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  1. Coming Soon: Bella Family Origins

    I love their channel and this will probably make the channel even more fun. Im still waiting for Nikki to do a tour of their Tampa house and San Diego beach house but she probably has to be there for a weekend to do that type of video because both of their houses are huge. I also want to see more make up tutorials, progress happening with Birdiebee, their Bella wine. I love all the ideas they have for their channel though.
  2. Yep next episode and on Nikki story will involve her comeback
  3. Nikki probably going to be more featured because her comeback story truly starts next week on forward
  4. JJ is an ass and he messes up on the red carpet probably so instead of being defensive he should've listen to Nikki
  5. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Results

    I loved everything about this Smackdown episode with the women
  6. Nikki and Cena as an on-screen heel pair?

  7. 6 Superstars to Watch in 2017

    First of all let me say Yassssssss Queen Nikki. Two considering that those 2 are the only women in this video shows me that WWE is definitely the women's title on them most likely at Wrestlemania which makes the most since honestly. I heard the plan for both women's title matches at Wrestlemania is this and here's why: Raw Women Title Match: Charlotte(c) vs Bayley where Bayley wins the title. The reason why is because they want to remake the Daniel Bryan Underdog story with her and Mania will be her big win. Smackdown Women Title Match: Alexa(c) vs Becky vs Nikki vs Naomi where Nikki wins the title. The reason for this match is because it was originally going to be Nikki vs Becky but because these 4 women have been built up so much and and are their biggest 4 female stars on Smackdown WWE want to have a fatal 4 way match between them for the title.  Now these matches are matches are not set in stone as we all know plans change but these are the two women title matches that are being talked about the most with the ending result. 
  8. WWE upgrades the Women's Champions to First Class

    Nikki has her and Johns private jet and a tour bus which looks like a 10 star hotel that he bought within his contract so they keep them even after they're done wrestling, as multiple luxurious cars. I think she's fine, but considering how big she is for the company they probably always have her in first class.
  9. SmackDown December 27, 2016: Live Chat

    Tamina is confirmed for Raw so not her. Mickie is said to come in early January to SD. So I don't know who it is, it might be a call up. However now we are more intrigued. 
  10. SmackDown December 27, 2016: Live Chat

    Cena did that yassssssss Cena and I'm turned on like Nikki said.
  11. Update on Mickie James

    The people that want her on Raw get over it and I heard her first feud may be Carmella so I'm excited to see if that's true. Smackdown is the best place for her in my opinion and hopefully just like Nikki she stays there as long as the draft is going on. I'm so happy she might be on Smackdown.
  12. As long as it doesn't envolve any of the SD women I don't care 
  13. Yep she did. Brie said she forgot to spell her name right so that's automatically 100 points deducted. My fav is a smart bitch naturally of course. 😂😍👑