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  1. not them putting "Evolution Battle Royal Winner" in her name plate 
  2. So with Alexa picking the team for Survivor Series, how are they going to include Sasha and Bayley?
  3. Ariana Grande

    Y'all, the BBC concert she did a couple nights ago is everything 
  4. "Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance" - William Gaddis

  5. Renee Young Set to Work Crown Jewel

    For those would like context, John Oliver breaks it down very nicely. He directly addresses Crown Jewel and why it's a bad idea for this event to happen. The videos start when WWE is mentioned. The second clip even briefly addresses the issue of women not being able to participate.   
  6. Renee Young Set to Work Crown Jewel

    This is the last time I'm going to address you in this thread. Jamal's case has everything to do with this. It is telling of the political climate and it demonstrates where priorities lie on both sides. WWE has no interest in keeping their performers safe or sending a message that covering up a murder is wrong; they are laser focused on maximizing profit. I don't know where in my post I said or implied anything about there being "no journalists" in Saudi Arabia. You're really reaching. It's absolutely silly to suggest that WWE can guarantee the safety of anyone, especially a woman in a middle eastern country. They have no idea what kind of danger could await her.  I can assure you I don't believe everything I see or hear. I make it a point to utilize multiple news sources and hear perspectives from all walks of life. You can use ad hominem and call me dumb, but I think it's pretty clear that your assessment is inaccurate. Maybe next time you can think of an adjective that someone above the age of 10 would use as an insult.
  7. Renee Young Set to Work Crown Jewel

    There is so much wrong with this post. Did you know that there are still women incarcerated in Saudi Arabia for fighting for these basic rights? Women who were driving before it was legal are still sitting in jail. You're buying into propaganda and that's exactly what WWE and the SA government want. They want people in and out of the country to believe that they are progressive and doing amazing things for women. It's simply not true.  And if you really think Renee is not in any kind of danger, google the name Jamal Khashoggi. This was a male journalist. Imagine how extremists in that nation will feel when they learn that a woman will not only be attending a sporting event, but participating. You're delusional and you need to read a news article once in a while. 
  8. ugh that was actually super cute and lita's moonsault is everything
  9. rinse & repeat rinse & repeat rinse & repeat
  10. Evolution was a success. Surprised?

    I think most here can relate to the difficulty in abandoning the negativity to see the bigger picture, but we do have to acknowledge that it was successful and warmly received by the wrestling fan base as a whole. I think the pacing was right and it had the energy that this kind of landmark should warrant. Everyone looked like a star, especially Lita and Trish.  Sincerely though, I hope the matches next year have more weight and meaning. There was ample time to produce quality stories and figure out how to give everyone screen time without a needless 6 woman tag or a messy battle royal, although I enjoyed the latter thoroughly. We also need to have some sort of backstage environment and a more flashy aesthetic overall, i.e. the stage.  Regardless, we really made it.
  11. Hi there

  12. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    i'm just nervously lighting my 2nd blunt over here