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  1. ‘GLOW’ renewed for final 4th season

    they needed to pick up the pace with some of the girls. the past season was so focused on sam/debbie/ruth that the others haven't found much time for development. and now with only one season we're not gonna get much else. season 2 episode 4 remains the best ep 
  2. nikki was so gassed about this on the podcast and it's so cute to see her dream come true here. also this film is incredible
  3. "The Suicide Squad" Cast Officially Announced

    wait not john cena sdjfld maybe they're not even trying to be cool this time and just going full meme-worthy 
  4. WWE Draft coming in October

    dfjkgdlgfd this is what i was thinking. like imagine roman showing up on raw and commentary trying to hype up how shocking and bizarre it is that he got past security jkdfgljg
  5. im gonna have to stan on that one
  6. Ric Flair Files Trademark on "The Man"

  7. Ric Flair Files Trademark on "The Man"
  8. the xenophobia of the requirements 
  9. Smackdown Reminiscing

    i say this every time but wrestling will never beat the 2016 - 2017 sd six era. some highlights: nikki v natalya fca (my fave match of all time. the story and wrestling was so perfect. the only time nattie's "i TRAINED you we were SISTAS!!!111" story actually worked" backlash six pack challenge (seeing everyone shine and show themselves as genuine competitors is something the women's division hasn't had since these 6 disbanded) alexa v becky steel cage (one of my fave feuds. they work so well together bc they both have similar movesets and their characters were the perfect opposites, with both being equally over) i need them to return from war
  10. On Aug. 26, Ric Flair filed for the trademark "The Man" The description for the filing reads: Will Becky be pressed as a panini over this? Will he even win?
  11. I posted my first video on Youtube!

    this was incredibly professional looking and super creative! you snapped!
  12. Lana gets called out for cultural appropriation

    this thread 
  13. Ronda, Sonya & Carmella join Total Divas Season 9

    wasn't invested but sonya being so open about her queerness has me excited. just wish it didnt come at the cost of having to watch ronda.
  14. 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 3 Teaser

    season 2 really wasn't anything special. the forums and critics overrate it but halfway through it became a season of nothing but her dad
  15. Reporting Errors