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  1. Worst reign of terror?

    Where to start... 1. Sasha should have won the championship at Wrestlemania 32. Then they could have had Charlotte win it a few months later (like at Summerslam) before feuding with Bayley. The way the whole thing was handled was so messy. From the hot potato reigns to Bayley debuting and just floating around for her first few months.  2. Asuka pretty much destroyed the momentum the NXT Women's Division had. Plus she should have had her streak broken in NXT because it's going to run it's course on the main roster soon, especially after she becomes champion.  3. Heel Nikki should have dropped the belt to Paige shortly after Wrestlemania and then Becky Lynch should have debuted as someone to even the odds against the Bellas for Paige. Then Charlotte should have come in to feud with Paige in the summer before debuting Sasha in late 2015. The whole women's revolution storyline was a mess as well. That set up would have felt a lot more natural and allowed each woman to have her own shine to build themself up with the crowd instead of the big clusterfuck that occurred. 4. AJ's first title reign was fine. I'd argue that Brie should have won the belt off of her in late 2013 to push the Total Divas vs. AJ storyline a little more but I don't think it not happening was detrimental.  5. Alexa's would have been fine if they would have let Sasha have the belt a little while longer. They should have waited to put it back on Alexa in October/November. In terms of which one was the most hurtful to the division, it has to be Asuka's because what she did to the division in NXT is going to translate itself to the main roster after she wins the title. It was the blueprint that they're now trying to replicate. The problem with the other title reigns mentioned is that they stalled the division and took away potential title reigns from other girls, but I don't think any of the missed championship reigns ultimately hurt the division. But having Asuka go through the entire NXT division clean in NXT did. 
  2. Should Bliss retain at Wrestlemania?

    No, I think it's time for Alexa to get her "comeuppance" at Wrestlemania. Plus it makes sense to have Nia be the one to do it.
  3. Alicia will make her iconic return and snatch.
  4. Nikki Bella returns to MSG

    Or the Battle Royal?
  5. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    I imagine they had a trophy made with Moolah on it and don't have time to get another one made (though do they really need a trophy for it?) Anyways, with this basic name, I assume it's getting bumped to the pre-show now. 
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Lesnar's leaving, Asuka is on SD now, no Alicia, and Papa Roach? Is it 2002 again?
  7. Forbes Exposes Fabulous Moolah

    This. I'd prefer Sherri since she was a wrestler and a former women's champion but anything was better than Moolah. 
  8. Raw March 12, 2018: Live Chat

    I'm actually looking forward to Alexa vs. Nia tbh. 
  9. Fastlane 2018: Live Chat

    Ronda dominating RAW soon and Asuka dominating Smackdown. There's honestly no reason to watch anymore. I'm not intrigued by either of them.
  10. Fastlane 2018: Live Chat

    There shouldn't have even been a second match, it ruined the whole thing imo. Should have had Becky win the briefcase from Carmella at Summerslam and then go with the rest of your story. 
  11. Fastlane 2018: Live Chat

    I knew Carmella was screwed when they got rid of James Ellsworth. Carmella's not the best wrestler but she has great mic skills and is an entertaining character so any title reign would have relied on someone like Ellsworth helping her win matches against people like Charlotte, etc.  My guess is she cashes in on Asuka at WM, thinking she's beatable after a long match with Charlotte, but ends up losing. 
  12. I love an impactful legend.
  13. Cruiserweight Tag Titles Coming Soon

    Plus would both shows have women's tag titles? It would be messy to have two sets of women's tag titles. 
  14. Raw March 5, 2018: Live Chat

    They need to hook her up with Paul Heyman after WM. Brock is leaving anyways. 
  15. Raw March 5, 2018: Live Chat

    If the plan is Asuka vs. Ronda for Mania next year then pray for the division. Neither can cut a promo to save their lives.