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  1. Superstar Photo Booth

  2. Worst reign of terror?

    As much as I like her Alexa. Her reign didn't really do anything for the division other than the women's Elimination Chamber match and that was recently whereas with the others reigns I always intertained in some way all the way through. The other reigns also had multiple storylines and movements that helped in someway to get the division where it is today. That's a huge reason why she needs to lose at Wrestlemania to Nia. Still like her though. 
  3. The Bella Twins

    Nikki said that the show will premiere in May so I'm guessing middle to end of April we'll get the trailer. 
  4. Should Bliss retain at Wrestlemania?

    I love Alexa but it's time for her to lose and Wrestlemania is the perfect place to have that happen & give Nia a chance as champion plus it's good to have people side feuds outside the title picture so hopefully they do that with Alexa. Nia is on fire right now and wwe needs to pull the trigger on her before the crowd stops caring about her. 
  5. Nikki Bella returns to MSG

    I think she and Brie will probably be in women's battle royal plus the Bella's are always at Wrestlemania doing signings and stuff so. But who knows she might do something else as well. Either way my favs match had the crowd most hyped so 🙌🙌
  6. Nikki Bella returns to MSG

  7. New Match For Wrestlemania

    This will probably be on the pre show but that's cool as long as they give it time and have them go out when the arena is somewhat full like they did for tag match at WM 32. WWE is also apparently going to add Sasha vs Bayley on the card so we'll have a possibility of 5 women's matches this year.  Raw Womens Title, SD women's Title, Mix Tag, Sasha vs Bayley, Women's Battle Royal 🙌🙌
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    OMG this was so cute ??
  9. Stephanie saving our girls?

    Good ? 
  10. Favorite Raw Moments?

    Nikki vs Paige Raw Before Wrestlemania 31 Divas Title Match 3/23/15  Nikki vs Charlotte Raw Divas Title Match Nikki Becomes Longest Reigning Divas Champion 9/14/15
  11. Nia Jax on Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory

    Liked this one and Paige's but someone should do Nikki's because she had me ????
  12. Two RAW Superstars Join Total Divas Cast

    Yassssss I'm so excited and happy for them ?????
  13. Birdie Joe Danielson Debuts on Instagram

    Birdie is a doll. She's definitely a Bella Twin daughter/niece. Her feuds are going to slay. I'm in love. ????