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  1. the twitter gays dont know how to keep rumble spoilers to themselves im sick of this chelle

  2. jdfklgdgfd like WHAT was going through her mind where the audience not wanting to see women would be an okay thing??? dfjkgfd i really thought she was the smart one of the four but this success has truly gotten to her head 
  3. her acting like three is what counts as equality when there's like 10 matches per ppv. she really doesn't want to be outshone huh
  4. that last line is SENDING me seth rollins ghost wrote this for sure
  5. never thought i'd get to a point where i'd dislike the women but they've become so moany, selfish and phony i can't stand it. it's such a lame group of girls out right now and it all comes down to who the "leader" is. the energy the girls gave off during the sd six era compared to this shite says it all. no more hauxwomen !!
  6. and this is the gag. they've always seen men as the default, not even using their gender to define them, so when it comes to making things equal yet still needing to differentiate for obvious reasons, they still can't fathom the idea of calling their male competitors men. this company is so backwards even hollywood is ahead of them
  7. wwe really think feminism is women turning into men and removing any link to femininity possible 
  8. this is so dumb why can't they just change the men's one to the nxt men's championship bc they're literally two different belts HOW can they share the same name
  9. im so glad someone has finally taken over my role of making everything about putting alexa over so i dont get the heat now 
  10. the non-stop double team takedown from @Mariah. and @Rainbow Heart in this thread is killing me 
  11. she's right in the sense that calling it a women's division is aggy because they don't call men's matches "a men's division match", but her and her friends were begging to remove the term diva so they can deal with the consequences 
  12. Talking to Renee Young and CM Punk about the current state of the women's division, the RAW Women's champion said "I think the best thing for the women's division, right now, is that we eliminate the term women."   Thoughts? - UPDATE: Becky releases a statement    
  13. 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    i thought this was how it worked too so im glad you saved me the embarrassment dfkjgdf sign me up xx
  14. HB Drag Race - Sign Up Now!

    how does this work?