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  1. Music of the moment

  2. Cameron

    Kween of Reality TV snapped. 
  3. Showed some aggression and progress compared to being that flimsy ditz we remembered last run.
  4. This. + Ivory to say she has been retired the longest.. most others aren’t ringing a bell. Some really got shoved aside with dopey eliminations. 🥴
  5. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    It is an iconic, award-nominated title and shall remain!
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    #NoBraidsNoCares This nude illusion one is obvi better.
  7. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Thread ban Ambrose? Abso-LUTE-ly.
  8. List sent. Ready to drag taste at The Whore Off.
  9. They went from wanting to fuck her to low key putting him on “homegirl status”. More for you, ig??  
  10. Truly the secret to good skin.  BTW, Adam Cole can ruin me.. 💕
  11. A vote for Daddy Seth is a vote for the human race.
  12. Zelina Vega & Aleister Black Get Married?

    Hunny, maybe it’s lonely living out of a suitcase and not even sleeping in that roll out bed she advertised. Let’s be a little more understanding to good love. Being Seth’s mistress and all.
  13. Zelina Vega & Aleister Black Get Married?

    The Ariana of Wrestling. Love & Light mini kween  
  14. Nia and Tamina vs Natalya and Ronda announces for Raw

    WWE is about convenience for their feeble writing team not about being revolutionary and actually thinking of a full story with pockets for when things don’t work.  Plus her dad passed IRL, so they just scrapped it all and ended her and Ruby quick.