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  1. Wrestling Merch

    Y'all, I may have a problem. (ignore that dirty ass carpet; it's a storage room) 
  2. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    all the crying constant tears after winning, esp. big matches i miss bad bitches like victoria and jazz
  3. I think I'm gonna try to get tickets for this. 
  4. When boss & bug connection get replaced at EC 
  5. Mickie knows her angles bish 
  6. Honda pulling at her shorts every 15 seconds gives me anxiety
  7. when Rawnda drops Olivia on ha neck
  9. Wrestling Merch

    I have one of those cool Hardy Boyz necklaces that I purchased roughly 10 years ago. I think it's in a box somewhere though.   I have a t-shirt each for Paige, Asuka, Naomi, and Sasha Banks as well as a generic NXT t-shirt. I also have several of the cheaply made championships (aka not replicas) including the Divas title. I have a few other miscellaneous items, but the bulk of my collection is action figures. I stopped opening the packaging a few years ago to preserve quality and they're quickly filling up a spare room. I have almost all the ones from the Barbie line.   I envision opening an eBay store one day in the distant future if I'm ever in need of the cash.  Oh, and I have a RAW energy drink from like 2007, still unopened. 
  10. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Adam Cole  
  11. Source Jerry Lawler Podcast (0:35) When will Nia Jax learn how to work safely? Can we schedule sis a session or two with Fit Finlay? 
  12. Dean Ambrose To Leave WWE

    But what is Renee Young's future?
  13. All these big spots happening during the break
  14. I've always wondered if the wrestlers know when a commercial break is happening