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  1. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Yessss sucks Nays eat defeat didn't make it though. 
  2. Looks like the daddy.....speaking of him, is the Ascension still employed? 
  3. Backstage Update On Horsewomen Vs. Horsewomen

    I agree but it'll be lit still and I know my bitches Becky and Char will look strongest. 
  4. WWE HB17 | Contract Negotations

    There's A New Bitch On The Block Welcome To The Dollhouse "The Doll" Nancy Love Signatures: Negative Nancy(Shattered Dreams), Doll Yourself Up(Codebreaker 1) Finishers: Love Drought(Forearm Smash 8), Love Hurts(Snap DDT 2) I just wanted to post my bitch. Cant wait fa ha 2k18 glow up.    
  5. ABC's of Women's Wrestling

  6. Random Thoughts

  7. Plans for Paige's return?

    The second match was cute and its bound to be even better now with Char improving even more since then. Sorry bout it pooh.
  8. Backstage Update On Horsewomen Vs. Horsewomen

    I'm so tired of u hoes acting like you wouldn't be perched. 
  9. Superstar Photo Booth

    Golden beauty kween!! Strike a pose with Mandy Rose bitches!
  10. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    Omg Bianca used the alleyoop as her finisher. I wanted Char to use it so bad. Yesss.
  11. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    I want a Bianca vs Lacey feud dammit!!
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Omg I feel so bad fa ha  
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Omg Brocks daughter is..