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  1. why is voting for this round still open but when i chose to vote for the iiconics it closed after like 2 minutes
  2. what else was she supposed to do? the crowd was on her side throughout the whole thing, she did what needed to be done and then some. 
  3. the divas one everyone say thank you nikki bella
  4. anyway i tried reading through to see if i was too late to vote but it said something about 12 hours so even tho michelle is obv the winner i'll vote for the iiconics bc we need a cute 2nd winner and i cant have it be aj's sidekick
  5. she has more title reigns than years in the company and only 3 are memorable i-
  6. wait im really crying the fab 4 making the graphic minus brie.... could she not get a pity invite
  7. i need some clarifying with this bc i wasnt here during that period but didn't that lorraine girl on twitter start this?
  8. TV Guide's 25 Best Shows of the Decade (2010-2019)

    would you like to share with the class
  9. TV Guide's 25 Best Shows of the Decade (2010-2019)

    also @ any fleabag fans, watch chewing gum. it's a bit more comedic/raunchy but it's a similar concept just of a different tone. it lasted two seasons and it's incredible