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  1. Too bad the universe hates me. Cam and Eva are perfect for that mindset. :/
  2. Hopefully her and her mom try something other than white
  3. They can add who they want but let’s be real: Nikki vs. Torrie is already booked at Evolution II: Trumpette Collision for the RAW Women’s Championship.
  4. Unless someone’s bad luck causes her to pull a Naomi and suddenly become injured. Send Sasha to SD and let her shine I’m sicK of her and Bayley parading around doing nothing but kissing babies and hugging each other.  
  5. Bitch you are so messy and problematic. dbhdys
  6. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    Quit being messy hen.
  7. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    I mean it’s not like @Rainbow Heart hasn’t adopted my cursed gimmick after all of its reverse success. I mean Becky possibly getting injured, IIFlopits, Ruby, Sonya... kii. At first they feel bad for you, then they drag you. Look out Cordie. No pat on the back for not fully stanning Sonya and getting her released for Christmas? The forum really has lost love for me.
  8. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    I think it’s safe to say I’m dropping WWE after Evolution. I just can’t take what I’m hearing plus I barely watch anymore and sometimes for good reason. BTW, I was going to say in the stan thread: I was stanning someone. Breathe easy, it’s on hold. May just be the idea or her theme.
  9. Raw October 15, 2018: Live Chat

    So glad Tina is back. I just wish Michael didn’t rush away from that segment like he was falling asleep. (It was kind of dragged out and extra tbh)
  10. Raw October 15, 2018: Live Chat

    Evolution being done dirty just really shuts the product down for me. I don’t want to hear promo tours with the Legends.  I think injuries have really thrown this off of the tracks. Every other girl with a rep is broken in some form.
  11. What's Your Favorite SmackDown Moment?

    Queen (of staying out of jail yet still keeping the neighborhood buzzing) Diva   Nobody insert some Trump tweets to ruin Diva Legend.
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Best thing all page.
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Wrestling influencer
  14. Raw October 8, 2018: Live Chat

    Let’s not make this the new “you can only turn heel on gullible Bayley”. But then again it’s writers of the same nest.
  15. Chelsea Green signs with WWE

    Why do I feel like they are gonna buy her tits by this time next year? Hoping for something creative. Once you wipe off that drunk clown makeup she is a blank slate they can mold. Y’all really want her to be this rowdy, wacky girl but that definitely gets tiring quick. Not that “princess” Laurel Van Ness is any better but..