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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    At first I was only going to copy and make fun of their lie about her having one of the best women's title reigns but then it just got worse from there.   
  2. This what they should have done for Evolution. 
  3. Peak Raw and SmackDown divisions?

    There were two Raw eras that were the best to me. Obviously the 2002-2004 Raw era. Trish/Jazz, Trish Molly, Trish/Victoria >> The division continuously evolved and it was the right mix of serious wrestling and T&A. But things had gotten really stale by mid-2003. It was the same formula of Trish vs. evil heel diva. And when Trish left the title picture after dropping the belt to Jazz at Backlash 03, the division had no direction. Gail flopped, Molly's title reign went nowhere, and Lita had just come back form a huge injury and the company never seemed comfortable putting the belt back on her during that time. I did enjoy Victoria's run as top face but the company never got behind her the way they did with Trish. Nevertheless, it's still an iconic era and the one that got me into wrestling. The other era is after Candice and Torrie were drafted to Raw. The division felt like it was pretty much dead by that point but the Trish/Ashley/Mickie vs. Vince's Devils feud that evolved into the Mickie/Trish feud really put the division back on the map for me. Even Candice and Ashley (who had little wrestling experience) still managed to put on decent performances in the ring when they had to. Then you had Trish and Lita retiring, which led to new stars and new feuds. Mickie/Melina, Melina/Candice and Beth/Candice. However, after Candice got injured, the Raw division lost it's direction again. Beth/Mickie felt like complete filler and it always felt like Mickie only won the belt off of Beth because Candice got re-injured. Things did pick up again after that with the Beth/Melina feud but by late 2008 the division felt like it was on autopilot.  As for Smackdown, the 2002-2003, the 2008-2009, and the late 2016/early 2017 divisions were the best imo. I know I didn't write an essay regarding those eras but what really ended those eras for me was the lack of other talent to push by late 2003 and the drafts in 2009 and 2017.
  4. Diva Search queen is READY for her surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble. That Trump support has to pay off for her with this company at some point.
  5. April of what year though?
  6. If Becky has to relinquish her belt, then Carmella is the only person I'll allow to win it (or Naomi but we know that ain't happening).
  7. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    So is that it for the girls tonight?
  8. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    When you think things can't get worse.
  9. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    Girl, he stlll doesn't care. He literally had them get swept at Survivor Series.
  10. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    When has Vince ever cared about Smackdown?
  11. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    Apparently most of the arena is tarped off. I'd say maybe that will get this company to get it's shit together but...
  12. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    nn both suck but I find her the more tolerable. Of course I've only heard her commentary at Evolution. I've not listened to anything else she's done.    
  13. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    If they wanted a woman for commentary, they should have went with Beth.
  14. Divas Storylines vs. Women's Storylines

    Agreed. Plus it hurts the wrestlers in the process as they basically come up with an entire career's worth of feuds and matches, etc. By the time Asuka got called up, she was already stale.
  15. Natalya Heel Turn on Ronda Nixed

    They could have easily done it.  They had Dean turn heel after one of his best friends got re-diagnosed with leukemia.  I'm not complaining though. There would have been absolutely nothing interesting about those two feuding with each other. Imagine the awkward promos.