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  1. MANDY ROSE That I did it, she thought. But she let it go. "I'll gather them to make the announcement, if that's alright with you?" She didn't wait for Maxine to form a response, she knew she was going to do it regardless, and left the building expecting Maxine to be trailing shortly behind her; a true representation of where they now stand credibility and power-wise. END  
  2. MANDY ROSE Mandy came out of the room with a pep in her step, visibly proud of herself. It took a little persuading, but she eventually got the Dean to agree with her. She had won, Maxine had lost, and this whole situation was over.  "They thought it was a brilliant idea, and that it was only fair. The girls are moving back in, effective tonight."  
  3. MANDY ROSE As tempted as she was to edify Maxine that she should be the one entering first under the basis of those rules, she suppressed it and nodded.  "Thank you."  She turned the knob, and stepped inside. She showed no signs of nervousness, or wanting to back down. She was ready to beat Maxine in whatever weird, battle for power the two were having.
  4. MANDY ROSE "Oh, so we're seeing the Dean?" Mandy grinned in confidence. "Yeah,  I am prepared for this. Trust me, this is all I have been thinking about."    
  5. MANDY ROSE Mandy laughed nervously, confused at the fact Maxine was taken aback by her being there. "You sent me a text, and told me to be here. So here I am, where you told me to be, Maxine..."
  6. MANDY ROSE Mandy walked into the building, confused as to what was going on. She received a text from Maxine to be there, no other details added. There were few reasons for Maxine to invite her, and though those few reasons lingered in her mind, she forced herself to become comfortable with the many possibilities. In order to propitiate Maxine, she needed to listen to her. Mandy had her moment of faux-power the other day, and she was satisfied with it. She didn't mind taking the backseat for a while to get what she wanted.  She saw Maxine sitting in a seat next to the office, and smiled.  "Hey, Maxine!  What's going on?" she asked, filling the chair next to her. 
  7. MIKE MIZANIN Mike looked down at her, and smiled at the way she longed for him, and decided it was time. He angled his head, and pressed his lips against hers. The kiss was slow and chaste, but passionate and burning all at the same time. After he pulled back he had a twinkle in his eye, and smiled again. Mike knew he was a good kisser. He's had more than enough kisses in his lifetime be sure of it. "We can do that, no problem." End scene, he thought to himself. END  
  8. MIKE MIZANIN Everything about this was ideal. The atmosphere of the moment. The feel of it all. It was something special, something fit for the big screen. Her emotions were raw and authentic, from the quivering of her gloss covered lips to the shifting of her anxious feet. From wetness staining the corners of her almond eyes, to something as little to the shakiness in the way she spoke. This was a cherishable moment. A moment that would teach him more than any acting lesson ever could. A part of Mike, however, genuinely felt bad for her. It was conflicting with his planned intentions, so he shook it off. He's never felt that while doing something like this in the past. He couldn't let those contradictory feelings interrupt the perfection of this segment.  "Maryse, come here..." he wrapped the other, embracing her in a hug. He felt warm in his chest, another contradictory feeling. "I'm so sorry, I wouldn't have brought you to this if I had known. If I said sorry an infinite amount of times, I still wouldn't feel content with it." He let go and sighed. "I don't want this night to be wasted, though. Is there anything else you want to do in town? I'll pay for us to do anything." 
  9. MIKE MIZANIN Mike followed Maryse as she led him down the sidewalk, and allowed her to take as much time needed to give her explanation. To be someone's shoulder to lean on, listening is vital. He's a pretty good listener, noticeably engaged in what she is telling him. But once the story is finished, he can't help but wonder if there was more to it. There had to be, her reaction back in the theater was too strong to solely be related to the fact she didn't see her mother much, and was closer with her father. It's understandable to be upset by that, but given her reaction, there just had to be more elements at play.  "Are you sure that's all,  Maryse?"
  10. MIKE MIZANIN "But I want you tell me your problems. I want to be someone you can talk to."  Mike cupped the other's face in his hands. "So please, talk to me. I'm here for you. We can be real with each other, remember?"  She is avoiding eye contact with him, but Mike knows that the smoothness of his delivery had worked on her. It just had to. He can't read minds and read people's thoughts, but Maryse needs a sanctuary, and she knows Mike could be that safety for her. He made it clear enough. 
  11. MIKE MIZANIN There she was. Her eyes were red as if she had just finished crying, but her disposition was placid as if she was feeling okay. Mike, again, can tell bad acting from a mile away. She wasn't feeling okay, it was pretty obvious. He held onto both of Maryse's hands with deep concern in his eyes as he stared her down. "Maryse, I think there's something deeper going on here. I mean, I didn't want to bring it up then, but something similar happened the night we met. What's going on with you? You can tell me. You can trust me."   
  12. MIKE MIZANIN Everything was going perfectly, until Maryse stormed out of the room without warning. Mike was taken aback, not sure what caused the sudden reaction from her. But he was determined to find out. This was the perfect moment to pry. To get her to spill the gritty details of her life she was hesitant to reveal before. He ran out shortly after her to follow, the only indicator of  where she went being the door she ran out of slowly closing itself. So, that's where he went, outside and into the vibrant, busy street. Too many people. It would be impossible to find her himself. "Maryse! Are you out here?" He called out.
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  14. MIKE MIZANIN Mike watched intently as the play went on, the tension and raw chemistry between the two actresses captivating him completely. All of this felt too real, too far from fiction. That's what good acting does. It tricks your brain, encapsulating your entire mind into mood and feeling of the scene. Especially in plays, where it can be seen right before your eyes. It feels like as if you're experiencing the same struggle as the characters, as it should. So, Mike was enjoying himself. It was just as he envisioned, a play that would for sure be a future hit in theatres. The action on the stage eventually escalated. as the story reached its highest point. The climax, the pinnacle of the entire plot and where shit goes down. Mike does appreciate the building up to this point, such as the exposition, but this was his favorite part. Watching the drama unfold and get to its worst. He got an unexplainable thrill from it. He briefly looked over at Maryse who was mouthing something, but he didn't think much of it and returned his focus to the stage. 
  15. MIKE MIZANIN Mike pondered for a brief second, as he remembered what he was told about the play's content.  "I've heard it's very family-oriented, mother and daughter specifically. Also that it's pretty...distressing. Not a tear-jerker,though. So I don't think we'll be needing any tissues." Mike joked, flashing a smile. "It's called Look At What You Made Me Do."