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  1. SummerSlam 2017: Live Chat

    You will not come for queen Tami.
  2. SummerSlam 2017: Live Chat

    But on the other hand, Sasha and Naomi could work pretty well together.
  3. SummerSlam 2017: Live Chat

    Take out Tamina, and I'll have to agree with you. But regardless of who gets traded, the writers on all three brands need to get their acts together.
  4. SummerSlam 2017: Live Chat

    Nattie as champ is going to be extremely entertaining to see...   .....even though this was clearly meant to make Nattie vs Charlotte happen again.
  5. SummerSlam 2017: Live Chat

    No. Unacceptable.
  6. The RAW Women's title actually would have been great on its own, and not with it being a recolor of other WWE titles. That is just pure laziness on WWE's behalf. SD's was basic before Naomi got a hold of it.
  7. A Change In Direction for Enzo Amore

    Vince trying to ease his bussy onto another tall wrestler and kicking his mouthpiece to the curb. I guess...
  8. She honestly has a point there. The dropkick may not be the biggest move to pull, but it certainly isn't the weakest. One example of this is an indies match between Hania and Ember Moon I remember watching where they were pulling alternating dropkicks at each other. You could tell by their selling that the dropkicks were meant to be powerful, and even energy draining, by how delayed they were with using them back to back. But WWE ranges when it comes to how "big" the dropkick really is. You have them as either a basic comeback move, or a signature move, or both in Brie Bella's case.
  9. Ariane "Cameron" Andrew to be on MTV's The Challenge

    The queen returning to reality television. Let me clear my external hard drive for the potential GIFs.
  10. WWE Superstars as Pop Stars: A Thesis

    The absolute truth!  
  11. Raw and SD womens divisions are both really bad atm

    The women do need better writing for their gimmicks. The most notable example being Naomi. The women have bases for their gimmicks, following with what and how they say promos, but they just need to be used more through storylines and providing more quality promos. Not to mention WWE needs to actually use the women (RAW). As far as the amount of women on the roster, if they can't even provide much with the women they already have, what does adding more women do?    
  12. Another Superstar Shake Up

    In the defense of RAW, I heard Road Dogg is heavily involved in SD's creative process, while the man responsible for SD's success post brand split headed to RAW. But either way, Naomi is screwed, so let's enjoy this title reign while we can.
  13. Same. ......but I was here for the short-lived Emmalina.
  14. Sasha Hinting at Leaving WWE in 2 More Years?

    She realized that the real enemy was the horrible booking.   That and she has no proper direction since she has accomplished damn near everything coming into the main roster. It wasn't natural like Naomi.
  15. *sips tea*

    1. Electrique


      The tea is most certainly delicious.