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  1. this is why as much as i want to respect her sentiment - and she's definitely right - i can't respect it coming from her as it's just an anti-wwe thought and not a genuine one
  2. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    as the resident musical tv show stan, i have a few, including don't stop believing from the glee pilot (a classic) and i am telling you (mercedes from glee) the hsmtmts finale number of we're all in this together was such a cute moment to wrap the season candy's lip sync from pose rebecca's reprise from crazy ex girlfriend was so cleverly done also the 'stupid bitch' and 'women gotta stick together' scenes from ceg when mike chang sung for the first time in glee jamal singing "this the type of song to make a man love a man" in empire sdfkjslfjsdf
  3. Best Music Moment from a Movie or TV Show

    this whole episode was worthy of pose getting an emmy they better get it
  4. Kristen Stewart playing Princess Diana in royal family drama

    she's disrespecting my mother's bestie's legacy
  5. Vice LGBTQ+ Discussion on Many Political Terms

    the f word in the black shirt and trump hat pissed me off so much please shut UP
  6. Emmy Predictions/Wishes 2020

    i think watchmen will be this year's sweep because it's been praised up and down for months, especially when the other contenders haven't been making quite as much noise
  7. Paige Criticizes Use Of Women's Tag Titles

    !! also, any time somebody is holding two belts, creative will always favour one over the other. as seen with becky, her sd title was basically a prop, and with bayley, obviously it's the sd title over the tag. if bayley and sasha had to win the tag titles, i wish it would've meant bayley wasn't a double champion because then we'd at least see the tiniest bit of effort into pushing the tag titles
  8. Emmy Predictions/Wishes 2020

    i love love love billy but mj IS pose. billy deserves also but there's no reason for mj to be snubbed every single show. i haven't seen it but it's been doing well nomination wise for the awards season, but not so well in terms of winning, so i think with it having a well-known cast it'll do well noms wise but i don't see it taking home the crown.
  9. Emmy Predictions/Wishes 2020

    i just want sex education and pose to do their thing that's all
  10. Emmy Predictions/Wishes 2020

    With the 2020 Primetime Emmy Award Nominations being announced on June 26th, 2020 I thought it'd be nice to discuss who we were predicting to be nominated at this year's ceremony. I've put together the five nominees who the blogs seem to be agreeing on for Comedy, Drama and Limited Series, but feel free to discuss the other categories as well (there were far too many acting potentials to narrow it down) DRAMA SERIES PREDICTIONS COMEDY SERIES PREDICTIONS   LIMITED SERIES PREDICTIONS    
  11. Entertainment Weekly covers LGBTQ industry takeover

    say what you want about ryan murphy (he is really problematic) but he's put too many queer people onto our screens to not be included in this. hate rupaul too but the same applies to him unfortunately.
  12. is anyone else super bored with this season? like i really don't care who wins at this point even though i love some of the queens. it's just been so . bland
  13. this move will only hurt amc ??? universal pictures will not care enough to stop releasing on VOD?
  14. i like the direction of the series. i dislike how wwe games kept trying to make gameplay too realistic. it's a video game, not real life, so i like the attempt to change it to a more mortal kombat-esque style, but the girls' models look messy. cena and the rock look okay
  15. With the news of WWE 2K21 being cancelled, 2K have now announced WWE 2K Battleground, an Arcade style game, focusing on social pick-up-and-play fun, but with plenty of depth for those who want to get way into it, coming this Fall. The teaser trailer can be seen below: More info can be found here: