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  1. the way i was feeling so proud of her then hb came and told her you're not special bitch. i
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    djfklgjfgdfg most of the guys in here are bland to me but he's one of them and keeps popping up so let's remove it!
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    can we make a separate thread for dash wilder im really tired of seeing his literal ass in here
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    where are the poc where are they !?
  5. “If there’s a girl out there that says ‘this guy’s giving us attitude, I’m gonna step in and fight this guy because I saw that women can fight men because of intergender wrestling.’ And she goes out there and lips off and this guy’s a mental case and he just cracks her with his fist and shatters an orbital and busts her lip … and she wouldn’t have done it — perhaps — beforehand, because she didn’t get this inflated sense of confidence because of intergender wrestling.” Carelli says that because of this, he believes there’s a social responsibility attached. He also notes that movies featuring superpowered women aren’t quite the same in his opinion.  “There’s cases now in MMA and wrestling where there’s trans girls that were born boys that are beating the sh*t out of females and that’s wrong,” he states. "If you’re a guy — born a guy — and you become a woman, you’re accepted everywhere,” he continued. “But in the field of actual competitive sport, there has to be a barrier. And the barrier is based on, sorry, you were born a God damn man. You’re accepted as a human being and as a person and you are loved in every single way EXCEPT it’s not fair that you compete against women in sports because you were born with different physical biological attributes. And we have to be realistic about it and we also have to not be so sensitive.”
  6. RuPaul's Drag Race

    @Twisted Bliss thoughts on miss mariah's tribute?
  7. also compulsory hormone treatment completely erases the argument in actual sport
  8. mother has spoken  
  9. according to santino it's okay for him to fight women but actual women can't fight women because it's just wrong.
  10. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    the way we're doing title reigns like it's an album chart. @Travis Roucka ha impact
  11. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    absolutely. we stanned back then but it still pains me to give her any praise in this day and age so, i had to think hard
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    do men understand the concept of bodyshaming beyond the google definition
  13. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    i put sasha banks on the list i was really going through IT
  14. Send in your lists! | HB's Top 20 Favorite Champions

    im struggling so hard rns especially with the 2002 cap
  15. we won the war girls!
  16. it's refreshing to see a man in the industry acknowledge that the women were actually good in the past and not go the whole "they were the bathroom break and then the nxt girls came up and everyone was good" route. we stan a respectful man
  17. Tamother on Chasing Glory

    i understand why @samilovesfinn loves her. humble legend.
  18. Brie Bella Officially Retires

    the wwe universe doesn't deserve her dedication. the slack they put her through for basic ass mistakes when she was managing two businesses, taking care of a baby, wrestling multiple shows and being on two reality shows...... this is for the best. i wish she could've ended on a better note, but it's not worth going through all of that just to prove people wrong who will never admit to being wrong. im really sad about this, she deserved better, but it's for the best. come through solo nikki though 
  19. Flop Title Reigns

    i remember them being besties for no reason. it was some weird alliance that didnt really make sense
  20. Flop Title Reigns

    i think the problem here is they were only used to build aj in both of these. she was the focus so their reigns were kind of there as fillers until she held the belt
  21. Flop Title Reigns

    the fact most of the answers are women of colour including literally every black woman that's ever won a title in the new era is amongst that is just, so ugly. even alexa and co.'s worst reigns were treated better than the woc/black women's best i
  22. oomf told me that twitter user DBWWE13 is how everyone views me and now idk how to feel

    1. Henry Cavill
    2. shumiley


      @Henry Cavill this is the pic the sent me too i

  23. Nia Jax DRAGS Dave Meltzer

    can we please let this be the end to him? no more threads based on his words. no more boasting/bitching about his ratings. im sick of it 'chelle