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  1. Who's Next in Line To Be Champion?

    @Christon love your avi sis
  2.   It's okay babygirl. I'm about to make my return as a heel.      
  3. Raw March 27, 2017: Live Chat

                she looks so good
  4. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    Queen Trish vs Christy Hemme   it was cute for a cute giggle tho.
  5. Let's Play Flop-A-Feud

    SINCE it looks like everyone is afraid to say it, I will.   Naomi vs AJ Lee (Diva's Championship)
  6. The Bella Twins

  7. WWE HB17 | Smack Talk

    Not Juri making her debut at Wrestlemania. What kind of ICONIC LEGEND.
  8. And it's probably obvious that they ARE going to do Nikki/John vs Miz/Maryse at Wrestlemania. So that theory that I posted about is probably correct.
  9. IM SHOOK at Smackdown. Alexa Bliss on mic = a smaller version of heel Trish on mic. It's CRAZY. she is almost as good as heel Trish on mic. I'm LIVING. The Teddy Long random tag match (which we kind of seen coming but was still cute) The Mickie 'turn' ... which I've been waiting for forever and a mixed tag? (Nikki and John are so cute together. I love them)   did I say SHOOK?    
  10. -LIGHTS SHUT OFF- "No comparin' to me, ain't no competition! I'm on fire BOOOOYYYY, now I'm on a mission I'm AH-MAY-AY-AY-AYZING IMMA IMMA IMMA AMAAAAAAAAAZZZZIIIIIIINNNGGG Brrrrrr-brring it to the FLO', FLO'"  
  11. Tinashe performing at Wrestlemania.

    WAIT QUEEN! dslkjd;asdkl; y'all are a mess at these predictions
  12. Twitter Group Chat?

  13. Footage of Rosita as AJ Lee

    AJ Lee dressed in Brie Bella attire. YAS!
  14. sorry, but Remy Ma is wack af. the diss track was WEAK. byeeeee

    1. Natalie


      Someone sounds bitter!

    2. trishallday


      Tell em sis. With that wack ass delivery. Queen is not bothered by a hood ho that looks like she smells like beer and fried chicken.