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  1. Raw 25: Live Chat

    We will be backstage serving Brie and Nikki watching their men. The match will be so handsome.  
  2. Raw 25: Live Chat

    I'm gonna be GLUED
  3. Raw 25: Live Chat

    My Heel Champion coming full circle This is his year.
  4. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Did he get ass shots? That butt was always on flat flat.
  5. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Sounds iconic. #RAW25 really took an L.
  6. Raw 25: Live Chat

    You finally gave up on Rico's d*ck?
  7. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Lol serving the old segments where divas are randomly mumbling shit with a makeup artist to start a scene.
  8. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Roman wishes he was Choreography/Ring Technician major.
  9. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Too bad that won't go anywhere for years like the 4HW showdowns with The MMA hens. It'll be a cute hit avi for you when you're done rocking Sethy Seth.
  10. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Hanging out with Commissioner Debra enjoying a dirty martini.
  11. Raw 25: Live Chat

    @Mariah. changed her email password and deleted the invite. Nikki appearing was too much itself.
  12. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Swore this was a Charlie post until I scrolled.
  13. Raw 25: Live Chat

    I wonder if Seth and Jason are gonna have some cute moment with some old head teams.
  14. Raw 25: Live Chat

    1st Thangz 1st Imdarealest.
  15. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Paige's Kylie era is messy. Kelly still serving high school youth.