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  1. I’m taking a break, and idk if I’ll be back


    1. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      You leaving when are finally on speaking terms and getting along. Hopefully everything is okay and you come back sooner or later.

    2. Ninja Balenciaga

      Ninja Balenciaga

      Noooooo. Please don't go.

    3. Layout


      :smh2: I’ll miss you if you do

  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Miss Zelina is dumb as HELL. I’m sorry but she truly lost a good one! LOOK at him
  3. Who is WWE's poster girl?

    and it’s very weird seeing as WWE usually takes the route that’ll make the most money.... and she’s making them the most money 😂 idk hunny
  4. Triple H Praises Charlotte

    I blinked.
  5. You can finally change this Rumble Roses screen name


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    2. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      I think of Rumble Roses every time I hear it. :jeigz2:

    3. Captain Fox

      Captain Fox

      Such an iconic game.

    4. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      The good old days of gaming.

  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I just came to fight! *The Vixen voice!*
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I just came to fight! *The Vixen voice!*
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Who wanna fight?
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Who wanna fight?
  10. Who is WWE's poster girl?

    Back on topic.... I voted for Sasha obviously but no bias. It’s just the truth. Sasha is the girl that WWE plasters on every poster, every advertisement, and she’s always featured in every commercial of some sort. She just has the IT factor, and it translates well to the fans. Sasha definitely moves the most merch, I mean doesn’t she have the most merch items out of any of the women? She’s constantly getting new items, and they wouldn’t do that unless she was marketable, and could make a profit. Alexa Bliss is a close second behind, but to be honest some of Sasha’s merch is simply more visually appealing.  I feel as though Alexa Bliss has no crossover appeal. Apart from Total Divas, I doubt anyone who doesn’t watch WWE would know her, where as Sasha is not only the cousin of Snoop Dogg, she has appaeared on MTV, BET, and has also been nominated for a Teen Choice Award.  Lastly, Sasha Banks is ALWAYS featured in every huge women’s match. WWE recognizes her as someone they can trust to elevate the match, make others look good, and make herself look BETTER. Her Royal Rumble performance was historic, her MITB performance WILL be historic, and she’s also the first women to compete in TWO Ironman matches, and has a Hell in a Cell contest under her belt. I feel like that’s also something Charlotte & Sasha have over Alexa. Actual marquee matches that back them up as “poster women”. Alexa’s just ... there to look cute Who’s the Baddest?
  11. Who is WWE's poster girl?

    You are so delusional. When are you leaving HBs?
  12. Who is WWE's poster girl?

  13. Donate: Evolving a Dream Forum

    Oop, and a bitch gets paid Friday! Your MIND, releasing the news of this page when you know the girls are getting paid this weekend!  I cant wait for :Rahgeme: 
  14. Total Bellas stunt continues to backfire

    They’re honestly just so ... boring
  15. Whew legend. The ORIGINAL Krew member has returned .... I’m shaking!