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  1. http://www.f4wonline.com/other-wrestling/details-alberto-del-rios-arrest-brawl-his-brother-austria-227581
  2. Has Your Opinion Changed?

    I'll never get over how unpredictable and groundbreaking 2016 was as a whole for women's wrestling in WWE. From getting a properly built match that ended up being iconic after years of lackluster or nonexistent spots on the WrestleMania card all the way to women competing in the cell and having their second Ironman match, I just couldn't have imagined so much would happen in one year. We also got to see two separate and completely equal championships created in favor of the Divas Title and its branding, and while most of us probably had qualms about the way all that went down, looking at where we are now is monumentally forward from that point. The women also have more merchandise and crowd support than they've had in nearly a decade. The horses will continue to dominate, but the doors they're opening and the barriers they're breaking down will have an impact that extends far beyond what the girlies down in NXT can hope to see. They're certainly not perfect and it's unfortunate that women like Foxy or Summer will ultimately be supporting characters for the remainder of their time, but Char, Sasha, and Becks basically have taken the company by storm and demanded equality, propelling the female roster in its entirety to elevation.  Specifically, my opinions of certain female wrasslers have done a total 180. I have to mention Carmella first because she has completely served and surpassed the lowest of expectations that were set for her by most fans. This mostly lies in her mic work, but it's developing a character for her outside of being Enzo's sidekick and the wrestling will get there, even if she doesn't become completely fluid or technical. She better be kissing Nikki's ass every day for having a hand in her not totally flopping on the main roster. Charlotte has also shockingly grown on me this year. I started the year strongly disliking her and being completely burned out on her super push, especially in her WM win, but the girl has come into her own as a heel in a way that only the greats have done. Give her a decent program with someone that isn't a horse and I'll really be interested. Bayley has been a huge disappointment to me so far on the main roster. I know there was a lot of speculation about how she would be handled on the main roster, but it's been awful and I didn't imagine it would be this bad. I'm sick of seeing her win every week and she's uncomfortable to watch. I think things can only get better in 2017. I'm excited to see what Alexa Bliss will do and I'm still marking out over the fact that Legend M. James is making a return. I'm starting this year out completely #TeamBlue, but I'd love to see RAW give them some real competition and pull out a compelling story with someone like Foxy or Dana. Will Charlotte be a 7x champ by 2018? Will Sasha finally break ha neck and be put on the shelf for a year and a half? Will Deonna Purrazzo break out and become a mega star on the blue brand? Will Ember Mars finally take the NXT throne?  
  3. Raw December 26, 2016: Results

    I don't know why I continue to watch this garbage when Tuesday nights are giving me life.
  4. Total Divas Ratings Way Up After Moving Timeslot

    No, other than Nattie's messy ass family. Next week is the beginning of Paige's decline though
  5. What's Next for Sasha Banks?

    I would love to see Sasha enter a program with Mickie James in a storyline with clever writing, good plot devices, and subtle nods to Mickie's history with Trish and perhaps even a jab using the word "Piggy". This could lead to an eventual heel turn that organically results in a chase for what would probably be Bayley's title at that point. I'm not holding my breath though. I didn't watch a millisecond of the Irondiva last night because the current story has been beaten to death. Anything fresh would be great. I feel like she and Alicia Fox could tell a good story. James and Fox are also vets that could help her in promos. I fully expect her to either continue with Charlotte or disappear tbh though.  
  6. WWE KILLING Emmaline's chances with these cruiserflats
  7. i miss ha twink era
  8. Emma to return in a 6 diva tag with botched titantron, a Melina tea
  9. Why is it even called 205 Live
  10. Alicia will go over a horse and Emma will get over, I pray
  11. I wonder if Dana is invited
  12. I'm very excited for Emmaline tbh. It will either flop or it will be revoLuTIonAry, there is no in between. 


    1. Messy Maggie

      Messy Maggie

      !!!!!!!!! The way I'm going to be GLUED to that screen waiting for ha presence :laycry: 

    2. Christon


      I'm gonna be shook if it actually makes an impact on me. Evil Emma was a legit look, full package. But Emma**** seems.. Basic :uhh:


  13. Real talk. I went on about a three week break from wrestling recently, partially due to finding out about the donation from Linda/WWE to Drumpf's campaign. I had a sobering moment where I thought about all the action figures and tickets to shows I've purchased and realized I indirectly contributed to that asswipe's election to president. I guess I also helped her buy her way into the cabinet. It's a terrible fucking position to be in because I love the universe that is professional wrestling with all my heart, but the country I live in has selected a bigoted, ignorant, man-child to run the place.