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  1. Bravo TV

    I was just thinking of that show recently. I haven’t watched in awhile but revamped things can borderline on being a big flop.  Let me go try and find the last season or two. This was one of my favorite shows.
  2. Smackdown April 23, 2019: Live Chat

    Him and Aleister got moved to Smackdown. My take is that Charlotte wasn’t having it. 💀 The shake up has been a mess in the opening week.
  3. Smackdown April 23, 2019: Live Chat

    Ready for the new round of men’s action. Maybe to see if Liver will be a jobber. Alicia showed up on RAW so who knows what will happen.
  4. Sanity Member Asks For Release

    Let’s not hold her against her will any longer.
  5. WWE Main Event April 18, 2019: Results

    These reactions should be happening on the main shows so that way we can at least FAKE some belief that these two are gonna go somewhere. Tamother and Dana getting some NOISE~! Sam’s commentary doesn’t bother me when people on here consistently drag the content harder than him. It helps the match story imo.
  6. Random Thoughts

    Are you still on a women’s wrestling forum testing out gimmicks? 💀 Yes, you’ve lost your mind.
  7. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    Pretty embarrassing for the original upload.
  8. Carmella

    Carmella’s Capo Cagna wine is launching next month
  9. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    Debate with your right hand. Bye!
  10. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    Half the clip being quiet sjhshshs   
  11. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    Yeah and I’m still posting and included just fine without a donation. Hell if I was any interested in the actual main point of this forum...  But yes you may definitely go put that extra effort in and edit. Bye hoe.
  12. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    You could’ve put an @ in my name. This long on the forum and you aren’t a real bitch yet? Donate a few more dollars for that status. Why is this open?
  13. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    So Sasha is the name of the month? Only the spotlight stealing Queen of Asia.
  14. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    Not when the title says Lana and her clout-filled p*ssy is in the OP.