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  1. SmackDown May 22, 2018: Live Chat

    lana will serve comedy, so i'm not mad at her getting in - just wish billie wasn't losing in the span of two minutes to do so. hope road dogg is having a horrible night
  2. SmackDown May 22, 2018: Live Chat

    i can't stand this puta @Travis Roucka     
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    at this point only myself and @Josh. should be allowed to post in this thread. the taste some of you have...
  4. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    this post was unnecessary 
  5. whilst others aren't thinking enough, clearly
  6. there's such a thing as households that are using the only TV in the house.. or families that watch the NBA together, in which one person would be the TB fan... i mean can you guys at least think before you try coming for the bellas?
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    no cos she had anyone worthwhile blocked
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    nnn right? they even steal the jokes too and act like they have the capacity to come up with stuff half as funny as some of the gurls on here. let's pull a rvsamendez 
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    just saw the twitter drama from last night... this is why i left that hellhole. wwe stan twitter is full of unloved weirdos with a maximum of one parent that get their life through putting on these false personas whilst their mutuals hype them up with three skull emojis. someone collect their children please
  10. considering the fact they kept a steady viewership whilst massive shows like that were on, then... yeah.  
  11. the NBAs and BBMAs were on at the same time, yet they still managed to keep a steady set of ratings... But you weirdos want to pretend anything the Bellas do is a flop because you all have a weird hate boner for them.
  12. shows are really out here getting cancelled for not having enough viewers with a Nielson box. TB and TD are fine, but my other scripted shows are suffering for nothing and im always sKRESSEDT
  13. E! doesn't care for its ratings too much because the reality show demographic is mostly an on-demand one, to be honest. We need a better ratings system too, because even for shows that have a large live audience, if you don't have a Nielson box, your view isn't counted.  
  14. The season 3 premiere of 'Total Bellas' titled 'Have You Cena?' obtained a rating of 0.27, which is down 0.03 from the season 2 finale 'Bella-Mania' which obtained a rating of 0.30. This is also down by 0.04 from the season 2 premiere 'A Desert Dilemma' which had a rating of 0.31. In regards to viewing figures, the season 3 premiere gathered 517,000 viewers. This is down down 157,000 from the season 2 finale, which obtained 674,000 viewers, as well as the season 2 premiere, which obtained 681,000. Source: