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  1. serving diva stans trying to look like a day one fan. queen 
  2. especially since leo stopped to look at it, i wouldn't be surprised
  3. Nattie/Ronda vs Sasha/Bayley announced for RAW

    just as sasha was becoming semi tolerable again 
  4. gail king has spoken yet again. 
  5. This is just to sabotage the surprises so the women don't effortlessly outdo the men yet again. bitchez
  6. Favorite Female Faction

    i love face naomi but she never really got the stage to show what heel naomi could do, so i need her back. heel naomi as a champion would be iconic
  7. michelle's taker card may trump bagel and sausa's hhh card inaugural champs are coming
  8. Favorite Female Faction

    it makes me mad how underrated team bad were. they deserved to have a more notable time as a team, especially bc they gelled way more than pcb did, and featured a fresh sasha + peak heel naomi (the mania 32 title match we deserved)
  9. Sasha Banks Says She's Better Than Half Of WWE's Male Stars

    she is nothing like that, she is nothing of the sort.
  10. Avatar Issue

  11. Sasha Banks Says She's Better Than Half Of WWE's Male Stars

    well, the bar for male talent is in hell so half is quite modest
  12. Avatar Issue

    i have an issue where the crop button doesn't work. my gif has to be exactly a square and even then, cropping it smaller doesn't do anything. if i upload something that isn't square it just squashes it to fit
  13. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    as @Cooksie pointed out, she only addresses the anti-fans/rumours  
  14. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

    and the entrance the gays deserve. she really needs to send mike to aew and just become a full time wrestler again
  15. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    potentially for a company that has no tv deal, no actual proof it will succeed... you're a dreamer, you dream things.
  16. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    this is why im SO mad dkfjgdf her whole instagram build up to her road to evolution, then her hyping up her entering the rumble all to just lead to.... leaving? and for what?
  17. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    !!!!! all of the above but especially this bit. idc for mike but maria never really responds to fans much. they just reply trolls and their youtube channel was just random unedited clips filmed from their iphone like .. where is this effort the constantly go on about? i was really rooting for them, but if this is true then maybe the bellas did the right thing all along. also, she probably just wants to add another company under her name tbh
  18. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    i was SO excited for her... she was doing so well and now she's gonna throw it away just to be in AEW??????? enjoy the hot dog cheques i guess
  19. The Revival Finishing Up With WWE?

    nah. cena, orton, sheamus, rey, andrade and mustafa are just a few that don't have /just/ this fanbase.
  20. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    !!! they all want to be taken seriously instead of being part of the show. takeovers are so overrated, it's just flips and people hugging at the end or tweeting how much they "respect" their opponent like ?? just say you wish she died in the womb and keep it going! tea @ lacey. she's aggy but in a playful, not problematic way. ik she's homophobic irl and most likely a racist but her as a character is so attractive i can't help but be invested. also, as the only person that voted for kavita in this year's royal rumble, i have the right to say this!
  21. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    they need to start hiring actors over wrestlers again. train them in the PC (which they didn't even have back when the storytelling was 10/10). aj had a bit of time on the indies but was mostly a homegrown talent, and look at everything she served us  mandy and naomi are currently serving storytelling whilst being able to hold their own in the ring, and they're both homegrown talents. #endtheindias #boycottindia
  22. The Revival Finishing Up With WWE?

    That's literally it. Their gimmick was two words they could never live by. Their only fans are smarks that pretend to love "technical" wrestling and gays that have a crush on them.
  23. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    AJ Lee with Punk, Bryan and Cena >>>>> every other relationship story this show has ever had. They should make Mahalicia a couple, and maybe Fabulous Truth  
  24. Guilty Pleasures in Wrestling

    I kind of just miss there being a less serious side to the women as it's either you're super serious going for a title or you're not serious enough to be in a feud. I think it'd be nice if we had the "diva" wrestlers that had fun stories and had those gimmicky matches, just without the degrading aspect to it. Stuff like that whole NXT season 3 was excellent, plus the messiness of the musical chairs segment in 2014 was everything. Its only issue was that it included the serious competitors too. Basically, give us the Summer Raes, Lanas and Rosa Mendes' whilst giving us the Becky Lynch's, Nikki Bellas and Charlotte Flairs. We need a mix.