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  1. Maria shades The Bellas

    Yeah she great in TNA, that's when I became a fan. But I just wish she would act more professional on social media. That's why I stopped stanning Sasha. It's just irritating and unprofessional
  2. Maria shades The Bellas

    i doubt her leaving will be her decision. i want the best for her, but she really makes it hard for anyone to root for her - from both a consumer and business POV. she talks too much trash and doesn't have the accolades/credibility to back it up. literally the only thing she has going for her is the recent mother thing. so if she keeps this up, which i hope she doesn't, i don't even see her being involved with zelina/lana, and just being dropped after a few years
  3. Maria shades The Bellas

    well if she keeps trying to come for the top girls whilst simultaneously pushing the diva narrative that wwe hate (which i appreciate btw xx) she may not be getting it for much longer
  4. Maria shades The Bellas

    could say the same about the bellas in regards to her
  5. Alexa Bliss

    nikki vs alexa for the title my poor wig my poor abandonment issues what a concept 
  6. Alexa Bliss

    a concept 
  7. Alexa Bliss

    i want her to take a bit of a break and have her return on smackdown, where she belongs
  8. Alexa Bliss

    this outfit featuring the smackdown women's title. a look
  9. Maria shades The Bellas

    she makes liking her SO hard! every time i defend ha she does something stupid and makes me regret it! 
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Alexa takes bumps all the time but you people refuse to acknowledge it just to fit your narrative of her not wanting to do it. Do you really think WWE would let Alexa not take bumps and continue to give her the titles/spotlight she has? They could easily give it to one of the other girls, but they gave it to her. This is just like when Seth was WWE champion and had J&J take the nastiest bumps for him. If we wanna go back to that segment at SS, Charlotte said nothing special. They both said what they usually say, but because it was against Alexa, suddenly everyone wants to praise Miss Flair for doing what she usually gets dragged for; repeating herself and yelling.
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    ever since alicia got with alexa i've realised that mickie was just not the one. i wish she would go be a face and lead the team against alexa. it's just weird. she doesn't look old but it's because we know her from a different generation that this schtick is just weird. idk. she's great as a heel and face but it makes me cringe seeing her with alicia and alexa now. keep it as a duo pls 
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    i'm with you, sister, on most of this, but has it not occurred to anyone that alexa is doing exactly what she's being asked to, as well? it may be "boring" to people on here/stan twitter, but based on crowd reactions her work doesn't seem to be having the same opinion there. if she wasn't doing what she was "told" then surely she wouldn't be constantly put in the title picture, posters etc.? you guys can class her wrestling as bad etc., and that's fine, but for the sake of this argument as quoted, both alexa and alicia are doing what they've been asked.
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    whilst your points regarding alicia are clearly correct, your ones on alexa are nothing but speculation based off of hatred for her. firstly: she's a coward that hides behind people and weapons. she didn't have either one at summerslam, a match that was supposed to propel ronda into the leading role. the same ronda that defined an entire division in ufc, the same ronda that was undefeated for years, the same ronda that wwe were building to since wrestlemania 31. of course she wasn't going to have a fair battle against the five foot alexa with alexa's current gimmick. secondly: that charlotte thing you people keep referring to... charlotte didn't give alexa any time to speak. she was constantly talking and whenever alexa would talk, charlotte would butt in. so let's not rewrite the narrative to fit whatever you want it to be. thirdly: you have no idea what people think. is this based off of what crybaby banks thinks? how about all of the words nia has said about her? nikki? naomi? natalya? road dogg? and i don't mean this in any way to attack foxy as i stan, but go defend her without trying to bring down somebody else's name with your fake news and old drags. alexa's momentum and fan attention is the sole reason alicia even has any tv time right now. so maybe don't bite the hand that's giving your fave something to do.
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    dfgkjfddg leave us! 
  15. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    when was this update: nvm i can't read x