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  1. Naomi

  2. Naomi

        Women's Champion    
  3. Raw February 13, 2017: Results

    Emmalina finally debuts with this lol
  4. Elimination Chamber 2017: Results.

    I love the matches. So proud of Queen for finally getting the title.   I like how they ended the Becky and Mickie match. All those reversals so Micke didn't have to take a harsh lost. The Nattie and Nikki match was cute and lit at the same time. Nikki gave Nattie the biz on that ramp   Naomi vs Alexa was cute too. Alexa kind of botched the finish but she saved herself by how she SOLD TF out of the hit.  ALEXA >>>>
  5. Elimination Chamber 2017: Results.

    BITCH let me watch these matches. Not QUEEN Naomi winning the title. fdfdsfd   Let me GET IN.
  6. It would be cute Beth returned and challenged Nia for "powerhouse women match" hashtag - women's wrasslin 
  7. Is Eva Marie OVER?

    I fucking hate @Cooksie
  8. Is Eva Marie OVER?

  9. no one FORCED you to watch it, fat.
  10. Nikki and John vs Miz and Maryse?
  11. Royal Rumble 2017: Live Chat

    KFC must have paid them some good money for all this fucking promo.
  12. Royal Rumble 2017: Live Chat

    That ending was horrible. wtf