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  1. Kelly Kelly may work a part-time WWE schedule

    You ain’t thoughT Ho!
  2. Current plans for WrestleMania

    I’d rather Bianca or Charlotte win but not Ms Rhea. She don’t excite me in the ring.
  3. Current plans for WrestleMania

    Whew the NXT match is gonna SHIT! Add Bianca and that’s three powerhouse bitches. I love to see it.
  4. Nikki & Brie are BOTH Pregnant!

    Good for them. Hope they have healthy babies. Nikkis having a boy. Mark my words. I hope her neck doesn’t give out from the straining.
  5. Current plans for WrestleMania

    I mean she held all the titles and NXT is a third brand now. It’ll give some legitimacy to the new era of NXT.
  6. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    I just came here to say Wooooooo!!!!!   Oh and the way Bianca knocked some sense into Beths head! She had ol girl leaking!
  7. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Chelsea Greens reason
  8. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Whew y’all know y’all can complain. This storyline is so good for Liv as far as exposure. It’s by far the biggest moment of her career. This will definitely help her become a more recognizable face. Thankfully she’s back blonde as well! To the people saying it should’ve been Sonya I can’t say I agree. If Sonya came out if definitely would’ve been a lot more predictable and less shocking. I’m happy for my girl. Liv it up in 2020 bitches. Queen of inspiring bitches to be real and come out!!
  9. WWE Superstars get engaged

    As I should! This and Liv!  
  10. WWE Superstars get engaged

    The queen with the ring! She really made you bitches eat your words! 
  11. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    My all time fav moment is me punching bitches left and right when Charlotte was on the rise and Charlotte coming out on top in the end. Dana truly let me down.
  12. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade

    Yea I lurk or whatnot 
  13. WWE Legend Announces Pregnancy

    Those poor kids keep comin out lookin like their father.