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  1. Five Years Ago Today...

    Kaitlyn putting over female workers with class.
  2. “Tessa tries to look mean.” — since when did this take effort for her?
  3. So it’s only realistic for your fave because his Chaosmen audition leaked online not one put twice?  Stan for Pornstar Prince I guess.. you can have this cover  
  4. *Jason We’ve seen everything already but Seth’s hairy ass and that’s without the Photoshop preservatives.
  5. SmackDown June 12, 2018: Live Chat

    The right side has me shook 💀.
  6. Raw June 11, 2018: Live Chat

    I feel like Nia was trying to serve it but I feel like the tweener(?) role they are giving her with this is not selling with the crowd. The audience was not helping my buy her promo skills. The armbar moment was cute ....I guess.   Ruby and Bayley was alright. I kii’d at Bayley’s messy baseball slide. They gave an okay match.
  7. Also I seen the thread title and “polarizing” only to immediately think of Maria.   HB fan bases really corrupting my way of thinking.
  8. NXT Rookies and Pros (2018)

    I’m kinda living for the potential one-off matches that will get the lower tier hens involved or add to the main roster girl feuds. Like Mandy Rose (^^^)’s idea for Jessie to be with Titus Worldwide with Dana quickly drumming up calculations that Jesse is lovable and stealing her shine. Leading to the “envious heel jobber type vs. cute babyface the crowd is eating up” match. AJ/Maxine are shooketh out of retirement. We kinda need messy creativity like they used back then. Let me draft up one of these because I was really gonna pay it.
  9. NXT Rookies and Pros (2018)

  10. Happy Birthday, Mariah!

    Another day where the amount of mentions (fan mail) is obnoxiously large for you hen. Happy Birthday!!!.!!.!:56/$£’a And I guess it’s kinda cute how you’ve still stuck around leaving your commentary and not let problematic humans who stan women’s wrestling drive you away from the Internet. You are a big piece of this forum and it goes without even saying!   Enjoy your day, your man, your Seth nudes Christmas gift and anything else today has in store Kween. (:
  11. Cringe @ Kiera Hogan and Tessa. Tessa delivers but sounds like a rehearsed men’s promo and Keira sounds natural but lacks delivery to me. And the “fighting”  
  12. Hmm... an hour. There better be tea for going up with no cliffs!
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The Lana stars would’ve been shooketh if their Kween went from beat to bald on Live TV 💀.