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  1. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    They should have just kept her as a jobber in the division. At least she served cute gears. 
  2. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I give WWE 5 more years before it's out of business. 
  3. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I was expecting Kristal to come out. At least that would have salvaged this.
  4. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Charlotte needs to stop with this "no makeup" makeup look. That's all I have to contribute right now.
  5. I would have literally taken anyone else. 
  6. TLC 2019: Live Chat

    I keep noticing a pattern with Becky main eventing these shows and they always end up disappointing. 
  7. TLC 2019: Live Chat

    So who do Asuka and Kairi feud with next? Will Nikki risk it all for a run at the tag titles? Also, the ending was TERRIBLE. Commentary didn't help matters either.
  8. TLC 2019: Live Chat

    Dio Madden is back? 
  9. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Hopefully Asuka and Kairi retain so we can get this. Also, Zelina should be the top female heel on Raw anyways. 
  10. Nia for Raw Women's Champion! (which should tell you how desperate I've gotten)
  11. Honestly, my biggest problem with all of this is that they randomly had Charlotte and Natalya teaming together and then just dropped it for Charlotte and Becky. At least Natalya made sense as Charlotte's tag partner since their history together was more competitive than personal - unlike her rivalry with Becky.  Also, Charlotte feels above the tag titles at this point. They should have just kept her on SD, let her have the belt for a little while, and kept Sasha on Raw to feud with Becky. Bayley has done nothing with the belt anyways and Sasha is being wasted.
  12. Good, now take the belts off of Becky and Bayley.
  13. Survivor Series 2019: Live Chat

    Please don't tell me that is it...
  14. Survivor Series 2019: Live Chat

    How am I supposed to take Rey seriously with him literally looking like a clown?