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  2. AJ Styles Signs New Deal With WWE

    Source: Sorry AEW hardcore fans but the King is staying with the WWE. 
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  4. DJZ Officially Signs With WWE

  5. I will not watch Dana Brooke be buried in under a minute against Rousey. 
  6. Source:
  7. Chelsea Green Injured

    Just when she just got done debuting on NXT TV too. I hope you have a speedy and safe recovery Chelsea.  
  8. So Netflix cancel's another good show like One Day At A Time but continues to put boring crap on that hardly nobody even wants. 

    There is one thing I hate in life more than the devil and people that hold other people back from succeeding in life. That one thing is liars. 

    The show didn't have enough audience that viewed the show but yet it's get top trending. More lies from Netflix. Don't lie to your audience and subscribers. You guys didn't want to renew their show which was an education to many different mind watchers to learn about diversity and culture.

    1. Kat


      I’m so pissed off it’s cancelled. It’s one of the best shows Netflix have ever done and one of 2 reasons I even got Netflix in the first place. 

  9. Another reason why I love Drew Mcintyre because he is always there and happy for the talent in the back that has busted their asses off to get where they are at today. 
  10. Pretty Little Liars and Life Sentence star, Lucy Hale will be joining Riverdale's Spin Off Season. :excited:

  11. Nikki Bella and Artem Are Official; Caught Kissing

    I'm happy for Nikki Bella. She deserves this kind of happiness. Plus this guy is a huge step up from John Cena. 
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  14. Nia Jax DRAGS Dave Meltzer

    About damn time she said something to that moron who has talked shit about her in his shows in the last full year. 
  15. In her first year in WCW. She was brought in by the NWO to seduce David Flair to turn on his father in 1999 leading into Superbrawl pay per view.  Eddie Guerrero storyline with him vs Billy Kidman, flirt angle with Eddie Guerrero.  She was brought in 2001 as Vince McMahon's love interest. Then was a big part of the Invasion Storyline. In 2002 Torrie Wilson had a big storyline with Dawn Marie over her father. Her father actually married Dawn Marie and soon after had a heart attack. A year later in 2003 she had a playboy storyline with Nidia.  2004 where she had a playboy storyline again this time tag match at WM XX with Sable taking on Stacy Kiebler and Miss Jackie Gayda.  She also at one point in time defeated Trish Stratus in a paddle on a pole match.  Later on in 2004 had a storyline with John Cena vs Renee Dupree.  2005 got traded to Raw to feud with Trish Stratus, Ashley Massaro and Mickie James. 2006 had a feud with Candice Michelle in a pillow fight match at WM 22. Was going to be the first ever Diva's Champion but had to retire from the business due to a back injury.  She returned at WM 25 in a battle royal match to be named Ms. Wrestlemania. Returned at the Royal Rumble last year and again at Evolution last year.