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  1. mte. Even if they did plan to go through with it, it wouldn't have mattered anyways.
  2. Just going to say this, everyone AEW brought in from WWE, who left because they were "mistreated" and "under appreciated", are in the exact same position in AEW that they were in WWE. Maybe Vince does know what he's doing.
  3. Let me go catch up on Raw. Glad Zelina is finally getting pushed. She should be the top heel (and eventually feuding with Bianca ofc).
  4. Victoria disagrees (though I got sick of it after a few months).
  5. Sonya, Mandy, Alexa, and Nikki all slaying while we're stuck wth Bayley as champion. Enough already.
  6. I've tolerated Bayley's never ending title reign because I assumed she was eventually dropping it to Sasha. I realized it was too early for it to happen at Wrestlemania but the time for it was now. All the women on both shows who have been denied title reigns and had their careers stalled because of Bayley and Becky's never ending title runs is straight up bullshit. I don't mind the "two woman power trip" storyline but it didn't need to come as a result of a 14 month title reign from Bayley (minus the 5 days Charlotte had it).
  7. Kairi vs. Asuka will probably happen on Raw with Shayna attacking Kairi after and "ending" her career like that one report suggested. I hope I'm wrong though.
  8. Let me not celebrate yet just in case she faces Asuka and wins at Summerslam.
  9. I want to be interested but I feel like COVID and Shayna's push earlier in the year really took me out of it for good. However, here for Sasha snatching from Bayley, the Iconics getting another reign, Ruby/Liv snatching from them down the line, and Bianca dethroning Asuka in a few months.
  10. Let's be honest, there is going to be no full season of sports at this point. Players are inevitably going to contract the virus during the season and it's eventually going to come to an abrupt end. Look at what happened when the NBA tried to keep going. Most of these sports organizations aren't like the WWE. They don't keep going at any cost. That's why WWE should have taken a break after 'Mania and just aired classic episodes of Raw and Smackdown. The ratings probably wouldn't have been any worse. And if they were worried about the Fox deal... give it up Deelishis. It was a flop an
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