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  1. Clash of Champions 2020: Live Chat

    You standing this gif. Everyone should donate charity streams to Smile tho so she can make Discord Billboard.
  2. Aldis Hodge to Play Hawkman in "Black Adam"

    Wait let me hop to the movie geek side
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Now people used to charge for some but freely leak others. Hell Seth came at no cost and he’s a bigger star. A pandemic hustle indeed.
  4. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Is this from the girls selling faceless nudes with any name attached?
  5. Impact Wrestling September 22, 2020: Results

    I need to finish the Tenille match. It was okay from the parts I watched. We needed more of King Dezmond but I liked the 3-way match as well. A mess that they treated the title match portion like a MITB cash-in.
  6. The hoes and nudes are on Discord.
  7. Already did some dragging in Discord. Guess I'll be here (or there idkidk)
  8. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Do we know who the shorter male is? Can anybody also figure out why in the FUCK Vanessa hasn't wrestled since some January house show yet sites were screaming call up?!
  9. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez are the (first) girls revealed.
  10. SPOILER: Former Diva Re-Signs With WWE

    Wow, RIP NWA. Can someone pick up Sienna Allysin Kay?
  11. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    It seems she had surgery had surgery again earlier this year. And hasn’t touched a practice ring until today. Maybe expect her next year??
  12. I kinda fell off towards the middle. Keeping up with the Revue though.
  13. Mickie James Wants 205 Live-Style Show for the Women

    It can be online. The gays will stream and give them a few extra subs/recurring visits. It’s not like they won’t just cram it with show replays and promo for the next events.  They will really only go out of their way for graphics and more time spent at the arena for extra matches. If anything their “star players” can come on sparingly and give a squash match tea with some of the NXT girls that don’t do much or PC talent who is wasting away. But then again I watch 205 and Main Event for the up and coming. The over saturated already get enough.