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  2. First Ever Tag Team Champions!!

    I would love if Sasha and Bayley gets the titles first since it is heading to that direction. I also wouldn't mind seeing Becky/Charlotte as a team later this year after they stuff with Ronda is over. 
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  4. Dolph Ziggler Is Leaving WWE

  5. The Revival Finishing Up With WWE?

  6. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    I'm not surprised that they wanted to request their release. They were not being used once they got their stuff together. As soon as Maria has her child and Mike got better in rehab. What happens? They got wasted on 205 Live and then do nothing in the last two months. This is what happens when you only focus on a selective few. Poor @Vinaro must be devastated here. 
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  9. Remind me to never make you mad but great post.  
  10. Lars Canceles His Own Push?

    I don't support this man for the obvious reasons and I can careless if he succeeds on the main roster. Should have given that spot to Aliester Black. 
  11. Tonight I am getting WWE2K19 and get ready cause I am coming out of retirement. So I am looking forward to seeing what you hens have created. 

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  13. Eva Marie Set to Compete on Celebrity Big Brother US?

    I'm only going to watch for Johnny Bananas since I stan him and Eva is going to need some good luck cause she is now with the tigers. 
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  15. WWE opens up second Performance Centre

    That is pretty good news on everyone's part. If their second performance center is successful then maybe they will have one more in the Asia area. More power to the company. 
  16. Terrible spot and I am 100 backing up Gail Kim on here. That is disgusting and will eventually make people throw up. Add in germs. Classless act on Priscilla's part. Thank god Hunter didn't hire her. 
  17. Smackdown January 1, 2019: Spoilers | New Year's Day

    Sounds like one interesting Smackdown Episode for the Woman.  Sonya Deville finally get a win makes me happy and Mandy getting the spotlight is cool as well.  Becky owning Cena and threw him out of the ring like yesterday's garbage.  
  18. Vince McMahon High on Mandy Rose

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  20. Post Your Pictures

    Me and my kitten on the shelf. Not my main room just a guest room.  
  21. Happy Holidays, Heartbreakers!

    Merry Christmas everyone from Orlando, Fl. I hope you all have a great one and turned up as well. Love you all for many years and cherish every last of you. Drink plenty of eggnog, hot cocoa and eat lot's. Also Happy Holidays!! 
  22. WWE announces women’s tag titles

    One...fuck them for announcing the titles on a tapped Christmas Episode. The woman that are wrestling in this company deserves better respect for this. If I was them I would have waited til New Years to announce them on a show that is live.  Two...I hope they treat the titles seriously.  That is out of my chest. Here is my wish is that Sasha Banks/Bayley to win those titles first or Iconics. 
  23. Sarah Logan gets married

    Congratulations Sarah. I am so happy for you and cool. A Viking wedding, I love it! 
  24. Raw December 17, 2018: Live Chat

    Natalya won the match and I am not even mad. Though, I know she is losing next week to Ronda. It will be a interesting exchange. Nice to see that Nikki Cross is finally getting called up. Hoping she gets called up to Smackdown. 
  25. WWE Reportedly Considering a Queen of The Ring Tournament For 2019

    Charlotte is winning this for sure but I know the matches will be good.