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  1. Working on my NEW Mickie avi RN as I type tbh. fjlkfdj;jfdl;sfj
  2. BITCH. KJFL:jjkdfl;jsfdl;sfklfsl; Mickie was SERVING tonight. She looked great, smooth on the mic and delivered that kick. Alexa sold it well too. Β  that was a really cute segment. I'm somewhat shook.
  4. OMG Mickie is giving a LOOK. BITCH WAITTT Β  Β  she looks goood.
  5. I love when Alexa is on the mic, it's like a baby Heel Trish. she is a KIII.
  6. Nikki looks fucking gorgeous omg queen. A LOOK
  7. BITCH I turned it on right when they ended it. Β  Β  Iam HERE for Charlotte being in the audience supporting her good sis.Β 
  8. OMG. Β  The guy who always wears the neon shirt and hat with the small beard. Is that who you're talking about Β  EDIT: wait... I know who you're talking about. HIM TOO.
  9. Why am I turning on my TV to Roman Reigns on the mic? Β  He's only good to look at and watch, not hear on mic. WWE wyd?
  10. l;dka;'ldks;' Β  RIGHT!!!! That delay. Β  I turned away from the TV and then said "WAIT" and took a second look they did our asses. dsdfdfd
  11. Come thru Tamina with the dominance
  12. I just KNEW they had amazing sex. Even though I'm sure they prob never even seen each other naked. hjghfhgf
  13. Do they have to make Dolph's segments so long though? the crowd obviously isn't here for it...
  14. I'm here for my siggy being the new meme
  15. I actually wouldn't mind this.