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  1. The only true answer here is Mandy Rose! If what happened after tough enough isn’t obvious enough ... she’s clearly a favorite among wwe legends and officials! She’s blonde & pretty, and she’s the only bitch from her season that Billy Gunn follows (that sucker)!  Mandy IS winning, and we’re all what? STANNING!
  2. even THEN Sasha snatched four spots
  3. Sasha dominating literally half the list as she should. Queen only uses her talents to elevate others, and make herself look like the baddest bitch!!!
  4. Who's in HOF 2019?

    Legend was the first woman to have her main roster debut at a PPV am I right?? Legend birthed Sasha Banks, and got the boss character over in NXT, which transcended to making mother the icon she is today. Summer needs to be IMMORTALIZED!
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Kiera looks good in the newest photo!
  6. Who's in HOF 2019?

    Fingers crossed for Mickie James & Summer Rae 
  7. We don't fuck with ha though...

  8. JoJo getting child support coins from Bray Wyatt

    @JRM doing the right thing and defining JoJo this entire page. Sis ain’t doing ANYTHING but getting her bag, and reciprocating what’s being put onto her!!
  9. Pressed bitches they gotta check in with the king, I’m the alpha, the omega, everytbing in between!

    1. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      Who are you feuding with now?

    2. Rahgeme


      Issa new bitch everyday sis! @Twisted Bliss

  10. Honestly, holding grudges is a trait that won’t get you far in life. I feel like a few people on this site need to manifest that in their soul.

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    2. Samier.


      Rahgeme you know what, I forgive you. Not everyone can see the light that Melina is and was the baddest bitch to ever do it, and even though you are still SLEEP, I forgive you! :hug:

    3. Rahgeme


      I was sincere. I was genuine. I was apologetic and I meant it.... but that was ignored. Don’t try and clock me NOW that I seem unremorseful when that wasn’t always the case. @Cooksie

    4. Rahgeme
  11. I don’t like being ignored

  12. WWE Executive Salaries Revealed

    Idk who any of the people on this list are besides the obvious 4. Enlighten me?