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  1. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    I was actually going to but I couldn't find it.
  2. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

  3. MIKE MIZANIN He could tell that the sudden outburst was a part of something deeper, caused by something mentally vexing her. Years of acting allowed Mike to spot disingenuity from a mile away, and Maryse was definitely acting. It just wasn't for a play, so she had claimed. He would have heard about it if that were true. Should he pry and ask his newfound arm candy what was bothering her? Comfort her, make sure everything was alright? He ultimately decided against it. There wasn't a need to do so. He had already had Maryse in his clutches like a prized gem, nosey questioning about an issue that could be deeply personal might scare her away faster than one could say "starring role".  There could be a time and a place for that dramatic and romantic scene down the road. But right then? No, that wasn't the time for it.. So, he simply nodded and opened the door in front him in a gentlemanly manner. It was time for the two to head to the dorms. "Oh, I'm usually right. You don't have anything to worry about. Trust me." END
  4. MIKE MIZANIN Filled to the brim with a tantalizing mixture of lust and inherent wiliness, Mike laughed. He was playing the "wealthy, but somewhat humble" role to a tee.  If he were to switch places with Maryse, he doubted that he would be able to even resist himself. He would want himself just as much, and the actuality in that made him happy. Laughing at the other's question, Mike gently rubbed the curves he was gripping. "I don't think they'd care at all. Driving people around all day, now that must get boring very, very fast. I'd like to think they could use a little entertainment. Think of it as a gift from us, to them." 
  5. MIKE MIZANIN The offer was like a symphony to Mike's ears. It almost bested Mozart. Having Maryse falling for him, hook line and sinker, Mike had to stop himself from a silly grin of success to maintain the seductive and mature nature of the conversation being had. He bit his lip and shut his eyelids ever-so-slightly before speaking again. "If that's really your wish, then it's yours. Let's get out of here, Maryse." And with that Mike left the posh VIP area with Maryse trailing shortly behind, blonde locks bobbing side to side as her strut was full of built up confidence. They made their way through the standard section of the club, and the other attendees glared at them both with only two thoughts running through their foggy, alcohol-laced minds:  "They're obviously leaving to go have some adult fun" and "Wow, they look really good together". Mike led Maryse outside of Club Iconic and wrapped his arm around her waist. The only light that shined down on the two were the neon signs that stunningly decorated the exterior of the club and the half moon, but that somehow that was just enough light for the two to cherish the beauty of the other. Mike was falling for her too, he just had ulterior motives. "Now let's get us an Uber, shall we?"
  6. MIKE MIZANIN Mike has done this plenty of times in his life, and knew exactly what to order for the both of them. The words flowed almost too perfectly as he instructed the bartender what they would be having, almost as if it were rehearsed to perfection for hours beforehand. The drinks were set before them in tall, skinny glasses. They clinked the clear glasses together before consuming a small amount of the liquid and setting them down. Mike looked over at Maryse with a loving look in his crystal eyes. "What am I planning to do with you? Well, I did promise that I would turn this night into something good for you. I'm a man of my word, and I'll do anything to achieve that. Anything you want, just for you." he said, his voice dripping in tremendous conviction.
  7. MIKE MIZANIN "I'm glad that I could convince you. Follow my lead, it's all the way in the back." Like the gentleman he is, Mike held onto Maryse's hand as he led her through the drunken, stumbling crowd.  They stop at a large secluded area enclosed by a black curtain, being protected by a muscular bouncer. Without words being exchanged they nodded to each other, as he stepped out of the way for Mike and Maryse to enter. The scene compared to the "regular" portion of the club was smaller in population, but visibly much more composed. Their wealth didn't need to be verbally confirmed, it was clear from the clothes they wore and the way they behaved that each and every one of them bathed in money in the mornings and showered in diamonds by night. He walked Maryse over to the bar and sat beside her. 
  8. MIKE MIZANIN Responding to her gentle touch, Mike grasped onto one of her delicate hands and brought it up to his lips to place a welcoming peck onto the soft skin. It smelled nice, and gave off the aroma of sweet hand lotion. Reluctantly, he released her hand and smiled. There was no way she was going to leave. He had her right in his clutches, and practically begging for more time with him. "Trust me, I'm not like those other guys. Why don't you stick around, and we could turn this tragic night into something good. Just you and I, just the two of us. I could get you into the VIP lounge, where it's not so noisy and crowded." A slight pause. "I'm Mike, Mike Mizanin. You've probably heard that surname before, because everybody has. And you are?"
  9. MIKE MIZANIN Everything about this woman was exemplary. Mike could tell this girl paid attention to her appearance, and took great pride in doing so. Just from a few yards away, he could physically feel the connection being constructed between them. Right before his very eyes was the perfect subject, somebody he could wrap around his pretty finger with ease. No effort would be needed. She was clearly looking for a reason to stay before she stepped out the door, and with the right lines he could effortlessly be that reason.  So, he started to approach the blonde woman who looked like a deer in headlights. While approaching her, a second feeling other than the usual sense of opportunity welled up in the pit of his stomach. He could feel himself actually becoming attracted to her. That feeling has never happened before. It was definitely new, but it made him feel less bad about taking advantage of her while she is clearly in a vulnerable state.  Pressing against the door to close it for her, he makes direct eye contact with the blonde woman before his mouth curls into a slight simper. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her hair, he looked back at the others in the club before looking back at her. "Now, where do you think you're going? The night has only just begun, why not enjoy it?" @Queen of Hens
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    They probably just bought Haribo gummies and stuck them in a decorated box.
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    Sound great! Let me know what you have.
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    Mandy and Miz both need something. Please conspire with me, I don't PM people first.
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  14. FULL NAME: Michael Mizanin NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Mike, Miz AVG. GRADES: 4.0 (A) HOMETOWN: West Hollywood, California SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual MAJOR: Theatre Arts HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Performing in plays, hitchhiking, camping, golfing PREFERRED MUSIC: Pop ALIGNMENT: Villain in sheep's clothing SHIPS: Doesn't matter, anyone willing to fall into the trap of his little experiment. Even guys, he wants to be a good actor! PLOT DESIRED: Rivalries, flings, explosive drama, using people to his advantage BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY: For generations, acting has flowed through the blood of the Mizanins. So, it wasn't really a monumental revelation to his parents when Mike decided he wanted to be passed the torch and make a success out of himself, much like his ancestors. Possessing a lifelong dream of making it big in theatre, his wealthy parents vouched for him to attend NXT University free of charge to study. What his peers see is the standard rich kid who was handed an opportunity unfairly, whose seemingly sweet and kind demeanor makes up for all of it. What they don't see is the calculated and stone cold equivocator that is using them all as a project to improve his adeptness in acting. Every word, every action, every relationship from this social butterfly is a sham. However, all lies in this world are eventually uncovered. And God knows how his parents would react if they received notice that people were "shunning" their prized, and talented little boy. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: With his dark hair, height at about 6'1, and a handsome face destined for stardom, Mike Mizanin is an irresistible stud. His face is shaven smooth, so he tends to give off an innocent and boy-ish vibe. Eyes are crystal blue, and piercing as ever once you look directly into them. He is only spoiled with the best clothes sent straight from mommy and daddy, so he he never has an "off day" when it comes to his outfits. COLOR CODE: MIKE MIZANIN
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