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  1. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    Peep the new Trailblayzer documentary. It's cute and there's some candid footage of modern girlies at the end. 
  2. Me trying to figure out why I fuck wit RAW
  3. Ember Moon vs. Kairi Sane, anyone? 

    1. Layout


      Ember.... who? She work here? 

  4. Sasha vs Alexa set for No Mercy

    I really see Sahara Banks winning this.
  5. Raw August 28, 2017: Live Chat

    What is this TRAGIC insult to my ears that has replaced Emma's bop?
  6. Mike Kanellis Starts Drug Recovery

    A recovering addict would make for a far more interesting gimmick than what they've been given. #RealityEra
  7. I know I don't post often or get involved with much that goes around here, but I just wanted to say that I love this community and it is apart of my daily routine to log in even if just for a moment to catch up on news and kii at all these messy bottoms and their iconic gifs. This is a special place and I've always felt like I belonged, neither of which I've found elsewhere in the IWC. Thank you to everyone that makes this place what it is.
  8. Raw August 7, 2017: Live Chat

    The straights dragging Bayleaf in my stream's chat
  9. Raw August 7, 2017: Live Chat

    Will she ditch the inflatable tube men?
  10. Raw August 7, 2017: Live Chat

    I want so badly for the outcome to be anything other than Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax. I agree that the contender should be decided tonight so next week can be utilized to build hype and add a layer to the story, but I like the idea of two triple threats as it's a change of pace from the typical match ups we see, like Bayley vs. Nia Vol. 31 from last week. Sasha is obviously going to Summerslam so one of the other girls should really get a chance to showcase themselves since there are literally a handful who rarely see the light of TV. 
  11. Shania Twain

      Queen's first album in 15 years drops this September