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  1. Surprise Flops of 2019

    Was there any track so far this year that you were surprised tanked on the charts/radio/iTunes? Most of my Twitter gasses up some songs Week 1 and never mentions it again. I’m curious. This isn’t limited to women or pop music. Maybe there’s some males or groups y’all can lowkey put us on to. (If it already has passed the MV boom and was a planned single.)
  2. Music of the moment

    Y’all wake tf up Taylor is upon us. Plus I’m so blasié about Lana’s era I keep thinking it was coming tonight but it’s next week. 🥴
  3. Seth and Becky are engaged

    Damn our girl Mariah is either a trooper or a fool. At least no one was pregnant.
  4. Seth and Becky are engaged

    Please don’t make SHE WAS COMING - EP all about break up anthems. Not everyone wants to be cold AND sad this Winter.
  5. Bravo TV

    Married to Medicine otw to take out the trash. Talk about a 1-2 punch.
  6. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Every other diva fan will disagree. I need a woman who’s coming for the next top spot to win. Horsewomen BANNEDt.
  7. Impact Wrestling August 16, 2019: Results

    Hadn’t Rosemary returned already?
  8. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Question of the Season. But are we due for another Team BAD reunion? Naomi’s face run literally has nothing left to it and she rarely gets the bad girl role. Plus Nattie’s soft heel turn seems to be ..undone? I mean Sasha came back and out “bitched” her with the Daddy/hell line. I don’t think writers can give Heel Nattie a script to top that.   This shit is a mess. 
  9. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Are Tag Team Belts that hard to work? For both genders?! Anyway, we stan for Sasha’s Blue Heel tour rolling through another town with another sold out date. 
  10. We have no choice but to stan the future.
  11. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I tried to make these heauxs do some thumb work instead but.. (Keep the blogs lowkey so we can enjoy our own content as a forum.)
  12. Happy 7th Birthday, Heartbreakers!

    If I can get with the concept I’ll join. When you see a well-colored, HD set up you’ll know the tea is real bby.
  13. Happy 7th Birthday, Heartbreakers!

    Soon. I actually want to participate and get back to making my own graphics.
  14. NXT Spoilers: August 21-September 11

    Taynara v. Bianca. Both look good.
  15. NXT Spoilers: August 21-September 11

    I’m dying for them to do something new with Vanessa?! And the Mia/Shayna thing is continuing despite the poor response at Takeover? Maybe this feud Florida-only..