Again

    Probably Carmella was doing some spells while she was still down in NXT and Cass/Enzo was on the main roster. 
  14. Alicia Fox Is Scheduled For A Exam