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  1. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    Bitch sit down! Let him give his ATRL tea and milk the countdown for likes and posts so it seems like an event. The music artist one, though timely, went by in a snap. So I want this kii fest and reminiscing to last a biT longer than your attention span.
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    The way I clutched my pearls.  
  3. Paige Could Be Charged With Battery Over Airport Incident

    Wow if her career in America is fucked and she's detained away from her problematic peen.... I really worry for ha. Passing the blunt to the stressedT out Rampaigers. This is truly the EnD.
  4. Well it's still more than Nia so it's pretty much neck and neck between the two blondes. What Carmella may not have in entrance side bar achievements, she's on par with in engaging the viewers in what's going on if not more than Alexa some times.
  5. Wow great news that he survived unharmed.  
  6. Carmella then Alexa. Nia has obviously been underwhelming overall I'm just hoping she eventually gets her moment. Just for her sake. Wouldn't wanna be known solely for crashing into barricades.  
  7. SmackDown July 18, 2017: Live Chat

    Tye finally having a win. Early congrats.
  8. SmackDown July 18, 2017: Live Chat

    SD having a weak moment. Doesn't sound like I'm missing anything.
  9. Who Should Face Naomi at Summerslam?

    Sis that whole post was cute and all but who tf is Tamother to make someone's reign seem high profile? Her entire career has been on failure to launch and she's the oldest active hen.  
  10. Who Should Face Naomi at Summerslam?

    Natalya - "I've got nothin'."
  11. Not Suitable For Workplace Stories (Keep It CUTE)

    Sooo I definitely set up a dick appointment after not having bottomed out in months and I'm totally gonna flake hours in advance. I really need to stop fronting like I'm with the shit because I'm not I just want a man already so I'm automatically down for it and not talking myself out of it by picking them apart in my brain. Looks like good peen though.
  12. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    I'm just hoping you are waiting on graphics or something jazzy.
  13. WWE rumored to clear out Women's roster

    I love tea. I would be shook at this happening because it's just what we have been asking for. Use bitches properly or drop them. Sick of seeing people beg for a girl and she's stuck backstage or not even traveling.   If they aren't gonna get a title in the next 2-3 years I'd rather them beat it. Dana should be where Emma is though! But if she's choppedT Emma definitely will keep wrestling.
  14. How do you know our finisher is shit and not change it Melina had like 15 moves to end a match I'm sure Bayley (or ha beefcake, or the men helping them choreograph) can think of something better.  Even if she has to drop it for a Savage Elbow Drop.