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  1. Jdjdsj well she went back to wrestling so the meltdown kinda cancelled itself out that way. The other two left me starved. Tea that the DIVAS took over the HBGRR in honor of this.
  2. According to the Krew I’m too cursed too be claimed. Maybe they’ll give up on a visionary by Winter. I’m so removed from the product after all of these night shifts and lack of general interest that Cameron and Eva will be my last meltdowns. Sasha couldn’t leave wrestling if she tried.
  3. Another year, another cursed fave of mine on the way out. Happy Birthday Stanbreakers.
  4. 11:26 Sunday here, sis. But I see you couldn’t breathe without the last goodbye. x Love ya, go bop Need A Little Time to Chat with God... and maybe Queen.
  5. Kii @ the BOTHERED being highlighted coming from you. The extraness quoted here reflects. See ya at the main show!  
  6. It’s been a battle of the (box) blondes since Top 10 let’s not be shocked.
  7. Meanwhile you wanted Stacy to get one and like AJ, she’ll NEVER give you another TV spot. Wow... a cackle, a kii. Stay happy chica.
  8. Wow your heart is dark and cluttered today. Must hurt to hate that hard.
  9. Eva Marie

    Bianca BelAir has been released.
  10. I hope he enjoyed this cute loophole to get Jacqueline and Ivory placed. But it’s not happening next serious game my prelim votes and final ranking WILL be placed timely.
  11. Let me @ sharmelllover since the coast is clear.
  12. She slick might have almost hurt someone. Idk. Stiff yet sensual Queen Diva.
  13. Because she had to put swinging neckbreakers and face busters on the map for the next gen. Girls hear “republican!” and forget impact. 
  14. Let me go watch Torrie vs. Trish Paddle on the Pole since it’s iconic and heel Torrie is SUCH a Kween.
  15. Work I decided to come in tonight. I eventually remember that this is running.  Bravo to Torrie for snatching Top 5 and one of the best crowd reactions. Naomi was cute as a replacement for Sable in this DIVA story.