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  1. Charlotte Dating WWE Superstar

    Only the best for a diva stan! 
  2. WOW – Women of Wrestling

    I didnt know it started airing  
  3. Charlotte Dating WWE Superstar

    Queen stays gettin good dick
  4. Possible Wrestlemania Opponent for Asuka?

    Let Lacey go full MAGA and get heet!!!
  5. Ariana Grande

    Stan the best song on the album!
  6. First Feud For The Women Tag Team Champions?

    Charlotte and Becky so they can bury them 
  7. Raw February 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Nooo if y’all won’t hire Eva then send Lacey to SD! Asuka needs an opponent for WM dammit
  8. Raw February 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Bitch Go on chasingglorys ig. I wanted a ho to type a transcript 
  9. Raw February 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Did you bitches not listen to Bianca on Chasing Glory today?
  10. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    She did what she had to do bitch
  11. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    Becky is being a bit reckless 
  12. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    Bitchhhhhh the girls did THAT!!! They all stepped up!
  13. Carmella Is Innocent

    Ew Cardi B disgusts me
  14. Carmella Is Innocent

    Whew I wanna see the sextape. Carmella gives me facial fetish teas lol